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Police don't get it - They want Protest Info Before Any Protests

Cops want information on protests "before" the protest starts
Oregonian: the police are asking protestors to tell them what they plan to do to protest the election.

What planet are they living on

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Sgt. Pete Simpson, police spokesman, said... (It Appears): 09.Nov.2016 15:05


{quote} Pedestrians walking on the freeway is extremely dangerous to all road users and should be avoided," he said. "It should be clear that 'speech events' do not require a permit, but marches or demonstrations occurring in public streets that restrict movement of other community members do require a permit issued by the City of Portland to allow for the safety of all." {end quote}

That doesn't seem all that oppressive to me. Am I missing some issue here? Will "restrict movement of other community members" be overly broadly construed?

Don't Hurt Me 09.Nov.2016 19:34

No Papers

The "permit" notion is a long told story in the Portland protesting-organizing circles.
Many folks get the permit in fear that if they don't the police will hurt them.
Many groups refuse to get a permit and the police get VERY agitated over it all and people have been hurt.

I myself believe that "We" don't need "permission" nor a permit to protest.
Sure they "wish" we all would get one, the fact some groups don't is just too bad.

Its a control, power ploy and is rubbed in the face of freedom under the guise it will be safer to the community
I (myself) say safer in the context that "the cops wont hurt you if you get your permission slip first"

I Have Refused To Participate In "Permitted" Protests 09.Nov.2016 20:08


I ALWAYS assume any protest I'm with has absolutely NO PERMIT.

Otherwise, I will not go. Fuck permits!!!