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Reckoning with a Trump Presidency and the Elite Democrats who Helped Deliver It

Deep trends destroyed the welfare and economic security of tens of millions and put them in a mindset where they want to destroy this system of authority. That is what caused Brexit and Trump. There should be introspection and self-examination. However there's a desire to say it was everybody else's fault - Jill Stein or Putin - and to blame everyone who didn't vote for Hillary. The Clintons were seen as corrupt royalty.No one wants to talk about corporate policies.
to read or hear the discussion of Betsy Reed, Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept, Nov 12, 16, click on



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I've warned Marc and Indymedia about this for months 15.Nov.2016 08:54


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Except not QUIT a good description 15.Nov.2016 10:43

Mike Novack

a) The actions/choices of the mainstream Democrats ended up resulting in the Trump victory but that is not what they intended. They THOUGHT they could beat off the insurgency to their left and then eek out a narrow win. Miscalculation should never be confused with intent. Had they correctly judged the result, they probably would have tried the alternative strategy of allowing the insurgency and then trying to recapture their party after.

b) Be careful with the term "progressives". Just because a group calls itself progressive doesn't mean it is. And when you discover that such a group's actual goals, etc. are far from progressive, decide "well THOS FOLKS are no progressives" rather than deciding "the actual goals of progressives aren't progressive".

It was not a Liberal Election delivery ... 16.Nov.2016 00:24

Tracy Mapes

By Tracy Mapes

SACRAMENTO, California-...but it certainly was a delivery.

I had discussed this in some length in a thread that can no longer be found on Indy Media about swapping Voter Data Streams.

This allows 100% complete normal operation of voting booths, electronic cast ballots and the like with no obvious anomalies, and
and then at the end users calculation and reporting data is swapped to enhance the chosen winner's outcome.

At about 5 pm these data streams were switched, Hillary Votes to Trump, Trump Votes to Clinton.

At about 6:10 pm, the Data Graph lines crossed as the Vote swap continued to funnel the Democratic Votes in the Republican column.

Final stabilization of the Voting manipulation occurred at about 9 pm, and the rest is history.

I do not know the reasoning, but do have some guesses as to why this forcing out of the Clinton Machine was perpetrated, except that I believe that it may have something to do with the Clinton's relationship with Media Infiltration.

Other factors may include that Hillary if made President would be automatically exonerated for any past crime, and remain free from prosecution due to an Executive Order signed by Barack Obama protecting elected Presidents from such vulnerabilities.

And one other factor, which sounds crazy, but the fact that Hillary was in fact under the influence of some emerging possession in the human population that is of some biological infection either bacterial or viral, or spiritual invasion of the body.

In other words, there would have been a lot more personalities involved in the Presidential office and the execution of the said office.

This involves something similar to Multiple Personality Disorder along with suggestible behavior and involuntary muscle control, hear voices and the like.


This is getting so bad that in the long term, I believe they are trying to so disgust the American Public with the Voting Process and the offerings of government, that welcoming the idea of Globalization and the New World Order would become a preferred choice.

"They" the "They" "They" do not allow such political theater to play out without purpose. They leave nothing to chance, and this election was delivered just like when a Gambler writes some favored numbers down on a Keno Ticket in a Casino, and gives it to the Keno Girl in hopes that the Club will call their numbers.

We are in a very dark time in History, and the People we have to work with in Society don't seem capable of realizing the gravity of the Criminal Organization and subsequent disparity it is causing in Our Nation.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes
The Red 'X' Society


New: 3 more must-reads 16.Nov.2016 23:07


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