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Matt Armstrong Clatsop county Oregon Sherriffs dept accused of rape

Sheriff Deputy Matt Armstrong accused of victimizing several women in clatsop county Oregon. Armstrong has been falsley arresting victims creating false reports taking female arrestees to rural areas alone for hours before transporting them to the local jail. Armstrong has been known to intimidate victims and stalk and harass them as well. Matt Armstrong is under investigation.
Mathew Armstrong sheriff deputy clatsop county Oregon under investigation for sex abuse crimes and stalking female victims.

Does anybody know if he has been charged yet? 27.Oct.2016 11:59

Sandy Birhgham

More keep coming forward!! Shame on you and shame on the dept for hiring scum like him to begin with putting a community at risk!

Wake up clatsop county 24.Jan.2017 00:33

Sharing Boxller

My sisters best friend is in counciling to this day because of this man.He stalked her for 91\2 months at her home and work. When she complained he began trash talking her to neighbors and eventually got her fired from her job.Why is this man still working g as a sherfiff deputy?He is a sex offender! More people need to complain and get him gone for good.clatsop county is headed for a hefty lawsuit!

Matt Armstrong on school board. Is this safe? 15.Mar.2017 16:30

David Meeker

Why is this man who is a well known sexual predator and stalker allowed to be around children? Somebody needs to do something and soon.Clatsop county is headed for a lawsuit.

Slander 30.Jul.2018 10:49


This is sick! Shame on all of you for your slander!
I am a female and personally know this man. He is a great person and I would never ever be afraid to be alone with him.
I cannot believe the things people will say just to hurt someone.
Like I said. Shame on you!!