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Snitch Alert!

Police informant from Occupy Portland exposed.
Community alert: Myrlaviani Perez Rivier, voting board member on the COAB, and who lists herself as a current member of Don't Shoot Portland and 15 Now, was previously exposed as a police informant during Occupy Portland when she went by the name of Viani Rivier.


Whereas Spies for the Alt-right are perfectly welcome in Occupy 02.Dec.2016 02:22

pay attention

Frankly, OWS should have been savvy enough to USE an informant: like keep track of her, and since you're not up to bullshit, make sure she sees you're not up to bullshit and document it.

But that would take brains and strategy, two things lacking in the Portland Alt political scene. That's why we get the specter of an actual threat , Mike "Blue hair" Smith aka Dibolt who, while involved with OWS, was and remains a close associate of Holocaust Deniers Tim Titrud and Tim Calvert. Until recently his facebook friends were public for all to see.


But one doesn't need to search the Internets to discover "Mike" attended a lecture by Holocaust Denier David Irving, an event his 9/11 truther conspiracy group organized.

Now I'm sure he's a "nice guy". And he's probably been charmed by these folks, and bought their "freeze peach" excuses for organizing with racists and Holocaust deniers. Maybe he's had a rough time, and these were the folks who helped him out and so he's completely blind to their bullshit.

But any real anti racist and anarchist friends of his don't have those excuses. "Mike" can either remove himself from activism in Portland until he cleans his life up, or publicly denounce and repudiate the past activities of his 911 conspiracy group. That is what people who discover they were tricked into pushing Alt-right racist conspiracies do: they get pissed and speak out. That's apparently what's happened with other people his conspiracy group tricked. Its part of the reason they can't operate in the open anymore.

But not Mike. Mike Smith is incapable of thinking out side the bubble he was brainwashed into. So, my advice to people who know this guy is, treat him exactly like an informant, but for the alt-right, not the police. Expect everything you share with him to be shared with his Holocaust denial buddies and to end up in the hands of racists.

And, Mike, if you're reading? Ask yourself: why if the people who convinced you 911 was an inside job and everyone's life is at stake, why aren't they still out their doing 911 stuff? It's like they knew they were lying about a "grassroots" movement. That' why they need people like you to front for them. If they're really experienced and know what they're doing, AND really believed in it, they'd still be doing it, right?


Instead they're long gone. Come on, Mike you can do this. You can disassociate and repudiate the Nazi apologists who befriended you. Don't feel guilty. They really don't care about you. They were only ever using you. But these other people, these other activists DO care about you. And they deserves the truth.