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Non-violent protest ideas; hooch bomb recipe

Just a creative idea for making hooch bombs to throw at buildings for overwhelming stench effect. Only plastic juice bottle and yeast needed to make these safe and fun protest tools.
Possible recipes for non-violent "hooch bombs" for use in upcoming Trump protests;

1) Procure medium to large plastic cheap juice bottle from store along with baking yeast.

2) Open juice bottle and remove (drink or pour out) approx. 1/4 of liquid and then sprinkle some yeast. Then close lid.

3) Place bottle in warm environment and wait. After some time (hours or days depending on temp.) watch for plastic bottle to bulge outwards. Then open and release accumulated gas from fermentation of the sugars by the yeast.

4) At peak fermentation observe bubbles appear when gently shaken. This would result in extreme bulging of the bottle from fermentation gas build-up. Now the product is ready for careful transport to protest site. Here it is important not to shake the container as it could leak and/or explode inside of backpack.

5) Upon reaching protest site approach target. Remove bottle from backpack and give a quick opening before closing the lid tightly. Then give the bottle a rapid hard shake and lift overhead and quickly throw on ground a few feet before (NOT directly at) target. According to theory the said bottle will explode and release strong smelling alcohol by spray. If the target is a riot cop's shoes, pants or building, the material will absorb the strong smell and become an overpowering stench. Nobody will be hurt by this as the bottle is plastic and will not contact person physically.

CAUTION!!! Glass bottles should NEVER be used for this experiment, that is a serious warning!!!!!

CAUTION!!! We are not advocating anyone do ANY of this, this is just a joke! Throwing any object no matter how harmless at a cop is a felony and can result in long prison time. Maybe stick to throwing it at buildings, not at cops!!

drink it 09.Nov.2016 13:54


is a better idea.