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Wish List from an Old Navy Guy

January, we shall see
this has been sent to both Ted and Chloe, want to be on the next wish list let me know and I will add you:

November 26, 2016

Dear Mayor Elect Ted Wheeler and Councilwoman Elect Chloe Eudaly:

Individuals For Justice is an organization who monitors city hall on a weekly basis; we believe that nervous politicians are responsive politicians and pay attention. We are a loose knit organization that tries hard not to have leaders and dogma. Our motto is "Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it does not." We have been called troublemakers, a term we consider a great compliment; in the vein of Thomas Paine.

We ask our followers/members to come up with a * "Wish List" that we would like to see you and the rest of the council accomplish. This is that list:
1. Hold one city council meeting a month after 6:00 PM in one of the neighborhood associations territory. The NA would be required to request your attendance and make arrangements for the meeting. We are concerned that people who work do not get a chance to talk to you due to time restrictions.
2. Have sign up for city council meetings that day of the meeting and not in advance. This would copy what the County does and would insure that there would be at least five members of the community allowed to talk on current issues. We now have people sign up in advance and it can take up to a month to get to address you and that is ridiculous.
3. One of our "Pet Peeves" is limiting citizen's presentations to the council. Most people write out their offering, they practice it and try to time it for 3 minutes and then the Presiding Official decides to cut them down to 2 or with hales 1 minute. This is total disrespect to the citizen who came prepared, may have taken time off from work or school to address you and you cut their time. Outrageous!
4. Having people arrested for going over 3 minutes is a way to cause havoc in the meetings. You have the power to remove them for the day, that is enough. If I could deal with drunks at a union meeting when I was VP of a local union then you should be able to deal with a person who goes on and on.
5. Courtney Shannon: Housing for the houseless - actual housing! How? See Idaho! Perhaps put a clause in for developers - 25% of dwellings must be for affordable housing units and also available for those w zero income. Till then - make state owned land, buildings and uninhabited houses as well as buildings available to those unhoused. Undeveloped or even partially developed land can be used to put tiny houses on and make intentional communities - ie hazelnut grove.
6. Roger David Hardesty: 1. Replace COAB ceremonial appointments with those skilled in data analysis, organizational development, and deep background in moving recommendation to legislated policy change.
2. Put the COCL (and Dr. Corey's pre-hire evaluation) contract out for competitive bid.
3. Commence a national search for PPB Chief and Head of Training, with bonus compensation tied to specific, measurable Bureau performance improvement.
7. Joe Walsh- Get us out of the Joint Terrorist Task Force. The new Attorney General Sen. Sessions will cause havoc with this group.
8. Sue Staehli: Housing for the houseless. People need to get off the streets to be safe and consolidate their belongings. Now. Designate enough areas for legal camping and provide porta pottie and garbage services as a start. Now
9. Judith Lienhard: Rent freeze, stop to no cause evictions.

I might have missed some input but we see this as an on going project and will submit other requests as we go down the path of trying to get along. We want you to succeed but will take you on if the hales "Tone deaf" administration continues.
Very Sincerely,
Joe Walsh, Individuals For Justice
contact info: 503-946-8428
* Wish List, an old Navy term that would request a person being up for new duty to list 3 places they would like to go.
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homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com