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Matt Armstrong Clatsop county sheriff deputy

Matt Armstrong harassing stalking abusing assaulting falsely arresting female victims.
Matt Armstrong has been terrorising women and families including children in the small town of Jewell Oregon. Matt Armstrong falsely arrests women for the sole purpose of committing sexual acts of violence against them while handcuffed in his police vehicle.This generally occurs now rural logging roads.The victims are then harassed and intimidated. Matt Armstrong detains the charachter of these women by speaking with their children and neighbors telling lies and generating false reports. These matters are under federal investigation.

Matt Armstrong 31.Dec.2016 05:15

Jessica B

Matt Armstrong is not welcome in Jewell Oregon.A neighbor submitted this article to me after her run in with Armstrong since I have listened to others complain about his tactics. One woman literally refused to speak to me out of fear she would be arrested.Armstrongs intimidation of victims and neighbors is wrong.Police are supposed to protect not scare innocent citizens and trash talk parents to children at school.we don't want this guy patrolling our streets. This among others are comments I hear reported frequently. The dept of justice is reviewing multiple complaints at this time.