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Hillary Wants No Fly Zone Over Syria -- Hello WW-III -- Goodbye Earth

Just for any of those reading who can still vote; good -- vote late -- harder to coordinate the subvertible election machines. Here are a few informative videos for those too sick of it all to keep on reading.
(+) hillary Wants No Fly Zone Over Syria [first 35 sec in][yes, she STILL insists on this]

-- This will finally let us know if the Russian S-400 SAM (surface-to-air) interceptor missile (a system is capable of destroying airborne targets as far as 250 miles away, at speeds that are just... ridiculous) can take out the U.S. Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor, a fifth-generation (super advanced, and pricey), all-weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft.

(+) Trump: Wouldn't it be nice if we get along with Russia [first 1 min, 10 sec in]

-- Of course Trump is "deplorable", at least according to many of his rants. But he wants to avoid WW-III, a battle which would set back social justice activism considerably.


-- Dr. Stein almost (but not quite) agrees with me.

(+) Edward Snowden Speaks About Hillary Clinton Emails, Trump And Freedom

-- Speaks for itself.

(+) VIDEO: DESPERATE OBAMA TELLS ILLEGALS TO VOTE [at: 4 min, 35 sec in] [Alex Jones]

-- Yeah, Alex Jones is a "libertarian" blow-hard; but this clip seems to have been scrubbed from everywhere else.

(+) MAGA WARS: The Last Hope (Donald Trump Star Wars Parody)

-- A great fun video. Super-creative.

(+) With Single-Bid ("Plurality") Voting You Only Have Two Candidates To Choose From

-- My ubiquitous boilerplate cry in the darkness.

None of these videos are too long, and they get to the point good and quick.

See you all on the other side.

(+) MAGA WARS: The Last Hope (Donald Trump Star Wars Parody) 08.Nov.2016 12:16