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Systems, isms and ideologies, Continued

Where do we go from here?
On "Precious Snowflakes";

I've seen a bunch of comments, regarding the concept of "Precious Snowflakes", in regard to how our culture views our children. Negative remarks about "participation trophies" and how we are making a new generation of weak, and entitled youth.

Let's consider this for a moment. We reside in an economy where there is virtually no crafts class. When is the last time you bought shoes from a Cobbler? We've eviscerated the merchant class nearly completely. Even the once sacrosanct "good manufacturing job" has gone the way of the dodo. We've apparently all decided that actually paying for the arts isn't an option. So if you're a writer, or a real journalist, you better not make it your day job. This leaves a tiny subset of vocations in the financialization sector, or if they happen to inherit great wealth, the investor class. Otherwise, your kids are heading into the service sector. The thing about the service sector, is that it pays very little. If you're a typical services worker, you're going to need a pile of roommates, just to move out of your parents house. You could double-job-it, but then you aren't participating in society anymore either. Prices have risen so high, that even a studio apartment, is a rare commodity (and a tenuous situation).

At this same time, we've made all the forms of inexpensive living, illegal. Living in an RV? Good luck finding a legal spot to camp in. Living on a boat? Good luck with that, they'll demand that you move out of range of your job. Too many people in that overpriced rental?

This is a double-squeeze, of the type that revolutions are made. This next generation is going to be faced with with either a "Battle Royale" style form of capitalism, or they will have to turn the page, and build something new. I'd like to explore some options with all of you in a coming post.

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