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Wake Up Enlightened, Intelligent, and Compassionate People! 

An analysis of the almost unbearable, political mess as of the 2016 Elections and Proposals for the most effective solutions.
How Trump's Presidency May Emerge as A Blessing in Disguise: Wake Up Enlightened, Intelligent, and Compassionate People! 

      Hope as we may that Trump and his Republican Angry White Wave of Destruction proves less terrible than similar fascist, racist, destructive movements--including arguably the most gruesome one to date of Adolf Hitler and his willing lackies along with the duped, resentful German electorate of that era--what may prove even more important, even in a Murphy's Law / worst case scenario, is that Trump's unparalleled conartist, caliber campaign and incredible rise to national, political power may provide the shock therapy necessary to animate the revolutionary fervor in the invisible women and men of the sleeping left (yes Ralph Ellison PF), which we already see on display, even violently at times, in countless cities with anti-Trump majorities, including Portland.

Where does one begin with the lessons learned from this disastrous election?

#1. Never underestimate the power of numerical truth; in other words, in a country with a majority of overtly or secretly racist white people--however much their grip on said majority may prove dramatically less than in the European countries of their ancestors, including the now newly, notorious, post-Brexit UK--it amounted to nothing short of collective folly for so many liberals, especially minorities, to fall asleep to the fact that this potentially, vicious majority--with an overabundance of potential for violence including via guns (though said reality fortunately gets balanced out by the liberals with guns particularly on the West Coast, and, practically speaking, by the fortunately continued history of a non-partisan national military, gotta think in terms of military scenarios sometimes)--not only resented Obama and Democratic liberals immensely but now stand firm to inaugurate a Second Redemption?--how sad to have that wonderful word redemption coopted for such dubious and nefarious purposes--this time nationally ("Is this the Second Redemption?" Kevin Lamarque PF The Atlantic PF).

#2. Never think that your conventionally viable intelligence--perhaps even MENSA IQ caliber--is any match (well certainly not a guarantee for victory) for a callous and unenlightened opposition in scenarios in which numbers--and potentially guns--are decisive factors (I learned this in the most brutal way imaginable during military training). 

So how does one proceed? First and foremost, humbly; yes it's time for a healthy and purgative dose of humble pie. And apropos to the importance of said concept in Daoism--my favorite spiritual perspective--and so many more compelling Weltanschauungs, like the oceans (which ironically so many of us can see easily in the states that predominantly voted for Clinton, of course not including the Carolinas and south of them through to Florida; Dear Nature, what a f*king waste! what a waste!! that such often pristine areas should have the terror of gun-toting-gas-guzzling-vehicle-driving psychopaths ruining the formerly idyllic realms of countless indigenous peoples), we have to accept our lower position but also embrace our immense power and tap into it if necessary to create the most successful, most pleasurable, most fecund PF tsunami PADF revolutions to guarantee the emergence of the most successful, most pleasurable, and most fecund solutions, including via sustainable architecture and technologies, e.g. Earthship Biotecture communes.

And a major / integral part of implementing said holistic solutions must include Swadeshi, including via peaceful, hermitic, moneyfree living (see Mark Boyle PF). As long as one is dependent on this capitalistic, racist system for sustenance, one has as much chance [for victory] as a hypocritical, drug addict trying to pick a fight with his gun toting, drug dealer.

It's time for some 1959 Successful PADF Cuban Revolution improvements. Yes, let's turn our liberal failures into revolutionary improvements in the best way, so we improve our well-being as much as possible and as soon as possible, including now!  

comments over here 12.Nov.2016 13:43


FYI - I noticed some comments to this (re-formated post) can be found over here:


Blacks and Hispanics and Women elected Trump 12.Nov.2016 14:26


Trump got way more of all three of these groups than anyone expected.

Had Blacks turned out in the same number as they did in 2012, then Hillary Clinton would be President Elect, not Trump.

Oh yes Dear, but.. 13.Nov.2016 15:07


..they did turn out (cough) in numbers, but the (cough) Electoral College had their own way of reading those numbers to affirm the new boss