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Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism

Quantum mechanics proves matter doesn't exist until someone observes it. Why are we revolving our lives around it?
In honor of Buy Nothing Day, I'm presenting this video. I'm trying to creatively show using science, that a life dedicated solely to the acquisition of material things is pointless.

Quantum mechanics has proven the very act of a human being observing an electron determines whether or not it remains a wave of energy or becomes a physical particle.

I like this video because it breaks down this complex topic into something most people can digest.


We're all taught that we are objects living in a world of objects, and to treat ourselves, others, and the planet all like disposable objects. In quantum mechanics, it's observers, people like you and me who count. Not lifeless matter.

When science itself is telling us this, we need to stop.

Not a helpful response 05.Dec.2016 06:14

Mike Novack

I'll try to do better than Tracy.

"Author", you mustn't confuse the different meaning of "material things". Physics is about "material" in one sense, and even then you are misunderstanding what "quantum" is saying about things being real if unobserved << saying not meaningful to talk about is NOT a claim of non-existence >>

But when you speak of "acquisition of material things" that is a completely different sense of "material". The relation "owns" is NOT part of the material universe, not part of the realm of discourse where Physics has anything to say.

In the statement "A owns B" even A and B can be non-material* and the relationship between them always is.

And BTW, while Physics is about the material universe, it uses things that aren't (the number 3, for example, isn't a material "thing")

* They may be abstract entities. Even were A a human, it is as a PERSON that A might own something, not as collection of various chemicals. And how do you understand "Corporation X owns the copyright to Y" << you see any material entities there? >>

I'll try to do better than Novack 05.Dec.2016 19:07


This brainshaking exegesis by Novack is a day late and a dollar short.

Thee fails to take account of the mindblowing Revelation of this anti-material Spiritual Awakening!

Abandon all material comforts that promise riches against the integrity of the soul!

Materialism ls the Satanic garden path to hell.

I have submitted a note to my landlord that I shall no longer pay rent.

I have trashed all of my kitsch baubles and bric-a-bracs.

The dump truck has finally arrived and is burying my car in a giant load of sand.

I Am Free! Free! Free!

Free at last of all those material chains that bound me to this Satanic Garden!

Free At Last!!!

Materialism was a metaphor 05.Dec.2016 23:27


You're taking it literally. It's a metaphor. I thought that was clear when I said "creative." Materialism in physics isn't the same as capitalistic materialism but the ideas are very similar.

There's two uses of the word materialism but both don't excluded the other. The outdated purely Newtonian understanding of the world is philosophical materialism. The outdated capitalistic viewpoint is cultural materialism. Philosophical materialism says we are just matter in a world of matter and there is nothing more. Philosophical or cultural materialism says we are just consumers who buy and own matter and nothing more. Both concepts of materialism give primacy and importance to matter. They aren't the same, true, but they are all too similar.

Comparatively,anti-capitalism and quantum theory both say people have power and that matter is less important.

Researchers in the field of quantum physics in the famous "double slit" experiment discovered the presence or absence of a human observer influenced whether electrons passing through a slit behaved as waves or particles respectively. The video in the article mentions that experiment. Other experiments have only corroborated these findings. A Nobel prize awaits anyone who can prove anything different. No one's won that Nobel prize yet.

Schrodinger's Cat is a thought experiment based upon the findings in the double split experiment.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schr%C3%B6dinger's_cat

I wonder if you understand quantum mechanics Mike. You say that "numbers," or equations are all there is to prove quantum theory. If knew all that much about physics or even watched the video I posted you quantum theory is supported by experiments and not only numbers and equations.