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This praise of two individuals is decades in the making and long overdue.
Geral Sosbee
Geral Sosbee

Submitted by gsosbee on Fri, 2016-11-11
This post honors two of my amazing and most cherished friends: BARBARA HARTWELL & CLIFF HUYLEBROECK. I extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you eternally, and I am enriched by my contacts with your great SOULS.

BARBARA has been and is today my most valued, treasured and loyal ally & friend for close to two decades. When no one tried to assist me against the attacks by fbi assassins, BARBARA diligently and effectively came to my defense. She stood by me in my darkest hours, even while the cia traitors were assaulting and trying to kill her. I have never forgotten the many times that BARBARA provided me with her insights regarding USA's dark (or 'Black') operations conducted by fbi/cia against whistleblowers et al. She thereby provided information to me that equipped me to prepare for extreme assaults by the fbi hoodlums and professional murderers. She also provided emotional support for this ex fbi agent at a time when her friendship was most valuable. BARBARA HARTWELL is a national treasure, a soldier of the highest worth to our country and a woman of rare integrity who possesses an incalculable understanding of the human condition. She is my friend and in a sense a part of me every moment of my life, everywhere I go.

CLIFF is a valued and respected friend both in cyberspace and in the real world for many reasons. CLIFF works diligently and painstakingly for years to address on line the heinous crimes committed against all Targeted Individuals. He is brilliant and articulate as he examines the most difficult issues of our time: The systematic attack on human beings by corrupt regimes and private parties who use high technology to cause suffering, pain and death. He performs his studies for the benefit of all who suffer the anguish and indignities associated with inhumane attacks by expert torturers & assassins. He addresses complex subjects that most people have no knowledge of and he does so carefully, thoroughly and selflessly.
CLIFF is therefore a modern day Champion of Human Rights. He has no peers in his devotion to and expertise in educating the world regarding psychological and physical assaults by Directed Energy Weaponry (i.e., microwave, extremely low frequency sound waves, voice to skull, et al. He is by virtue of all he has done for humanity my friend, though I have never had the honor to meet him in person, nor to talk with him on the phone. His humanitarian spirit is with me, as though I consult with him 24/7/365 on the grave topics facing mankind.

Tribute to Cliff Huylebroeck, Belgium- Gang stalking in Europe


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Barbara Hartwell To Veterans: 11.Nov.2016 17:11

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