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Systems, isms and ideologies

first in a series, on culture, and the perils of ideology.
Systems, isms, and ideologies will always fail, provided the underlying culture is broken. People can debate the merits, risks, and pitfalls of the various ideologies as long as they want, but they all fail. The reason, is that the underlying culture is what really governs. Here in the United States, we have a culture that could only be defined as a collective mental illness. We idolize power. We worship wealth. We buy into each memetic nugget that tells us that the powerful, the wealthy, and the strong are all ideals. We tell ourselves, that someday, we'll be in that league with them. It's the "Temporarily embarrassed millionaires" acting out in full force. The reality, is that our system only rewards aggression. It does not reward the betterment of society. It does not benefit those that serve in love and kindness.

Now we have a celebrity president elect, that is the very embodiment of tiny-handed aggression. Congratulations, this is your culture made manifest.

WIth this being the starting point: where do we go from here? Will we double down, and add to this failure?