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Crashing the Party

Mark Twain in the nineteenth century exposed the excesses of America's first Gilded Age and sought, without success, to avert the young nation's lurch toward imperialism.
John Nichols is writing for the Rosa Luxemburg foundation in Germany and NYC.

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If we presume that an election season so chaotic as the one America has experienced in
2016 is unlikely to settle much, and that the chaos is likely to continue, then we must also
presume that internal and external pressure on the parties to change will increase.
Ultimately, it is hard to imagine how the center can hold. That may be an unsettling notion for some. But it is hopeful for those who seek a better politics in America—since changes in
how parties see themselves and the process in which they are engaged create an opening
for broader changes to the political infrastructure of the United States.
Those broader changes are necessary.

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