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my recent brush with the law

what my adventure with the cops has to do with the drug trade
For years I have been taking medicines for diabetes and for years the drug stores, doctors and medical staff have been screwing up my prescriptions and papers and everything else that can be screwed up. So much so that I refuse to even consider my doctor's wish that I see a heart specialist. If I can't even get my prescriptions filled without constant screw ups I won't even consider letting them much with my heart.

Anyway I went to the drug store to get some prescriptions refilled. I had called the 3 days in advance to get all the details in order so they could have it right when I got there. Nevertheless it was not right and I could not get all the correct refills I went for.

So I put the pharmacists feet to the fire to do something about it. He did not want to listen to me complain about it and made no attempt to remedy the problem and when I demanded the manager's name he refused. I would not leave without some kind of resolution and he threatened to call the police on me. I said go ahead. He did. I told him straight out that if I lose my legs it won't be because I'm too bashful to jack up a sloppy clerk. This is not the first time my disputes with sorry health care providers have been attended by police. A functioning pair of legs is most assuredly worth fighting for.

The officers who responded only made him give his name and corporate phone number to me. But I know good and well, with my ragged back pack and all, the only reason they didn't arrest me for disorderly conduct is because they realized if they put me in jail I would need my refills and they would have to go through a lot of complications to get them straightened out.

That brings me to what I am seeing around me. People who are very very ill are a big part of the drug trade. In the first place the incopetece and greed of drug corporate medicine has created hordes of addicts and a sickly population. Once plugged into the drug flow, these people use drugs as a form of commerce.
They need cash today, they sell their prescriptions drugs. Then when they need the meds they and buy them from drug dealers. Buy, sell and trade. Because once they are brought into the fold, they are part of the ebb and flow of drug commerce. Which is huge. And who among you wants to fill the prisons with hordes of people who require budget killing medical care? Such people have a lot of immunity to the law.