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open letter to the not my president protesters

open letter to the not my president protesters
for those who are unhappy with the election. protesting isn't going to make things change.

consider this ;the republicans are unhappy that trump won their party by the biggest margin in history,

the Bernie supporters are democratic party he got shut out by the democratic party.

the democratic party is unhappy that Hillary didn't get the voters support that they thought she would get.

one poll before the election found that 82% of voters are unhappy with the political system.the voters are frustrated with the system for diffrent reasons but most of us are unhappy.

instead of protesting we should be organizing a viable third party. start marketing it now so that it can hopefully get enough support that it will make a difference in the next election.
.......this is how change happens

We Should Be Organizing A Viable Third Party? NOT POSSIBLE!!! 12.Nov.2016 04:41


Organizing "viable" third, forth, etc. parties at this time is an absurd waste of energy.

Before wasting vast amounts of effort attempting such impossible things, read a little bit about why they are utterly futile. (Steer clear of multi-million dollar sponsored red herrings such as ranked choice voting, which can only make the problems worse.)

There has always been a simple method to effectively disrupt the two-party system by disrupting the spoiler effect and the "blind hurdle" dilemma. There can be no "viable" third, forth, etc. parties until strategic simple score voting is adopted. This will require the overthrow of the "election methods cognoscenti" and their absurd methods, which generally cannot be used without the assistance of voting machines. So read a little at:

You Have Been Lied To

See Also 12.Nov.2016 09:24


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cool video for street protesters to watch 12.Nov.2016 13:18


from "Roaming Charges: Whitelash, White Heat?" 12.Nov.2016 13:35

Jeffrey St. Clair

Protests breaking out coast-to-coast. Great. I support them all. Also so fucking predictable. Now that a Republican has been elected it's safe to get back out on streets. Where were they when Hillary and Obama destroyed Libya? Or launched wars on 7 other countries?


Actually it was a Black-lash 12.Nov.2016 14:35


had blacks shown up in the same numbers as they did in 2012 for Obama, Hillary would have won.

Don't like protests? Don't steal elections 15.Nov.2016 00:20

brave lil toaster

Trump lost. To steal the election, he had to close more than 800 polls in minority districts, purge more than a million names from registrations, and shut off the election integrity software in thousands of DRE electronic voting machines.


Fascism cannot be allowed to stand--so sorry for you who "just want to get along" with an openly racist molester.

The fight has just begun.

There will be a general strike on January 20th, "de-inauguration day."

"de-inauguration day" good luck pal 15.Nov.2016 00:57


RE: "openly racist molester" - is that a conspiracy theory?
Fat chance getting that to stick even if Trump only lasts 1 year, let alone 4.

"Fascism cannot be allowed to stand"

So where were you after the DNC stole the primaries from Sanders (which is fully proven/documented, not a 'theory')?

Or, during the 8 years of Obama administration continuous bombing of brown people?

You must be one of the brave white males committing violent acts in the name of "anti-fascism"  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433701.shtml

"steal the election" You advocate here for Clinton's victory?
Establishment/Wall Street warmonger corporate globalist candidate lost, and this is your solution:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433700.shtml