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Establishment Candidate LOST, And You Protest THAT?!

Thank Goddess Hillary lost. She was 100% propped up by the multibillion dollar, transnational corporate mass media, along with Wall Street (some of whose staunchest Republican 1%ers including 2008-bailout architect Hank Paulson, voted _FOR_ her).

Donald Trump will be sworn in, in 70 days.

stop with the identity politics. stop the race baiting.

I think a lot of the nationwide protests (including the 'chosen' ones here in Portland, Oregon with its "Little Beirut" [name dubbed by elder Bush] background) are instigated by provocateurs.

Prove me wrong about the ^ above, simply by providing your local background as an activist in organizing and participating in Portland's protests starting yesterday. i.e. how the anti-President-Elect 'movement' organically emerged right here in this community.

Deliberately inciting random violence is not the way to celebrate a windfall victory over a globalist water-carrier.
Donald Trump Protesters: You're Absolute Trash, Here's Why

David Seaman

Published on Nov 10, 2016

Donald Trump was America's choice: won fair and square, and all of us had a say with our vote, both in the primaries and in the general election. Violence, intimidation, and paid violent "protesting" are actually not First Amendment protected activities. We are taking notes and forwarding to law enforcement.

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNco-rzn3m0

Why Don't You Protest The Corrupt DNC? 10.Nov.2016 22:45


Didn't have the guts to do so at July convention?

rolled over, obediently when your idol Bernie told you to vote for globalist Wall Street-backed Clinton (who ended up losing)?

at least direct the energy in _some_ sort of productive direction or manner; which might conceivably produce a result.

dead serious, and incredulous this is a real sign from today, downtown. 10.Nov.2016 23:38


un****ing believable

at least organize, protest, state a cause that (even if ? futile or has little chance) makes some sort of rational sense...

^^about that sign, in the pic 10.Nov.2016 23:52


hashtags are :



Not a slave to Fashisom.. its not his fault. 11.Nov.2016 06:34


he can't spell because he is the product of a corrupt unionized public school system where the entire point of education is not learning, but teachers pensions, and indoctrination. Its not about the children and this guy

Hillary was the Neoconservative favorite in this election 11.Nov.2016 08:57

The Dude

I agree. I don't understand the protests. Hillary's loss was a loss for Goldman Sachs, TTIP, expansion of the war in the Middle East to Yemen, a new Cold War with Russia, Israel's Likud-party militancy against Palestine, persecution of whistle blowers like Ed Snowden, the military industrial complex, etc. She was clearly favored by Neoconservatives, whereas Trump was supported by serious African-American leaders like Louis Farrakhan.

Trump was clearly not the mainstream Republican Party's candidate. Much of the Republican establishment refused to back him after he defeated Bush, Cruz, Fiorina, etc. It remains to be seen where Trump will fall on issues like abortion and gay marriage, because he dodged those questions in his campaign. It may also be true that the more zealous religious right in Congress will feel emboldened with Trump in office, but we'll find out soon and have reason to protest when we know.

So why are people protesting? He's a racist? Other than some dumb comments about how "some illegal immigrants (Mexicans) are probably good people" it's never been shown he's a racist. The Clintons once paid $20k/yr to be part of an exclusive white-only golf club and Hillary was mentored by Sen. Robert Byrd, who was an active KKK member much of his life! He's a misogynist? The worst I can find is some crude celebrity-feud comments toward Rosie O'Donnell and his "grab 'em by the pu$$y" comment which got so much attention. Clinton defended child-rapists as an attorney and covered up her husband's trips to Jerry Epstein's elite sex resort when men had sex with teenage girls.

Think before you protest people.

Clueless *Questions 11.Nov.2016 13:37

Please Explain to _

why is it that _ needs so much explaining to himself constantly here on indymedia: (Example)
"at least organize, protest, state a cause that (even if ? futile or has little chance) makes some sort of rational sense.."

its like they don't have a clue 1/2 the time and pose all these weird *questions as if they want the "Final "spokesperson" to explain it all to them in "words they can understand" when if fact there are no spokesperson to even come forward with what _ wants

to bad for _ i am sure the world is really getting confusing and there are no "simple minded answers" that anybody is authorized to give

"what _ wants" Never mind me, come forward with what YOU want. 11.Nov.2016 16:02


Read, comprehend the simply stated original post here.

contrast with what a bunch of aimless dolts are right now doing in downtown PDX.

"world is really getting confusing" sure is, thanks to y'all 11.Nov.2016 17:55


posted about Trump, big time unions getting together and put kabosh on TPP, NAFTA :


Globalist trade agreements natch being one of the prime motivators for Battle Seattle 1999.

2016 globalist, warmonger, Wall Street big bank corporatist candidate loses. Yet here you are freaked out about window dressing identity politics.

where were they when... 12.Nov.2016 00:22


the primary was rigged?