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Snowflake crybaby clowns make for great GOP entertainment on Youtube!

Trump voters are playing unended videos of crybaby clowns from Generation snowflake on conservative websites.

Its quite a hoot!
Why are you providing entertainment for them?

Foxnews is running a marathon every hour of people having breakdowns about the election. Celebrities, politicians, and ordinary people are clowns for them..


Without a coherent message, it's indeed merely entertainment. 12.Nov.2016 15:26


there's a 23-page thread on a well known, large membership right wing site right now

just on the Portland protests. Pics, videos they are having a ball watching the clown show. And are waiting for more.

go ahead increase their forum's page count on the Portland protests while their membership Lols (at the demonstrators getting tear gassed).

just 4 the record 13.Nov.2016 10:30

i dont preform

I live for my self
If that's a performance for a twisted group of people
So let it be
I will never behave in an-order-to-please a group of people
Especially with you telling me to do so

_shill 13.Nov.2016 10:31

Clown Alert

figures that _ is reading membership GOP websites
notice how _ calls it a clown show

[quote] "membership GOP websites" ?? 13.Nov.2016 10:38


the website which I referenced ^^^above happens to harbor much disdain, distrust and even hatred for the GOP. ("membership GOP", Lol)

I go where the information is.
(In this instance, Portland Indymedia do not happen to be providing much on-ground coverage of the demonstrations)

I also don't have ideological blinders, or might we say mental blockage, with regard to forming my own opinions. Just because I might obtain certain varieties of useful information from a particular source, doesn't at all mean I agree or comport with the leanings or views of that source.

maybe content-free 'Clown Alert' should head down to downtown PDX and start strutting their stuff for us so that we can be better entertained. After all they are a self identified clown so the more the merrier, amirite.

Snowflake? Or are you the flake? 13.Nov.2016 23:23

toaster oven

Oh, I wait until the day karma comes when people like you who scapegoat minorities for your unresolved issues. It's you who are busy shaking in your shoes to confront and admit anger at the people who hurt you. Because you've failed to grow a pair and confront people who hurt you, you feel the need to scapegoat innocent people. Well guess what? You can go right ahead and do that! Go right ahead. You will win nothing and prove even less. This is because I know your enemy is not us, it is you. Your enemy you will never escape because it is truth. Your enemy dwells in your own body, it is called your conscience. Run from it all you can, but it will prevail. Mark my words, coward. Your fate was spelled out for you the minute you made war with truth.

"Oh, I wait until the day karma comes" yeah right. It's here, now 15.Nov.2016 00:50


blah blah blah

I had a longtime socialist (from across the Atlantic) insist, on another forum several months ago that if Trump happened to win the election :

"his jackboot thugs would be coming after me"


Yeah, ri-iight.

as to "thugs coming after people", the current protestors have no-one to blame but themselves.

btw I was the one who posted the center-column PDX IMC article about protesters being bulldozed out of City Hall downtown during the police contract demonstration - I saw that as an egregious violation of human and civil rights and still do.

These people whining about president-elect Trump and committing acts of violence in the streets for absolutely no reason or delivered message except "why me?" are pathetic.

as stated before on other threads, in 6 months or so when 'chickens come home to roost' in a failing or otherwise wayward, oppressive Trump administration THAT will be the time to hit the streets.

Even then, I absolutely do not fear Trump or his administration; I've survived Reagan, multiple Bushes, double Obamas and Clintons thanks.

Putting the pathos in pathetic 15.Nov.2016 01:40


Maybe your need to cast people who are rightfully angry about Trump as pathetic is about you and not them. All human beings are vulnerable and so are you. You'd be unwise to forget that. I think you fear the weak because you know the weak are strong. The "weak" are ironically become strong through facing and overcoming challenge. People like you who have faced no challenges become soft in mind and body. The softness of your mind oozes through every comment you make. Continue to bore us with your indolence, please. Your rants are entertaining if nothing else.

"People like you who have faced no challenges" uh huh. 15.Nov.2016 08:55


...... all am gonna say (to that) is, my body is ready.

RE: " indolence " 15.Nov.2016 08:58


you've had plenty of chances to protest (8 full years of) the Obama administration, the derailing of Sanders candidacy by DNC, etc.

Look where it, along with the obsessive concentration on identity politics minutiae while ignoring working CLASS and economic/trade issues has brought you.

RE: "people who are rightfully angry about Trump" 15.Nov.2016 10:14


I have no problem with people being rightfully angry about the election results.

I do have a problem with people committing random violence with no message.

My original post [quote]:
These people whining about president-elect Trump **and committing acts of violence in the streets for absolutely no reason or delivered message except "why me?"** are pathetic.