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Trump Is Much Better Than WW-III

How much better is a huge question.
But all the other neocons really want WW-III.

Do they all have Deep Underground Military Tunnels?

We don't!

Donald Trump Could Be The Military-Industrial Complex's Worst Nightmare 24.Nov.2016 07:28

William Greider

Trump came to Washington in March 2016 and dropped a peace bomb on the neocon editorial writers at The Washington Post and the war lobby. Trump wants to get the United States out of fighting other people's wars. He thinks maybe NATO has outlived its usefulness. He asks why Americans are still paying for South Korea's national defense. Or Germany's or Saudi Arabia's.

This Trump talk is definitely career-threatening for the military-industrial complex. It was particularly playful of Trump to choose The Washington Post as the place to drop his bomb; after all, it's the Post that has made itself such a righteous preacher for endless war-making.