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Practical Arguments that All Protest Actions target TV Stations specifically.
The reasoning behind this article is to advance the effectiveness of Protest in general.

To come to the understanding that the broadcast element of TV News is the direct pipeline to the power structure, and that any direct involvement with these Enemies will have a much farther reaching Impact, both financially and in the representation of Entities, Agencies, both Government and Private that have violated the sanctity of the welfare of Citizens through corruption and misdirection.

The TV Stations are the path by which all communication of the Power Structure pass unto the People. If You disrupt this path, not only will the Power Structure be aware of the wrongs they have committed, but it will force the concerns to be Publicly examined as well.

TV News reporting is the fingers and hands of this Power, and if Society takes a Ruler and slaps them hard enough, "They" will have to Answer to the Public in Open and Honest Transparency that the People's Demands for Truth and Justice be Answered, or suffer retribution on a scale they have never imagined.

That is the purpose of this discussion.

Effectively targeting your Audience for the Maximum Informational Impact, both by demographics, and reach in the scope of effectively addressing primary concerns of the People.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes
The Red 'X' Society

President Richard Nixon


Why? ...TV Stations.

The Shame of U.S. Based Journalism ...is
February 5, 2015 at 6:42pm
by Tracy Mapes

SACRAMENTO,California -in fact that many of the Current On-Air-Talent was culled for the unlikely source of Prisoners and Street Prostitutes, many of which came from the Sacramento Area of California.

The Prostitution aspect along with the use of such Narcotics as Heroin appears to be being utilized as a "Mind Control" Feature along with the Degradational Effects of "Hazing" these people into "Compliance" by setting firm examples of what their lives could consist of without complete compliance and cooperation of their "Handlers".

These People that I have purposely Identified to show a Pattern of Incident and Distribution has remained unchallenged for over 4 Years.
It includes the Names of Two Presidents of the United States, a First Lady, the Duchess of York, a Republican Vice Presidential hopeful of 2008, and an as yet unlisted Justice of the Supreme Court.

The Disturbing Pattern not only points to a significant Influence of American Politic across the board, but lends itself toward Criminal Racketeering in the effort to Disenfranchise the Entire American Political Process and the Free Press as these people are used to supply "The Advantaged" with sexual favors and escort services.

These Illegal Actions, Infiltrations and Subversion of the Free Press and Government cannot be allowed to Stand, as Its Danger to the Public Good is All to Clear.

See: President and the Press Speech of April 27, 1961 by President John F. Kennedy.

Here are the Lists I have compiled on American Journalists so far:

Media Subversion List 2010

Media Subversion List 2012

Media Subversion Map of Sacramento and Hub Distribution United States

You can also find Court Records from Sacramento County Superior Court for approximately 20
Subjects Listed in regard to the participation in PC 647b activity related to prostitution, at this
Address:  https://www.facebook.com/notes/tracy-mapes/presidents-media-and-the-war-against-the-people-of-the-united-states/10152301796448280

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Tracy Mapes

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