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Obama's True Legacy: Greatest Firearms Salesman Of All Time

yeah, as seen from the concession speeches today the Obama administration is scrambling to evacuate, preserve any microscopic scrap of a political / historical legacy it may possibly retain.

Because for certain, his administration will not be positively remembered for the signature and now ironically-named Affordable Care Act, nor anything else of substance (that helped human beings thrive anyway; he was fantastic outta-the-park on drones and bombardment of brown people, for example.)

Yet despite this in the wake of globalist Clinton's failed attempt at the White House, Barry Obama will indeed be remembered for spurring on during 20082016, the absolute greatest arming of American citizens that has been accomplished in terms of unit numbers and dollar amounts. Guns and ammunition included.
Thanks President Obama!

More American citizens now have guns than ever before. You've also motivated us to stockpile vast quantities of ammunition. We'll always remember you fondly for these contributions.