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Here is where I will paraphrase one of president Kennedy's comments. "I'd like to smash Hollywood (and Bollywood) into a thousand pieces and cast it to the wind!!!"
First let me explain that Hollywood, the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies are a seemless whole. Hollywood has two extremely antisocial and destructive roles to play against the societies of the world, that I am aware of. The first is the obvious conservative role that they play in supporting authoritarian propaganda. This is well known. They promote war, espionage, torture and abandonment of the rule of law, whenever required by the state. They are paid handsomely for this. Does anyone remember Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ?" This was an obvious advertisement for torture, not surprisingly contemporary with "Abu Graib." I'm reminded of Joseph Goebel's question to excited german crowds "Do you want total war?" Apparently America (and the world) is supposed to want "total torture." They also promote only peaceful protests (which are ultimately ineffective), marginalize non-peacful protests; and even Hollywood endings are deliberately written to model successful revolutionaries showing respect for the vanquished tyrant, something that would "hopefully" never happen in the real world. Oh and remember Osama Bin Ladin being burried at sea with FULL MUSLIM HONORS, not to mention the more important fact that there's now NO FUCKING BODY to prove that any of this ever happened. When there is "justice" in the world, the vanquished tyrant should have his disembowled body dragged through the street as an objective lesson to everyone with ambitions to take his place.

The second and wholly insideous role that Hollywood plays is to infiltrate state spy-assassins into our midst. They do this by incorporating the sign-language, gestures, clothing, color-patterens, numerology and other symbols into their characters' behavior, dress and attitudes. The sign-language that I'm referring to is an adaptation of German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache DGS). If you watch some YouTube films of the surrendering or captured germans at the end of the war, you will recognize this immediately. In fact, in one of these films there is a very interesting clip of German panzer general Heinz Guderian giving the sign for being an Englishman (Englander), by holding his chin between the thumb and index finger of his right hand, obviously indicating that he is an English spy. The color patterns that I'm referring to are primarily found in clothing. The most common of these are Red and Black, Blue and Black, and Yellow and Black. There are others; but if you learn to recognize these, you will eventually see the others as well. Director Oliver Stone can often be seen wearing yellow and black as can Hillary Clinton and many other VIPs.

America (and the world), you really DO need to turn off your televisions; and for at least the immediate future (100 years or so), learn to tell stories again yourselves, read the classics; and for those who can't live without video enertainment, learn to make your own and share it with others. The ancient Celts practiced a Bardic tradition. This is where performers would memorize an entire work of literature and recite it to their listeners. This form of oral tradition had the advantage of not needing writen documents, which could eventually become banned. The romans destroyed much of Celtic Culture at the Angelsey masacre (Wales) in 59 BCE. This oral tradition was also illustrated in the novel and movie "Fahrenheit 451." This idea is not new, just forgotten. The church persecuted early printers until it, and others in the control matrix, learned how to control the media. Now all they have to do is overwhelm truthful messages with propaganda on every channel and in every textbook.

Here is where I will paraphrase one of president Kennedy's comments. "I'd like to smash Hollywood (and Bollywood) into a thousand pieces and cast it to the wind!!!"

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They just composted my movie article but posted yours. Guess I'll just have to "Trump Up" my scribblings with more extreme language guaranteed to elicit a positive response from the present gatekeepers around here. Millenial babies without a cultural clue.