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There is great chaos under heaven. The situation is excellent.

The Democratic Party establishment that has been blocking any attempts at fundamental change his been thoroughly discredited. The new Republican President is a raging lunatic, who is hated by his own party establishment and is about to implement some mind-bogglingly bad policies. It's a time of crisis, but also one of opportunity.

Henwood: Slavoj ?i?ek said recently that there might be some reasons to welcome a Trump victory precisely for breaking up that Clintonian, neoliberal order. Do you share any of that feeling of his?

Dean: That's such a hard one. I tell you honestly, I did not think that before the election, but I think that now, going forward, we should adopt that position. Right? I think that's the best way to go forward rather than to revel in our misery. But to say okay now we've got ... what is the old expression from Mao? Right? "Everything is in crisis; the situation is excellent." So, I think we have to proceed as if ?i?ek was right in saying that, and use this as an opportunity. I mean, that's the only way forward. If not, what do we do? We just sit around miserable? That's not going to do anything for us.

? Jodi Dean. Interview by Doug Henwood. Behind the News, KPFA 2016-11-10.

agreed with the general concept. 12.Nov.2016 23:58


Yes it could indeed be a time for opportunity.

Absolutely agreed that both Pepsi / Coke corporate parties have major comeuppance on the way over the next 18 to 24 months (possibly longer)...

whether this would translate into 'real change' in the system itself or on the part of working class citizens / 99% remains to be determined.

I would hope ? that the Supreme Court will not become more corporatized (than Alito and Roberts have already made it) and that the Citizens United ruling can somehow be negated or overturned.

and also, that leftists/liberals will _not_ advocate for further firearm legislation at any level local, state or federal (go ahead and work for whatever other laws you think are worth spending time on but leave guns out of it because within the United States such activities only translate into political backlash and have zero effect from outset U.S. already has more than enough gun laws; simply stay away from them).

as far as "mind-bogglingly bad policies", disagree. Canceling NAFTA and TPP is not "mind-bogglingly bad", rather the opposite. So good in fact we oughta have a parade  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433728.shtml

a few other thoughts / worthwhile info to consider 13.Nov.2016 00:41



^ This August 2016 New York Times piece, titled 'Is Trump Wrecking Both Parties?' contains observations from multiple different scholars about the state of U.S. politics, culture and demographics this election season and what transitions might happen in the coming years. Effects of globalism, corporate takeover of politics and the insular state of the liberal class are discussed.

for an even broader, longer term view of this overall phenomenon in Western democracies, check out Martin Jacques' 'The death of neoliberalism and the crisis in western politics':

Further related information is linked and provided below the text of the PDX IMC-posted article 'The Progressive Movement is a PR Front for Rich Democrats' (series of links after end of article text):