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Suddenly (8 Days Left In Campaign) HC Democrats Believe In Russian Conspiracies

'HC' = Hard Core (or it could be Hillary Clinton if you want...)

so the latest conspiracy obsession of top Democrat operatives and Party loyalists, rank-and-file voters or otherwise is that Trump's organization is in 'secret' communication with a bank server in Russia. Tweaky!

Every Democrat with a keyboard is right now, as we speak-read tweeting/spreading this Slate article as fast and frequently as they can:

 link to www.slate.com

former bigtime Dem advisor James Carville appeared on network TV, accusing the Trump campaign of allowing Russian and "KGB" (yep, the organization which ceased to exist as of 1991...) influence on the 2016 presidential election. "The House Republicans and the KGB are trying to influence our democracy." Carville also threw in the FBI and its director James Comey to that string of association. FBI, KGB, GOP. ri-i-iight........

And as if that wasn't enough to demonstrate a presidential campaign in Full Metal Meltdown mode, how about this torrent of delusional, frothing tweets from none other than the Queen Bee herself
Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
"That's what's on the ballot this year. It's not just my name and Donald Trump's name. It's our future. Our security. Our values." —Hillary

Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
"With the election just 8 days away...Trump should immediately disclose all of his ties and connections to the Kremlin and its associates."

Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
Why would Putin want Trump to win?
The nice things he's said about him?
His promise to adopt pro-Kremlin policies?
Or his business dealings?

Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
U.S. intelligence has confirmed the Russian government is directing cyberattacks against the U.S. to influence the outcome of our election.

Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
"Ask yourself: In a crisis, who would you trust? Who would listen to good advice, keep a level head, and make the right call?" —Hillary

Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
What kind of a person brags on 9/11 that, now that the Twin Towers had fallen, a building he owned was the tallest in Lower Manhattan?

Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.

Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
"[Launching a nuclear weapon] can take as little as 4 minutes. 4 minutes. That's why...Trump should never be put in charge." —Hillary

Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested that more countries should have nuclear weapons. Japan, South Korea, even Saudi Arabia.

Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 4h4 hours ago
Instead of dark and divisive, our vision for America is hopeful and inclusive. Big-hearted, not small-minded. It's about lifting people up.

Clinton / her Twitter account additionally linked to another Slate (obsessed with that site apparently...) identifying herself as 'corrupt' and 'unpopular' :


Trump Spam 02.Nov.2016 12:55


spam a lama ding dong

carried by corporate media 100% independent of DT campaign 02.Nov.2016 21:24



Donald Trump is not supported by a majority of House Republicans, who Carville accuses of being in bed with "the KGB" to "destabilize the election".

so the "Trump" accusation is unfounded. Conspiracy theorizing is entirely Democrat Sp***ers believing they have a mission in life to 'save our souls' (? or whatever it is goes thru their heads...)