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we were all lied to by the democratic party!!!
it is time for a third party to rise and take leadership in this country


lied to again 02.Nov.2016 01:08

mike rose

the Clinton have played democrats & minority voters like fools promising everything they want if they vote Clinton
but when the election is over they are cast aside like garbage until the next election and their votes are needed again.
when are we ever going to wise up and stop believing the lying cheating stealing Democratic party?

Democrats, voting & the U.S. government 02.Nov.2016 01:29


How The Democrats Lost Touch On Trade
Party elites just got blindsided by their own working-class voters. Can they let go of their cherished globalist beliefs?

The issue is not Hillary Clinton's Wall St links but Democrats' core dogmas
The Democratic party rejected the New Deal and its stress on working-class Americans in favour of a technocratic elite - is it time for a political revolution?

Podesta Hid Russian Uranium Shares In Shell Company Owned By Daughter

Uncontrollable—Pentagon and Corporate Contractors Too Big to Audit

Vote All You Want. The Secret Government Won't Change.

Robert Kuttner — 'Hard To Believe, But Trump Could Win' and post-Occupy America
"Identity politics are at odds with class politics."

Democrat Party: Alliance of Wealthy Whites + Low Income Ethnic Minorities

Jill Stein: "Lesser Evilism Gives You Nothing To Vote For."

There Is Only One Genuine Solution 02.Nov.2016 02:26


I did that back in the Bush daze 02.Nov.2016 08:31

Then hurry up

Where have you been? Screw the 2 party corrupt system. Its good for nothing.
The lies didn't "just begin" the lies have been told for years.

Boycott is right!

stupid as usual 02.Nov.2016 12:32


This site still has the same problem- nihilistic fools who throw away their vote every election on some "alternative" spoiler without a prayer. What's Aleppo? What's a leper??? If Trump wins it will be by a squeak brought to you by the idiotic likes of these guys posted above..

We are in differet places 02.Nov.2016 15:15

Mike Novack

rAT, we are not all located in the same states (the US does not elect its President by popular vote nationally but by states and all but Maine assign their electoral votes on a winner take all basis)

So for SOME of us, not necessarily a waste of our vote to indicate our displeasure, because the outcome in our state is pretty certain.

Were I voting in a "borderline" state, or even one in which there was even the slightest doubt I would probably hold my nose and vote for Hillary. But living where I do, I can afford the luxury of trying to send a message to the DNC just how displeased I am.

Vote for your Favorite Garbage 02.Nov.2016 15:25

Spoiler Alert

be very scared of the 2 party spoiler
keep everything same-ol same-ol (read: corrupt)

blame the spoiler who ruined all the 2-party fun
cry me a river if your 2-party-fool doesn't get elected

2 fools run for president
then several hundred thousand fools voted for somebody they don't even want
then more fools crawl out from their TV sets and point at people who are working for "real change' and call them names

so keep voting for your 2-party-fools-system
and tell me how has it been working for you

the joke is on the gullible and the ignorant
no squeak required, go back to sleep and "keep voting"

and don't blame me when you get what you voted for (corruption and garbage)
i salute the free thinkers and voters who actually vote for what they believe in

The Tale of 2 Fools in a Circular Rat Race:

3 voters in a Rat Race, walk up to a voting booth
1 votes for who they think will be the best person for the position
1 votes for "only one of the top 2 favorites" regardless of their qualifications
the last fool votes for who he was told to vote for

which of the three voters should be considered a fool

you 02.Nov.2016 20:06