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Video: Anti TRUMP - 2 thousands protesters in Portland on 11.9.16

Not My President! An estimated 2 thousands people pissed at Trump winning the election took to the streets for hours in Portland Oregon on 11.9.16.
No police - and no violence.

My crowd size estimate was around 2,000 +

This video clip is from the West side (downtown) at about 5:30 PM, near city hall (protest had been going for a few hours prior, over to the East side via the Morrison bridge, then north up MLK to the Convention Center...then on to the Moda Center (Rose Garden)

I left about 30 minutes BEFORE the protesters went onto the freeway on the NE side by the Moda Center (thus that part of the protest is NOT in the video)

 https://youtu.be/3LTQUy6BUZ8 (40 min video)

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

More video clips 10.Nov.2016 06:53

Twitter Feed

More video clip on twitter here - that show the freeway blitz

 https://twitter.com/itsmikebivins - by Mike Bevins

More today? 10.Nov.2016 11:08


I understand there will be more actions later today and tonight. Not on facebook, so any info. would be greatly appreciated, if available.

Pioneer Sq 5PM Thursday 10.Nov.2016 16:02

Something I found

"This is an announcement of a new organization. We entirely support and endorse the movements of Black Lives Matter, Don't Shoot Portland, Portland Tenants United, PDX Trans Pride, Bernie PDX, Portland Clean Air, East Portland Air Coalition, 15 NOW, Health Care for All Oregon and more to come in the days ahead.

In order to survive President Trump there needs to be a strong resistance. Our group believes that Portland has an opportunity to become a beacon of light for the rest of the nation. We can show the world what a progressive city can actually look like. However, for this to be done we need drastic changes now. We do not have time to spare. Our organization is demanding in Portland:

- Rent control and an end to no cause evictions
- An end to police brutality
- An end to racial disparity in policing
- Citizen oversight of the police with real power
- An acknowledgement of Portland's racist past and concrete steps to rectify that sad truth - No new fossil fuel infrastructure or support towards the fossil fuel industry
- Clean air and water
- Transparency in city government
- An acknowledgement that we are living on stolen land and efforts to rectify that fact
- Open and accountable elections
- Safe streets
- Continued sanctuary city status
- Full LGBTQ inclusion
- Well funded schools for ALL our children (No lead in the water!)
- An affirmation of women's rights including free and safe abortions
- More funding for sexual and domestic violence prevention and better policing on these issues - A safe and welcoming place for immigrants and refugees
- Increased mental health funding and accessible services
- Safe locations for the houseless population
- A houseless bill of rights
- The right to free and safe abortion
- Get Nestle out of the gorge
- No More tax break to major corporations such as Nike, Comcast etc
and much more.
- Guaranteed living wages

We are holding an event today at Pioneer Square (5 PM) to rally for this agenda."

Hundreds of #NotMyPresident protesters are on the Hawthorne Bridge. 10.Nov.2016 18:37


Thursday (on twitter) I posted this at 6:36 PM LIVE at that time

..... what is being 'protested' ? 10.Nov.2016 21:26


Anti-globalist (who during the primaries all the way up to nomination was opposed with millions $$$ from his OWN PARTY) defeats corporatist warmonger globalist in election, and the streets are filled with protesters?

Idiocratic utter waste of energy

Who Are These People? 11.Nov.2016 17:24


Near the end of year 2000, I protested the selection (by the subprime court) of George W. Bush. As far as I could tell, I was the only one in my city to do this. I was booed loudly by men in fancy suits as I walked past a Starbucks. Whill standing in front of city hall with my sign, a well-dressed "gentleman" pulled up in a BMW, got out, spat in front of me, then got in again and drove away. I have been to some majorly brutal protests, but never had encountered such freakish reactions.

Newsflash: Donald Trump is a friggin saint compared to George W. Bush. I think this idiocy is disgraceful.