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VIDEO: A Growing Concern: Water Protectors - INTERVIEW

Interview with Lakota Sioux elder, Buzz Nelson.
Discussion of Standing Rock and the historical connections.
First hand report and sharing of info not being reported in mainstream media.
Standing Rock - No Dakota Pipeline - An Interview with Buzz Nelson (filmed in Portland Oregon).

"A Growing Concern" program featuring interview with Lakota Sioux elder, Buzz Nelson. He discusses the present situation at Standing Rock

North Dakota where the Water Protectors are taking a stand against the Dakota Access Pipe Line.

 https://youtu.be/SI-HVOm7H8o video 58 minutes

Buzz also discusses at length the harsh treatment of the Native people of this country.

Also featured is a video clip from a recent rally at the Army Corp of Engineers offices in Portland Oregon.

Thanks Jim & Buzz for this information.