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Cop's Wife Fakes Burglary, Blames BLM

In true American tradition, a racist White fakes a crime then blames the Black person. How thoroughly AMERICAN!
The wife of a cop in Millbury, MA burglarized her own home, then attempted to blame the fraudulent crime on Black Lives Matter activists. The bitch's name is Maria Daly, and is married to officer Daniel Daly. Mr. Daly is a gang member of the Millbury Police Gestapo (MPG). This "incident" first began on October 17th, 2016, when Mrs. Daly reported a home burglary late at night, while the couple were asleep in their bed. Mrs. Daly claimed that about $10,000 worth in jewelry and other possessions had been stolen. She also directed police to some graffiti, "BLM" crudely spray-painted onto the house outside. Right after reporting the "break-in", she also took to social media, stating: "We woke up to not only our house being robbed while we were sleeping, but to see this hatred for no reason." - Maria Elina Daly.

Cops in general are not very bright. But this pathetic scheme of Mrs. Daly's was soo half-assed, that even Millbury police investigators were able to figure it out in little time. But there were some glaring red flags even from the beginning. To start, there had been no sign of forced entry. It's been reported that hubby Daniel is a member of his regime's K-9 unit, and that one of these dogs was also at the house. These had to have been some extremely ballsy robbers - to break into a COP's home at night, with a K-9 unit there no less, steal $10,000 worth of property, and made off without setting that dog off and without leaving a trace??? It is worth noting that Millbury is a very small town located just south of Worcester. As of the 2010 census, there were a reported 13,261 residents. Millbury is virtually all White, with the White population at over 97%, Black residents making up 0.53%. That adds up to around 70 people.

On Friday October 28th, investigators concluded that Mrs. Daly had concocted the entire scheme, including vandalizing the house herself. The dirty bitch was charged with filing a false report and misleading an investigation. Rather than ARRESTING the lying dirty bitch, Millbury police chief Donald Desorcy said that she was issued a "summons" to appear in court, instead. Special treatment for a wanton criminal, how ever typical of cops.

homepage: homepage: http://officerdowntp.blogspot.com/2016/11/cops-wife-fakes-burglary-blames-blm.html

[quote] "dirty bitch" this an appeal to your purported 'cause' ? 02.Nov.2016 23:58


nothing 'progressive' or endearing, encouraging of support when you repeatedly (as done ^^ above) exhort such rhetoric.

think about that prior to next time you approach your keyboard.

author here, 'OD' has history of combative hateful violent posts 09.Nov.2016 20:01


[quote] "racist dirty bitch" ...

Advocating specific acts and threats of physical violence, misogyny, race baiting and much else.

Check out his thread of comments on his very own publication here,

The Police Murders Of Terence Crutcher & Keith Lamont Scott

[quote] "These goddamned pigs"

[quote] "race-traitors"

[quote] "Black cops should watch their backs"

05.Oct.2016 20:07  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/09/433220.shtml#448042
OD [quote]:
"Of course, the system has ways of devouring said race-traitors. Black cops - and in particular, the cop who murdered Scott - should watch their backs. The Whites have never really had their backs, and since they betrayed their own - one day they will find themselves in a position where no one will be there for them."

Response to / requests for clarification of ^above

I'm actually starting to think that he's a birddoggin' provocateur here on Portland Indymedia, not sure whose agency he's operating under. But we can eventually sleuth that out.