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Discussion of Yes on Measure 97

Public Access program,"A Growing Concern," features a discussion of the tax Measure 97 with Professor Emeritus of Economics at Lewis and Clark college, Martin Hart-Landsberg.

The conversation begins by tracing Oregon's corporate tax structure and ensuing changes through the years. This is followed by why and how the current controversial measure was written and why it is so important to provide adequate schools, health care and elder care for the citizens of Oregon.
Many of the scare tactics arguments against the measure are dissected and proven to be false or moot. Most notably, the false claims that this tax is a sales tax and would cost consumers.

The No campaign is a disingenuous scare tactic attempt by large outside corporations doing business in Oregon to manipulate rather than educate voters.

A broad undercurrent of the program is the tightening of corporate control of our lives and our democracy. These companies,in some cases international companies, have hired PR firms to circumvent the will and well being of the people.

According to Marty, the same group that defeated the GE labeling law are also working to defeat this measure as well. And using much the same tactics.