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2 to 3 thousand in the streets of Portland

A few thousand loud protesters are marching around Portland pissed at Trump winning
PDX lets their message be clear "Fuck Trump".

As of 6PM no police harrasing the protesters or even getting close.

A non violent - protest with thousands of people!

84 freeway was closed-off by ODOT.

The protest was all over downtown then everyone crossed the river to MLK and then walked to the Moda center area...the protest was still going when I had to leave to go pick up Bill

Morons 09.Nov.2016 19:27


Get off the freeway, you idiots!

lost trumper 09.Nov.2016 19:36

good grief

nobody was on the freeway at the time of this post

Twitter info on protest in Portland 09.Nov.2016 19:40

Hillary C.

we'll get right on that... 09.Nov.2016 19:47



i-5 closed 09.Nov.2016 19:51


The freeway "was closed"

2 To 3 Thousand Were Not Afraid Of Clinton's Sure-Fire Nuclear War? 09.Nov.2016 20:24


They read the New York Times and get their news from CNN?

And are funded by Soros' Democracy Now? (My sweet ass.)

And they are neoanarchists?


Here's Hoping... 09.Nov.2016 20:52


... that the president we don't want will at least result in the revolution we NEED!

I'm Guessing You Must Be Another CIA Democrat, Forever Hoping? 09.Nov.2016 20:58


End the two-party. Get strategic simple score voting.

RE: "revolution we NEED!" it already occurred Tues Nov 8th. 09.Nov.2016 21:35


The problem with 20th-century-conventional-leftist "theorists" like OD,

is that they keep faith with the system that brought the Bernie revolution, only to be hitched to a globalist candidate whose party FULLY DOCUMENTED IN BLACK AND WHITE (WikiLeaks DNC emails etc.) sabotaged them and their own leader further encouraged them to go ahead and vote for. Yeah that's the Bern revolution.

Globalism and offshoring was given a gigantic thumbs down by non-brainwashed (and a significant cadre of) non-urban U.S. voters.

As Jeffrey St. Clair (and others have) observed  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433673.shtml the working class war front was here led by Donald Trump in the early 21st century, not by the Democrat was-once-long-long-ago "underdog people" party.

Read these  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433676.shtml Words Of Wisdom if you wish to comprehend your actual predicament.
( or of course don't, if you don't )

Don't believe in party politics whatsoever? Then feel free to do so/pursue. But don't come on here ****ing about a major party candidate who you ought be completely and utterly ignoring based on tenets of your very own dearly held ideological principles.

Civilization 09.Nov.2016 21:56


USA is one of the few civilized countries in the world. Please, do not use offensive words when speak to each other. let's to respect to all. Portland is recognized as the best people among many states... let's to keep up and do it right. Respect as you would like to be respected.

Well Thank You! 09.Nov.2016 22:00


"The problem with 20th-century-conventional-leftist "theorists" like OD,..."

Gosh, I never even thought of myself as a... how do you say, "20th century conventional blah blah blah". But thank you, tho. I do appreciate you fluffing my pillows. Supporters such as yourself let ME know I'm on the right track - not wasting my damned time. Glad to know I'm not here just jerking myself off. Kind sir!

you're welcome ? but evidently still do not get it. 09.Nov.2016 23:35


Encouraging you, again to read the above linked (reposted on Newswire) piece by Diana Johnstone at CounterPunch.

until then as per usual you are indeed only jerking yourself off.

Translation: joke's on you

p.s. Occupy Democrats are not dank memes nor do they even begin to comprehend what Johnstone at CounterPunch (for example, and others) observe about this week's election cycle results.

Work on your tact 10.Nov.2016 03:28


Well the moment you made wild biased assumptions about me that weren't true, I ceased taking you seriously. So why would I bother reading any links of yours?

" links of yours" I didn't repost the CounterPunch article here. 10.Nov.2016 10:18


the Johnstone at CounterPunch article was posted to PDX IMC Newswire by someone else.

a lot of other useful information has been posted to the Newswire recently concerning the election, DNC, Trump et cetera.

[QUOTE] "why would I bother reading"... confirms a lot about the nature of your posts here.

Like I said... 10.Nov.2016 13:16


... to need to work on your tact.

" "why would I bother reading"... "

Rude, and now you're misquoting me.

Further remarks on "why bother reading links of yours" 10.Nov.2016 18:26


[QUOTE, 'OD':]
"So why would I bother reading any links of yours?"

External to PDX IMC's famous "anti-racist" (? or possibly government violence-inciting birddoggin' troll...) poster named 'OD' and his ilk,

I've encountered the "why bother reading your links" before, in online discussions via personal email, forums etc.

Have noticed that, every time this so-called excuse "I can't be bothered to read your links", within a discussion that involves exchange of information about a particular topic and within which, sometimes the utility of providing your fellow discussant with information via an internet URL to an article, further information/data etc.

whenever this excuse is used-deployed by the person on the opposite side it's simply a case where the person stating it prefers ignorance to enlightenment or knowledge.

That, or they have not got the moral fortitude to face their own personal lack of integrity.

"work on your tact" OD needs to 1st look in a mirror. 10.Nov.2016 18:29


It's possible (? but as yet unproven...) that OD is a provocateur around these parts.

After all he only recently surfaced at PDX IMC with his advocating specific acts and threats of physical violence, misogyny, race baiting purportedly with an 'anti-police' bent.

Full discussion and evidence Here: