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How Trump's Presidency May Emerge as A Blessing in Disguise: Wake Up Enlightened, Intellig

An analysis of the almost unbearable, political mess as of the 2016 Elections and Proposals for the most effective solutions.
      Hope as we may that Trump and his Republican Angry White Wave of Destruction proves less terrible than similar fascist, racist, destructive movements--including arguably the most gruesome one to date of Adolf Hitler and his willing lackies along with the duped, resentful German electorate of that era--what may prove even more important, even in a Murphy's Law / worst case scenario, is that Trump's unparalleled conartist, caliber campaign and incredible rise to national, political power may provide the shock therapy necessary to animate the revolutionary fervor in the invisible women and men of the sleeping left (yes Ralph Ellison PF), which we already see on display, even violently at times, in countless cities with anti-Trump majorities, including Portland. Where does one begin with the lessons learned from this disastrous election? #1. Never underestimate the power of numerical truth; in other words, in a country with a majority of overtly or secretly racist white people--however much their grip on said majority may prove dramatically less than in the European countries of their ancestors, including the now newly, notorious, post-Brexit UK--it amounted to nothing short of collective folly for so many liberals, especially minorities, to fall asleep to the fact that this potentially, vicious majority--with an overabundance of potential for violence including via guns (though said reality fortunately gets balanced out by the liberals with guns particularly on the West Coast, and, practically speaking, by the fortunately continued history of a non-partisan national military, gotta think in terms of military scenarios sometimes)--not only resented Obama and Democratic liberals immensely but now stand firm to inaugurate a Second Redemption?--how sad to have that wonderful word redemption coopted for such dubious and nefarious purposes), this time nationally ("Is this the Second Redemption?" Kevin Lamarque PF The Atlantic PF). #2. Never think that your conventionally viable intelligence--perhaps even MENSA IQ caliber--is any match (well certainly not guaranteed victory) for a callous and unenlightened opposition in scenarios in which numbers--and potentially guns--are decisive factors (I learned this in the most brutal way imaginable during military training).  So how does one proceed? First and foremost, humbly; yes it's time for a healthy and purgative dose of humble pie. And apropos to the importance of said concept in Daoism--my favorite spiritual perspective--and so many more compelling Weltanschauungs, like the oceans (which ironically so many of us can see easily in the states that predominantly voted for Clinton, of course not including the Carolinas and south of them through to Florida; Dear Nature, what a f*king waste! what a waste!! that such often pristine areas should have the terror of gun toting gas guzzling vehicle driving psychopaths ruining the formerly idyllic realms of countless indigenous peoples), we have to accept our lower position but also embrace our immense power and tap into it if necessary to create the most successful, most pleasurable, most fecund PF tsunami PADF revolutions to guarantee the emergence of the most successful, most pleasurable, and most fecund solutions, including via sustainable architecture and technologies, e.g. Earthship Biotecture communes. And a major / integral part of implementing said holistic solutions must include Swadeshi, including via peaceful, hermitic, moneyfree living (see Mark Boyle PF). As long as one is dependent on this capitalistic, racist system for sustenance, one has as much chance [for victory] as a hypocritical, drug addict trying to pick a fight with his gun toting, drug dealer. It's time for some 1959 Successful PADF Cuban Revolution improvements. Yes, let's turn our liberal failures into revolutionary improvements in the best way, so we improve our well-being as much as possible and as soon as possible, including now!  

The Silver Linings Of Silver-Tongued Donald 12.Nov.2016 12:08

by Ralph Nader

November 7, 2016

Are there any silver linings to the tumultuous, degrading, sordid presidential campaign of Donald Trump — a failed gambling czar, corporate welfare king, and supreme hypocrite to his own accusations about others?

Yes. Here are seven:

1. "New York Times" star columnist James B. Stewart, may be right when he writes that bipartisan outrage over Donald Trump's not paying income tax for several decades may lead to stronger support for "a comprehensive overhaul of the nation's loophole-riddled revenue gathering system." The brazen Trumpeteer may be just the jolt that Congress needs. Maybe.

2. By raising the trade agreements issue (NAFTA, TPP, etc.), Trump startled many complacent Republicans into an awareness long dimmed by the empirically-starved, obsolete, 19th century "win-win" "free-trade" dogmas. Unknowingly, of course, Trump missed the deeper insidiousness beneath these corporate-managed trade agreements that are driving American industries to Asia and Mexico. I'm referring to the loss of our freedom to improve consumer, worker, and environmental protections in our country in favor of the self-imposed imperatives of corporate commercial international trade (see citizen.org/trade). In any event, when President Obama tries to push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) giveaway in next month's lame duck session of Congress, Trump's blasts may add to the prospect of defeating the TPP.

3. On November 4th, the "New York Times" ran the headline: "Veterans, Feeling Abandoned, Stand by Donald Trump." This is a spreading disdain for both major Parties by veterans about more than how they have been neglected regarding consumer protection, jobs and health care. It is directed toward failed foreign policy initiatives which spur perpetual wars that grind on and on, and the representatives who lack any willingness to ask the questions veterans want asked about the futility of our soldiers being in these countries where the local people do not want us and insurgencies keep spreading.

4. Trump inadvertently has further revealed the consequences of our educational system's deliberate neglect of exposing students to critical thinking about power in all its forms. To those millions of fed-up Americans who, while disliking Trump's behavior and foul mouth, nevertheless support him because, "he tells it like it is": please pause for a moment to consider the facts. How does, "telling it like it is" equate to, "being willing and able to do something about it" and just what is "it"? Trump is inordinately vague here.

These same Americans, so knowledgeable about their own daily occupations and their complex hobbies, somehow forsake any responsibility to face the facts by doing some political homework and demanding that they be participants in the electoral process, not mere spectators of an electoral circus and its chief carnival barker.

5. More openly, Trump has shown us how the mass media can degrade election coverage so long as the prospect of greater profits outshine the impetus to offer varied and well-informed reporting — especially for mass TV and radio. Indeed, Trump's ability to attract the media's greed for profits continues to pull the mass media closer to the gutter. We can thank the president of CBS Leslie Moonves for confirming this observation when he told a business audience that Trump's campaign, "may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS."

In addition, so addicted was the media to scouring speeches and Twitter feeds for the latest Trumpisms and provocations that it slammed the door on any participation by those civic groups that actually have been improving our country, know what they're talking about, and are able to inject broader topics into candidates' campaigns — topics that are closer to the peoples' concerns, such as looted pensions, corporate crimes against consumers and workers, crony taxpayer bailouts, and bureaucratic waste.

6. Further, Trump has cast some doubt on the invincibility of entrenched plutocracy and oligarchy over popular sovereignty. Consider this improbable dynamic hurtling toward November 8th. Supporting Hillary Clinton are those on Wall Street, the bulk of the military-industrial complex , Silicon Valley and, of course, the Democratic Party machinery. She is seen, after all, as predictable and not a wild card prone to displays of ignorance, inexperience and a lashing, bruisable ego.

Trump, by contrast, has largely been abandoned by his party's elite. He has a fifth of Hillary's television advertising budget, has little get-out-the-vote ground game to speak of and is being blasted by the mass media day after day. He has also raised far less money than his corporate cash-rich opponent.

Yet, In spite of all of this, he has made this a close race because enough voters are sweeping all these conventional variables aside in their fury. Go figure. We better do just that right after election day.

7. Lastly, Trump has raised the peril of what South Americans have called "the politics of personalismo." By making his ego, his persona, his personal boasts, his personal insults, his personal business the core of this year's campaign, he has forced the media to reap what they have sown with their cynical mantra for the local evening news: "if it bleeds, it leads," meaning not only street crime but other disasters that are graphic, violent or in otherwise poor taste. Trump's campaign is the embodiment of such misguided priorities.

Some 60 years ago, in an impoverished state in northeast Brazil, a gubernatorial candidate ran on the slogan "to my enemies the law, to my friends — facilities." He won the election.

Beware the "politics of personalismo" and its deadly attraction to fateful impulses.

Building a mass anti-Trump movement to bring democracy back into politics 12.Nov.2016 13:35


 link to rabble.ca

Building a mass anti-Trump movement to bring democracy back into politics

How impressive were those protests across the U.S. on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after Trump won? And he hasn't even deported anyone yet. Imagine what will happen when he does.

I say this not just as someone moved by any political activity that looks beyond casting a vote. Impressive because they have already answered a question that hung in the air once the result was known: What kind of opposition or resistance makes sense for the Trump years ahead?

That question floated up instantly, like a Macy's balloon, because Trump's forces now control all the levers of formal political power: presidency, congress and courts. His cabinet -- Giuliani, Christie, Newt -- will be even more of a clown car than the Republican primaries. They'll have the means to roll back every advance in minority rights, abortion rights, gender rights, health care, climate change -- with nothing in the formal political processes to hinder them.

The only answer I can think of is a popular resistance movement coming from the ground up, mobilizing huge, diverse numbers in the streets and ready to engage -- this is crucial -- non-violently, in civil disobedience, if necessary. It may find supporters in the formal system, like Sanders or Warren, but they're shackled in what they can do in those roles for two years at least.

Why nonviolent? Because it's idiotic to imagine taking on U.S. state power in the forms of police and military -- not to mention overarmed right-wing militias and survivalist groups, who are significant forces there. But the difference is: militias consider themselves a permanently besieged minority.

A mass movement of the -- I don't even know what to call it: left, progressives, people of good will -- has to assume it implicitly represents or can win over the large majority of its fellow citizens. That was assumed by every great mass movement in U.S. history: civil rights, anti-Vietnam war, union drives in the 1930s, even the abolitionists of the 19th century. And they eventually did.

In fact, there is majority support for most advances the Trumpians want to destroy. So the appeal to the broader society will be based on a moral challenge, as it was on issues like slavery, women's suffrage and civil rights.

Does this mean denying the legitimacy of the democratic voting process? Less its legitimacy than its limits. Clinton won a majority of votes, though not the presidency. The majority doesn't deserve to have its views trampled on because of a peculiar electoral system. For that matter, minorities don't deserve to be trampled on by misogynists or racists, no matter how the vote went.

I mentioned this to a despairing American friend who called the day after. Yes, he said bleakly, but I don't see the experience or vision needed to organize a campaign of mass resistance. He's right, civil rights didn't just spring from Martin Luther King's head; it developed over many decades. The antiwar movement of the 1960s drew on the 1930s.

But today's protesters have also been gathering insight, through Occupy and Black Lives Matter -- or from the Chicago Teachers' Union, which allied with parents and others to literally fight City Hall on school closures and privatization. "Even when we lose, we win," said Madeleine Parent, Canada's pioneer labour feminist, "because we learn something."

What have they learned? Take the role of social media, which one of them says "will be crucial" in building a mass anti-Trump movement. "They've learned you don't achieve much by signing online petitions but you can find like-minded others and fix a meeting with them, to talk or march, quickly and flexibly."

Political alliances matter too. King played off Southern racist governors against a liberal president, JFK. That obviously won't apply with Trump; he's the racist. But there are elected officials to ally with, like mayors in cities such as New York.

At its best what could emerge is a revitalization of U.S. politics in a sense beyond mere elections. Everyone in the U.S. likes to talk about making a revolution -- from Reagan to late night infomercials -- but this one might prepare for the "political revolution" that Bernie Sanders promoted: getting money out of official politics and democracy back in.

You have to start somewhere. As anarchist labour leader Joe Hill said before his impending death by firing squad: "Don't mourn, organize." There's really nothing else to do at this point anyway.

Democracy worked. 12.Nov.2016 14:28


It just didn't work the way you wanted. But it worked.

How to Turn Oligarchic American tragedies into Revolutionary Triumphs PF. 12.Nov.2016 15:41

Duppy Sublime

     Not that it matters much, but I authored this article; thank you for all of your comments. I am particularly intrigued by the comment entitled: "democracy worked." Asides from the fact that you are probably a Trump supporter or politically agnostic at best, are you familiar with the most veracious definition of democracy? Let me provide it for you explicitly: "Control of an organization or group by the majority of its members" (  https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/democracy). Now it's a common misnomer--perpetuated over the course of centuries of post-Agrarian and industrialized societies with their overabundance of exploitation, worst of all via the industrial-military complex (including slavery, repression, and oppression of every sort; please see The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race. By Jared Diamond| Saturday, May 01, 1999.)--to refer to republican systems of government as democracy. To even slightly enlightened people, it's obvious that a republic of the American version is closer in practice to oligarchy than democracy. This includes of course, The Electoral College--the actual mechanism / people who elect someone to the Executive branch, i.e. the President. The Electoral College is rooted in elitist--not to mention racist and sexist--traditions of the Europeans who stole the Indigenous Peoples' lands, in addition to massacreing, raping, and enslaving those same natives along with Africans in arguably the most despicable and comprehensive acts of genocide in all of human history, thus far, all in the process of founding the renegade offshoot country formerly of the British Empire. Going even further, let's reiterate that Hillary Clinton beat Trump in the overall popular vote: "On Election Day, however, Trump lost the popular vote.

As of Friday, Hillary Clinton was ahead in the popular vote with 63.4 million to Trump's 61.2.

Due to the Electoral College, however, Trump, not Clinton, will assume the presidency" (  link to www.cnn.com).

What more can I say? In the end, engaging in generally pointless semantic debates / fact checking bores me immensely; as you can see from my original article, I'm far more energized to implement what I call the most successful, pleasurable, and fecund solutions in the best way, including building Earthship Biotecture communes (preferably with a focus on Kees Boeke style education for children, thus the best of the successes from the Netherlands Kingdom, especially in and of the Dutch PF Caribbean).

RE: "reiterate that Clinton beat Trump in the overall popular vote" 12.Nov.2016 16:14


so that means, even more individual voters wanted a lying warmonger supported by Wall Street bank-insurance multinational corporate and media establishment,

than they wanted an 'outsider' billionaire who has spoken for decades against globalist trade agreements that have decimated working class opportunity in the U.S. ?

Thanks for the article (I had ^^^^replied with the Nader/CounterPunch repost) but as to your "pleasurable, and fecund solutions including building Earthship Biotecture communes" such exotica have little to do with working class citizens in the 21st century United States.

(p.s. fun fact about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump: of the only 2 major party candidates who championed working class issues in the 2016 campaign, each was sabotaged by THEIR OWN PARTY... while Sanders capitulated being merely an ordinary-means politician, Trump's personal wealth allowed him to prevail in the face of millions of $$ thrown against him by the GOP elite in addition to being hundreds of millions of more outspent by his Democrat and corporate mass media opposition)

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