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Tacoma Cop Gets Clipped

A cop got wasted in Tacoma, WA during a "domestic dispute" gone bad [for him]. The incident occurred on Wednesday November 30th 2016. The cop has been identified as officer Reginald "Jake" Gutierrez, [formally] of the Tacoma Police Gestapo. His funeral is scheduled for Friday Nov. 9th.
On Wednesday night Nov. 30th, Officer Gutierrez along with his partner(unidentified) were responding to a so-called "domestic dispute" at a residence in Tacoma, WA involving a married couple. When the two cops arrived, the wife(unidentified) had apparently been locked out of the house by her husband. The cops entered the home and Gutierrez went upstairs. It was at this point that Gutierrez, a token Hispanic, was shot by the woman's husband. His partner was still downstairs. Two children(unidentified) ages six and eight were removed from the house unharmed. An hours long stand-off ensued between the alleged assailant and a Tacoma SWAT team. The alleged cop-killer has been identified as Bruce Randall Johnson, a light-skinned Black man. Johnson had apparently barricaded himself in a room on the second floor. Eventually, a sharp-shooter took Johnson out through an upstairs window. Johnson died on the scene. He was 38 years old. Gutierrez died from multiple gunshot wounds in an area hospital later that night. He was 45 years old. Close to retirement age for a cop, anyways. His family will get his pension, most likely.

Police officials claimed that Johnson had held the two children as hostages, but this is probably a police smear. In fact, all that's said to have happened inside the residence that night is on police word alone, and we all know how much cops LIE. Johnson had suffered mental instability in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 30th incident. He was reportedly fired from his job as a barber some time prior. And also shortly before, an incident in which Johnson was walking through a local shopping mall carrying an unloaded air-soft rifle on his shoulder. This incident got Johnson banned from the shopping center, and mall security summoned police who pulled Johnson over shortly afterwards. However, he was not arrested and nothing more happened on that day.

The landlord who had owned the house the couple and their children had been staying in was also present that night. She was in the process of evicting the family and was gathering items in the basement when Gutierrez was shot. She then cowered in one of the bathrooms, but later escaped the house unharmed. She has been identified as Kristi Croskey. During a press interview a day or two later, landlord Croskey, who is Black, gave statements defending cops in all their actions. She also made further statements about how she "didn't want to hear anything about Black Lives Matter, because ALL lives matter". This self-hating negro's comments were unsolicited, as no reporter had asked her opinion of BLM, nor ever made a connection between BLM and the deadly incident. A self-hating TOM, Ms. Croskey was certainly put up by police officials, who used her dumb-ass for propaganda purposes. Since last week, her foul words have been enthusiastically carried by several conservative right-wight sites, including The Blaze, Liberty Alliance, and the Daily Caller.

Even though this shooting was all about one cop and one other person, the Tacoma police have been milking this for maximum victim-hood. At the same time, using this incident to besmirch BLM, which has fuck all to do with any of this. This simply proves that cops - ALL COPS are nothing but wretched scoundrels!

homepage: homepage: http://officerdowntp.blogspot.com/2016/12/tacoma-cop-gets-clipped.html

toxic post 07.Dec.2016 13:48


THIS is what indy has come to? What a reptilian post.

toxic post from a toxic poster 22.Jan.2017 03:08


author here, 'OD' has history of combative, hateful, violent-advocate and derogatory posts.

I'm actually starting to think that he's a birddoggin' provocateur here on Portland Indymedia - not sure whose agency he's operating under.

But we can eventually sleuth that out.


"Pig Who Taunted Anti-Trump Rally w/ Confederate Flag Suspended"

'author' of this article, 'OD' is a documented misogynist race-baiting hatemonger that advocates violent acts :


[quote] "I now see that it is SHILLS for fascist Trump I need to be concerned about!"

[quote] "a racist White"

[quote] "The dirty bitch"

[quote] "racist dirty bitch"

[quote] "These goddamned pigs"

[quote] "race-traitors"

[quote] "Black cops should watch their backs"


The clear "intend [sic]" of OD's trolling on Portland Indy of late is to provoke violent acts. Evidence:

[quote] "stay vigilant and ARMED! Lock and load..."

Now if OD lives up to being the Trump-Trumping-Hillary-supporter that they obviously are, they'd know that Clinton, DNC and leftists want to PREVENT access for free citizens needing to protect themselves, to firearms.

Yet above he urges us to 'stay ARMED', and 'lock and load'.

Either they are trolling, or are ignorant/don't even believe what they espouse.

In addition to the misogynist, race-baiting, and advocating-acts-of-violence rhetoric

Donald Trump lives rent-free in OD's cranium. OD seems to have a fixation on Trump himself and, now, post-inauguration the sixty million Americans who cast a vote for him (QUOTE: "fuck anyone who voted for him") ....
never mind that tens of millions of them, Republicans included assuredly cast a DT vote simply because the alternative major party candidate was absolutely not an option.
( and thank goodness that worked out for us all the way it did )