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HR 676 Single Payer Health Insurance Is the Best Christmas Gift

Single Payer Health Insurance is a wonderful idea.
Now that the election is over and you are Christmas shopping you should read up about HR 676 which is single payer health insurance. This is the best gift for all of the citizens of this Country. The trouble is most people have never heard of HR 676 which is single payer health insurance.
Here are the good things that come with HR 676 there are no networks, no deductibles, no co-pays, no premiums, no bills and BEST of all there are no insurance companies. The big problems are that this bill has not passed the House or Senate in Washington D.C.
The other problem is nobody seems to have heard of this bill. The groups pushing for HR 676 never advertise on television or the print media such as newspapers. As I see it you just can't advertise on the Internet you must advertise on television and the newspapers. Think of it this way does Safeway advertise only on the internet? No. Safeway advertises on the television and the newspapers. So why do the people pushing for HR 676 Insist on advertising only on the internet?