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TERF will have great friends in Trump Administration

TERF organization Womyn's Liberation Front (WOLF) stands to benefit from Donald Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions
In August this year, TERF hate group WOMYNS LIBERATION FRONT (WOLF) sued the US Federal Government over President Obama's directive to protect Trans* students in schools. The US Department of Justice recently filed motion to dismiss this FRIVOLOUS lawsuit motivated purely by HATE.

Today TERF across America received a good news: appointment of pro-KKK, extreme homophobe JEFF SESSIONS to lead DONALD TRUMP'S US Department of Justice!

Come JAN 20 2017, A-G JEFF SESSIONS will reverse Obama's Trans* positive Civil Rights Act Title IX directive and side with these despicable deplorable TERF and their hate agenda. This is bad when transphobic hate crimes skyrocket after DONALD TRUMP'S stealing of this election.

TERF is TRUMP. They voted for TRUMP to Make America Hate Again and make "bathroom laws" the law of the land. Don't be deceived by their lies. There is NOTHING liberal or progressive or radical about TERF miscreants.

 http://womensliberationfront.org/wolf-v-u-s/ (CW: Hate group propaganda)
 http://womensliberationfront.org/obama-administration-responds-to-wolf-lawsuit/ (CW: Hate group propaganda/rant)

Quit 26.Nov.2016 10:21


If you want to be taken seriously as a person who actually gives a shit about oppression, rather than just a self centered loudmouth, quit using the offensive term TERF, invented solely to shame, harass, and ridicule women. Fuck right off with that.

And here it begins. 30.Nov.2016 15:43

Make America TERF Again

TERF's are already gloating and rejoicing over Donald Trump's cabinet picks.


The term "TERF" (Trans* Exterminationist Radicalicalized Females) was invented only because real radical feminists had enough when a small group of self-radicalized vagina-worshipers began calling themselves feminists and promoting terrorism and genocide against Trans* women.

TERF's may try to fool people into thinking they are feminists, but they are agents of the alt-right. That's why TERF's must be named and called out every day. No, we won't quit.