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These Are The Days Of Rollicking Great Evil

Shit. If I was a teenager I would take FULL advantage! Party like it's 1999. Fuck the student loans. Just screw around with all of them fine nubile young ladies!. Might even get back to the 60s. Blue Skies, Blue Skies my love!
For "Bob" -- Epopt, and Saint of Sales -- comes to JUSTIFY our sins! And to GET US BACK the Slack they stole away!
SubGenius Commercial

The SubGenius material has only recently been made public. This is YOUR chance to get in on the ground floor of a huge, lucrative cult -- NOW, while rates are low. You will then be eligible for all the $$$, weird sex, and SHEER POWER OVER OTHERS that go with high-ranking membership in the Church. And yes, YOU CAN PERFORM LEGAL WEDDINGS! Check it out!:

You too can BELONG! Salvation now or TRIPLE your money back!

Just screw around with all of them fine nubile young ladies? 12.Nov.2016 14:48


grab them by the pussy?

you are really shaking off years of indoctrination. You must be re-educated, you must be absorbed, you are not of the body..