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Another Day

hale the Jerk
Today was a good day for me, my sugar level was good in the morning; mocha and I had a date. I went to the "Den of Sulfur", (AKA city hall) wearing a shirt with a wonderful life picture that was given to me by Kate Lore (see below) via Facebook. It was all positive and it made me more alive to wear it. Thank you Kate.

At the council meeting there was a problem with the mayor and it was not with me; he is so tone deaf that sometimes it defies logic. There was an issue that was to be discussed about housing energy and the audit of homes that were being sold. From what I understood about this the city proposes that a fee of $200 be paid by the owner of the house to have a professional come in and do an energy consumption audit of the house during the sale. There were lots of people there from some organization that thought it was a good idea and they wanted to testify. Here my friends lies the problem, hales decided to limit the testimony to 2 minutes down from the normal three minutes. I was not happy and made my displeasure known when I offered Individuals For Justice's position on the item. We offered an amendment that would make the Utility Company pay for the audit; that went over like a lead balloon. The major issue for me was not the rejection of the amendment but the insensitivity of the mayor when it comes to citizen testimony. I had to go out of the Chambers because my leg was bothering me and when I returned the shit had dropped the time to 1 minute. I hate it when he does this and it is a clear message that he may have to let you have your say but he is not going to waste too much time. People who come to city hall to testify arrived thinking they are going to get 3 minutes to speak, they may write their presentation out so they will not forget something. They may practice at home and rewrite their presentation, all things that I have done. It is so disrespectful to limit their time to 2 or in this case 1 minute. I would have closed down the meeting but it is the holiday season and I wanted the day to be positive and not a negative. But I got to tell all who would listen that it is one of my "Pet Peeves." to limit citizens' testimony.

I want to wish you all the best for the coming holidays, remember the poor, remember the brave and injured protectors at Standing Rock, remember those who are willing to risk much for you during this time. Most of all remember to "Do the best you can and ---- the rest."

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What a scoundrel of a public servant 24.Nov.2016 11:21

Ben Waiting

Shame on the Mayor - Kick the bum out now

The public voice is always marginalized, stifled and attacked with force by Portland City Council (aka charlie hale and his four shits)