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Tom Hayden on the Unfinished Business of Democracy

From helping to found the New Left in the 1960s right up to this turbulent election season, Hayden was a pillar of Democratic politics, a brilliant strategist and political thinker, and a leading advocate for a more just and equal society.
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"We need more than ever a participatory society in which persons of all life styles believe that they matter, instead of the escapist culture that absorbs millions in irrelevance. We cannot contend with the coming of external limits unless we delve more into our rich inner potentials.

It comes down to moving from a wasteful, privately oriented, self-indulgent existence to a more conserving, caring and disciplined life style. The cornerstone has to be a renewal of self-reliance, not the outmoded frontier fantasy of the Republican philosophers, but the reassertion of personal responsibility in everything from conserving resources to decentralizing services to keeping ourselves well through self-care to practicing a "right livelihood" in business. It is a change from planned obsolescence to the production of useful goods that last, from consumer madness to the achievement of inner satisfactions, from the opulence of Jay Gatsby to the frugal self-assurance of Henry David Thoreau.

More important than money and technique in elections is the factor of motivation and vision. The Democrats (or someone else) will return to national leadership when they are inspired again."

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But Why Don't They Just Participate? 28.Oct.2016 08:19


{quote} "We need more than ever a participatory society in which persons of all life styles believe that they matter..." {end quote}

My opinion is that they realize that they simply do not matter. To me, the greatest participation consists of getting out on the street with a picket sign.

And, of course, we would matter if we could escape from the two-party syndrome by obtaining hand counted paper ballots (counted right at the voting stations) and strategic hedge simple score voting (HSSV). It would sure be nice to matter, wouldn't it?

A description of HSSV is given at:

Scroll down to "= = = = Furthermore = = = =".