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Hilary Clinton’s Campaign Shows Zionists and Corporations Dominate Mainstream Media: But N

The fact that this election has turned into a huge sexual scandal and circus equally shows the people of the United States, again to be, puritanical and self-righteous to a point beyond snobbery. The world is sick of all the sex scandal dominating American politics. Whole nations of people are shaking their heads, sneering and laughing at our country. Many informed peoples around the world already hold the people of the United States in contempt for how bad our education systems seem; how little the average student knows on a worldly basis; how misinformed are so many from propaganda; how little we seem to care about important matters. They know we save nothing, we have enormous debt, and we consume and spend our ways into this enormous debt (much leveraged by the rest of the world). Not to mention how hated we are because of our foreign policy and assumption we boss the rest of the world around like smug bullies of the State Department, and the rest of a dangerous Executive Branch of government. The last thing we need is more sex scandal to cover up all the rest of America's dysfunctionality. It is time for leaders in both parties to make an agreement to get together (and frankly not the DNC or RNC) and get two new and acceptable candidates. These are dire times and we need innovative creativity or we need real non-riot protests even if not funded by shady George Soros.
Hilary Clinton's Campaign Shows Zionists and Corporations Dominate Mainstream Media: But Netanyahu Wins with Either Clinton or Trump

by William Wraithwrite

[Note: If you feel this essay is important then take the initiative to share, tweet, email, publish, discuss, etc., as this message is very important. You have a duty to yourself and those you care about to help preserve your American rights. It is important you help these arguments get out widely since some people, including those who can control search engines, can squelch dissemination. Also note, you do not have to wait until you completely read the entirety of this long essay (it is almost a short book) to start sharing it. This long essay covers several important topics that helps put together a big picture. If people wait until they finish it in its entirety (against their busy lives, they will not likely get around to sharing this or even finish reading it). There is little time to convince Americans they must protest against both candidates Trump and Clinton as unacceptable.]

[Note: the author of this essay has chosen to remain anonymous. Anonymity was an important freedom for real debate on the issues of critical importance during the War of Independence. It allowed focus to primarily remain on issues rather than attacks to personalities. More importantly, it allowed people to say what they honestly think and feel, as great fears can reside in conflictual and political situations. This world of politics is always a dangerous situation and involves enormous unethical practice. Machiavelli well noted this historical truth. Many people reside in a world of fear (a card played over and over again by sophisticated investors). Consequences for speaking one's mind and soul can be enormously cruel (as some truth-promoting journalists around the world may be well aware). Stating inconvenient facts and opinions can have brutal consequences. This author is voting for Jill Stein unless there is a needed ground breaking change (stated in the next notation). Trump is a sell out to the Military Industrial Complex and to more Israel domination of our government. Although he is relatively intelligent he still has too little clue to the whole fabric of the surrounding corrupt nature of our real foreign policy. Hilary Clinton is unqualified for several critical reasons (completely corrupted to the core). Jill Stein would not create a cabinet out of the bad political establishment, as both parties are terribly corrupt. Jill Stein in about real humanity even if she too has a certain dewy eyed socialist idealism. She has an intelligent mind and heart.]

Watch the following three videos to understand the deep and dangerous "context" of this election:

The Truth About World War III | United States vs. Russia by Stefan Molyneux at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=751e6GHk3Us

TIMELINE OF COLLAPSE Rob Kirby at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9XQonG9Dzc

Jeremy SCAHILL & ASSANGE Discuss The Most Important Documents That Were Released By WikiLeaks !! at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DimjcbPK0Jo

[Note: There is a way for disgruntled Americans to move forward. If either Clinton or Trump wins this nation, and the world, will continue to see enormous levels of outrage, bitter acrimony, lawsuits, embarrassments, legislative lockdown, FBI investigations (including the FBI itself), sexual scandals lingering longer than the Afghanistan war. All this continues to make the United States look like the most dysfunctional society in history, at a time when many real issues need to be confronted honestly (and not kicked down the road to chaos and collapse). Is there any wisdom to this culture at all? President Barack Obama needs to show some leadership and get party leaders to clean up this mess. Far too many do not want either Trump or Clinton. Obama needs to bring leaders from both parties together (from elected officials in Congress) and come up with two different candidates for both the Democratic and the Republic parties (which does not mean corrupted insiders like Tim Kaine). This is the only way, at this point, this Nation, and the World at large, can have some faith that the United States of America still has some modicum of sanity and democracy left. This election cycle has been one huge humiliation for the entire country and the government at large. Obama and all elected representatives needs to show leadership and stop this madness and do it as soon as possible. Anything less will leave this country with much bad aftermath (understatement). Amen.]

[The fact that this election has turned into a huge sexual scandal and circus equally shows the people of the United States, again to be, puritanical and self-righteous to a point beyond snobbery. The world is sick of all the sex scandal dominating American politics. Whole nations of people are shaking their heads, sneering and laughing at our country. Many informed peoples around the world already hold the people of the United States in contempt for how bad our education systems seem; how little the average student knows on a worldly basis; how misinformed are so many from propaganda; how little we seem to care about important matters. They know we save nothing, we have enormous debt, and we consume and spend our ways into this enormous debt (much leveraged by the rest of the world). Not to mention how hated we are because of our foreign policy and assumption we boss the rest of the world around like smug bullies of the State Department, and the rest of a dangerous Executive Branch of government. The last thing we need is more sex scandal to cover up all the rest of America's dysfunctionality. It is time for leaders in both parties to make an agreement to get together (and frankly not the DNC or RNC) and get two new and acceptable candidates. These are dire times and we need innovative creativity or we need real non-riot protests even if not funded by shady George Soros.]

See these Internet videos versus mainstream media:

The Truth About The Donald Trump Sexual Assault Allegations by Stefan Molyneux at:

More Donald Trump Sexual Assault Allegations | True News by Stefan Molyneux at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJEdli1Q_4k

Now the Essay:

Hilary Clinton's Campaign Shows Zionists and Corporations Dominate Mainstream Media: But Netanyahu Wins with Either Clinton or Trump by William Wraithwrite

Remember 'all' the many months of that Internet poll question asking whether Hilary Clinton should run for president—to the point you may have wondered if this never-ending poll question is fishing for an answer it cannot find? That was an early red flag in a sea of many showing Hilary Clinton has not had anything close to a large following of supporters.

Her demographic numerical support base was manufactured (from divide and conquer politics) as "media colluded hype" as "public relations spin" with a huge PR budgets. Granted, Hilary Clinton (HC) obviously has a variety of high-power, special interest support, from both sincere voters (who should demand their money back) and a corrupt basket of groups. These groups include: Neo-Conservatives, corrupt bankers and Wall Street corporation interests, investors who profit from the military and homeland security complex, some of the wealthiest 1%: but also from a "faux progressive" mixture of some women, some blacks, some Hispanics, and some Jews. This amounts to a coalition of special interest backing (connected as Zionist control of mainstream media (read what is important to the state of Israel)). Even a lot of women dislike Clinton or have very serious reservations about her, while something seldom mentioned is there are women at Trump rallies. See also:

Donald Trump Is Winning | Bill Mitchell and Stefan Molyneux at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCb_lmE1SJ0#t=961.471875

Hilary Clinton's real power lies in her political connections as a spider web of cronyism, in huge mainstream media support that is willing to engage all manner of propaganda and distortion while ignoring important stories, and the general wanton corruption of the Clintons, the DNC, Zionists and much of the mainstream media.

It is only because the mainstream media is ignoring her lies and covering up her corruption (but now forced to address some of the many issues) that even allows such an egregiously bad, banana republic candidate to be in this race. Read: The Collapse Of American Free Press: Martin Armstrong Rages "It's Just Over" at:  link to www.zerohedge.com

See videos: NEW WIKILEAKS: Boston Globe, New York Times, Donna Brazile Helping Clinton Defeat Bernie and Trump by H. A. Goodman at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46_8E-DceZc

The Failure of Mainstream Media | Dave Rubin and Stefan Molyneux at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XO777qS_yr4

An Honest Conversation About Race | Jared Taylor and Stefan Molyneux at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrTceDc2vFXAaYAVnsnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTEyNW1yODlnBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjI1ODBfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Stefan+Molyeux&fr=yhs-mozilla-004&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-004#id=16&vid=ed0b648f035f2de6761bafdee6107eb2&action=view

WIKILEAKS JUST RELEASED PODESTA EMAILS PART TWO: More WikiLeaks Hillary Clinton Emails by H. A. Goodman at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hUaxJSFw10

WIKILEAKS RELEASES PODESTA 3 EMAILS: American Media Working Alongside Hillary Clinton's Campaign by H. A. Goodman at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1jbcjbeZbQ

LATEST WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Concerned About Saudi Arabia, Continues To Accept Saudi Money by H. A. Goodman at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f8zxSAIIus

Another outstanding interview about the media (truth about the news):

The Truth About Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Speeches by Stefan Molyneux at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuLtbcclcfM

Clinton pressed 'the button', sold $300B in weapons to foreign regimes at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YkuSCb0quY

[Note: There are a lot of Internet references (hyperlinks) you can and should link to within this essay (by clicking on them). Some hyperlinks are long and take up space, but they are not meant to be read. Click on them as gateways to other articles or videos (many videos). They usually start out: " https/www/... " (may appear in blue color print). So once you read their titles you can choose to leave this main article and look into references hosted at different websites (or you can scroll past the hyperlink to continue reading this main essay). These many links help show arguments made in this article are backed with research and intelligent sources (and not just made up). Naturally, you as the reader will have to decide on your own as to what or who to trust. This is not easy in a world so full of false propaganda and political and too often criminal motives (especially when narratives challenged have succeeded in being believed for decades—but really amount to one massive and extended propaganda campaign created by the equivalent of an intelligence agency over many decades. They are composed mostly of falsehoods that people have grown up to believe as true. Therefore checking and exploring these references are one way for you to see how these arguments are grounded and to help you learn more, and appreciate more (as many, if not all, of these references deserves their own awareness on their own merits). They can help you flesh out claims made. Usually good sources of valid arguments can and should provide some references. Nevertheless all arguments made anywhere and any context are the product of the human mind. No one is all-knowing, especially when it comes to politics and history. There is no perfect source of pure truth. Often you have to try to sift through much misinformation (bad ideas sincerely believed) and disinformation (deliberation deceit campaign) and trust that you live in a disinformation world more than 98% realize. You can also make it a goal to study how to detect when people are lying or telling the truth (stuff is on the Internet). Hopefully, you can appreciate the "many" references provided (as opportunities to meet valuable sources) even as they take up a lot of extra space in an already very long essay (a topic that could take up a book.]

The most powerful political minority in this country, namely Zionists who support the State of Israel, and too often at the cost of every other national consideration, and despite their supposed citizenship as Americans (and plenty from both the left and the right) have circled their wagons around Hilary Clinton. See video: Political Establishment/Corporate Media, & American People in Abuse Cycle; Time to LEAVE Oppressors by Sane Progressive at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQFWT8-RRQA

[Note: A "Zionist" is generally someone who supports the state of Israel as a Jewish state. This essay is critical of a subgroup of Zionists—those who put Israeli interests above the real interests of the United States, especially when they are citizens of the United States, or have dual citizenship with the U.S. and Israel and are willing to put Israeli interests above those of the United States. More importantly this essay is especially critical of an even smaller but exceedingly powerful group of Zionists who are well positioned and who actively conspire against the interests of the United States (or passively do not to stop such collusion as they are aware of it). There efforts are harmful to almost all gentiles and Jews who are patriotic citizens of this country. This group willingly creates false propaganda (lies). Or they engage crimes and espionage against this country (as actions that work to the interests of Israel and right-wing Likud party of Israel, or a loose International brotherhood of Zionists living abroad elsewhere. Unfortunately there are plenty such Zionists in the United States and in Israel or elsewhere, who have acted in treasonous manner and have conspired against the rest of the American people and the real national interests of our country. So this said it must be stated this essay is not meant to be critical of all Jews or even most Jews (as the noun 'Jew' is used within this long essay which touches on many topics. The focus is those Zionists who have engaged in crimes and propaganda campaigns on very important matters during the history of Zionism, and as it has effected this country and other parts of the world over time.]

Many, many rational but deeply alarmed people are asking:

"Given Hilary Clinton's (HC) 'many' substantial negatives and disqualifications (felonies a seemingly corrupted FBI is not pressing thus far) that amount to a deplorable basket of negatives that seem to metastasize by the day (and also her too few positives)? She is being propped up to be the next puppet primarily because of mainstream media's (plus plenty of Internet alternative media) collusion to "install" her (against the will of the majority)?"

There very much appears to be lockstep corruption and collusion within The Beltway (which includes the White House and the Executive Branch) and between the mainstream media (MSM) the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the polling agencies rigging polls. The public has never seen so much obvious corruption in our government and culture.

On the other leg of her very questionable support (colluded) is a group of non-democratic 'super-delegates' (pay to play no doubt). They are being used to help steal this election (as a majority of the entire world now knows is being blatantly stolen). Clinton Campaign PR efforts suggests they can do it; even as these well-placed "super-colluders" (from those wealthier citizens who pay money to attend her private fundraisers and hope for tit-for-tat). Still they will likely dump her for a healthier Tim Kaine after the election (as more symptoms of her disease(s) surely will manifest before long and despite the media's dismissal of obvious and serious debilitating health issues caught on camera). See video: TED NOEL, M.D. SPEAKS ON HILLARY AND PARKINSON'S DISEASE at:

[Note that in this video Dr. Noel refers to a lot of specific systems that HC has displayed and says Julian Assange released an email in which HC's staff were seeking information on new medications to treat Parkinson's disease (seems pretty convincing).]

Also see video: Clinton Will Be Installed As More Effective Evil; We are Having Wrong Conversations by Sane Progressive at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arBKeGZF93M

[Note: The "Sane Progressive" Debbie Lusignan, of the video just cited, is a very great source of critical analysis on the Democratic Party's real dealings and stealing this election. You must check out Debbie Lusignan's very trenchant voice in the wilderness (help bring attention to her important videos and help bring more attention to her important voice. Click on the above video and save it to your favorites)!! She has been on top of it way before the Clinton email leaks and her astute awareness is still some of the best commentary. One other insider on Hilary Clinton definitely worth your time is "H.A.Goodman.Com".]

Given there are so many corrupt operatives in the DNC, and many probably do not personally care about Hilary (save their attachment to her as riding her coattails), rather what they also care about is power and keeping certain political objectives under control. This basket of groups have various motives such as keeping the welfare gravy train rolling for social programs and the military complex. Equally their motives are for whatever are Israel's priorities, as more war in Syria and Iran, and the Neo-Conservative (NeoCon) collective policy of using fear and lies to dominate U.S. foreign policy. See video:

Assange on why Clinton flipped off Sanders supporters with Tim Kaine and Wasserman Schultz at the Sane Progressive Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/mfpolitics/

[Note: Assange's story of Kaine relinquishing the DNC Chair position to then Clinton campaign manager Debbie Wasserman (in the about video hyperlink) is pretty much all one really needs to know about the Clinton campaign.]

Remember the vast crowds both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders routinely amassed, well compare those crowds to what HC typically attracted when her campaign was open to the public as paltry gathering jokes (but equally the private groups who "paid" lots of cash to meet with her as several expecting favors in return). When her campaign held public rallies, she often had a hard time filling up a high school gym auditorium. The differences in numbers are night and day (Trump and Sanders had people by the thousands in huge college stadiums: HC by the dozens to hundreds). And the excitement levels were equally polarized with HC having the low ebb. So there is no way possible she could honestly have won primary states claimed and colluded by the media. The Democratic nomination was stolen from Bernie Sander and there is no doubt about it (as much has been on the Internet even without leaked emails from Wikileaks).

There is plenty of honest reporting on the Internet about how the DNC stole the Democratic nomination, which is why the mainstream media (MSM) doesn't report on the content of the leaked emails). See video: Hillary Clinton's election fraud finally exposed. California stolen from Bernie Sanders! At:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoGeDGHmwJU

[Note: You should not be deterred from examining any "conspiracy theory" (even if many people use this label disparagingly in attempt you not examine such). Every theory and sub-theory deserves its own evaluation. It is within our human nature to theorize (which is the basis of science and investigation). And it is also a well-established fact that the nature of human-kind routinely engages in conspiracies and various forms of corruption. Political man may be (actually most definitely is) far more corrupt than what most naďve people (sheeple) imagine].

So why is this aging and worn-out personage with serious health issues, and with 15 tons too much baggage, who many have come to unconsciously understand to be the Wicked Witch of the West, still being allowed to become (illegally become) the Democratic presidential contestant? Especially given the 'many' minuses and horrors of her psychopath resume history (and with FBI inquiries into wrongdoing of a serious nature even as they and the Whitehouse has equally colluded to cover them up) it seems so crazy?

How could a Zionist controlled Democratic Party and Zionist MSM stoop to such a corrupt low; as it has become so obvious through Wikileaks, the whole fabric of her party's karma, has plotted and actively conspired to steal the nomination first from Bernie Sanders and later now Donald Trump? (This was all knowable before the October 7th Wiki-dump that includes he private speeches to corporations and banksters.)

Meanwhile the DNC, H.C. campaign, and MSM already have their scapegoat talking points plan set up: the Russians are hacking their emails (a red herring so as to not discuss the revealing content of the emails that clearly shows the corruption of the DNC, HCC and the MSM). And now with the latest dump one TV news regular on The Kelly Files saying: "You can't trust the content of the emails because they have been released by Russia"! Say what (few even believe Russia did it)? Whereas Judge Napolitano says: "The emails were leaked from a career NSA programmer" (because so many within the intelligence community and the FBI are so disturbed by the idea of Hilary Clinton becoming president. See: Judge Napolitano Blows Up Hillary Debate! Exposes Hillary and DNC Lies! Trump Knows The Truth! At:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTWOu_UX7R0

[Note: In this video you see both Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile lying to the American public about Russia hacking (and both have led the DNC. Judge Napolitano has absolute integrity and insight and so he can be trusted as to what he claims.]

And it makes sense some of the Wikileaks leaks, such as from the DNC, are very likely leaked from within our own government (such as one State Department employee revealing HC thought about droning Julian Assange while jailed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy of London).

Julian Assange's lawyer was killed a couple months ago. Some agents tried to get to him a couple weeks ago as they trying to break in the middle of the night.]

Moreover Neo-Con-Artist minions of the Aspen Strategy group at the Aspen Security Forum are also warning the Russians will hack the voter election outcomes to help get Trump elected! They are saying the DHS should protect the U.S. election system and have it considered "critical infrastructure" (and grabbing more power to a centralized federal level from individual state power). This of course is to help them control the counting of the votes (which is the ultimate way to control who is in power) in which case it could be very easy to conspire to rig the vote. Given the fact that the Democratic Party is completely corrupt, and given the fact that Jeh Johnson, head of Homeland Security, was a huge donor to the Obama campaign (learned through leaked email) he and they should "not" be trusted. Listen to the Sane Progressive discuss this matter.

But of course the DNC, right-wing think tanks, the news industry and the Federal Government do not create conspiracy theories (or act out real conspiracies)? Oh no not at all. Look to the Russians.

When supposedly democrat supporting, some not attractive women, accuse Trump of sexual harassment, a mere few weeks before possibly winning a presidency (exactly when devastating leaks can sink the DNC, HC, MSM, etc.) when they could have sued Trump years ago for millions, we are just supposed to act like we are deaf and dumb?

Of course not. It is just that we have a Trump sex scandal with "P-word" packed with punch, and Obama is also accusing Russia of hacking, and these issues taking up MSM space for red herring decoy to bury or downplay highly damaging Wikileaks at the same time.

For several months the Washington Post has had a full time staff, of more than a dozen, working full time to get dirt on Trump. By using enormous resources of staff and money the best they can come up with is locker room talk of male entitlement that sets off complaints that are being debunked on the Internet by counter witnesses (and even relatives of the accusers) with so much questionable story making).

Not to rationalize but how many women did John F. Kennedy nail during his presidency? Many people think he was a hero and yet he was highly promiscuous. Few argue his presidency should have been stopped in some kind of impeachment process because back then the MSM practiced some restraint to a tattle it all tabloid world, as people understood there were far more important issues within the context of weighing consequences (for individuals versus entire nations of people).

More PROOF - NY Times Accuser Made Her Story Up About Trump's "Groping" - CONFIRMED! Read more:  link to www.thepoliticalinsider.com

It's not like women do not make themselves available to celebrities and sports stars? How many of the women who laid themselves at the feet of Magic Johnson and Tiger Woods were much admonished as being less than human? It seems the whole media guilt trip was placed at the feet of Tiger Woods? Did any women grab for his or Johnson's P-words? Why is the fault of women attracted to powerful men solely because of the immoral opportunism of the male gender?

It is fair for many to feel outrage regarding people cheating on their marriages. It is equally fair for people to bad mouth promiscuity especially in people who are supposed to be pillars of society. But given the dire realities in the state of the world this is hypocritical and Mickey Mouse.

Many people in this society are sick of all the politically correct indignation—especially as it relates to the relentless story of women as victims, women as sex objects, etc. Why have women taken to wearing tighter and tighter pants and yoga tights in public? Why do they readily wear band aid bikinis in public (as the deliberately choose to be seen as sex objects) and yet if men react to their choices as to getting attention then the men can be admonished as moral inferiors and low-lives? This is not a statement meant to suggest exhibitionistic women should not enjoy nature's sexuality—but the double standard that continuously pounces on the male gender when someone wants to cop the guilt trip card.

Here is a suggested book for Americans and news media hacks who get hysterical about sex. In this country there are many people who cannot live out their own sexual fantasies, for whatever reason such as puritanical guilt, but who do make time to cut down others. They act like those censors who want to be the ones to view pornography so they can claim it bad stuff. Miley Cyrus complaining about Donald Trump? Read The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life as an Act of Love by Thomas Moore (author of Care of the Soul) HyperPerennial: New York (1998).

Do not some women equally operate in ways in which they feel entitled (in relation to men)? Women do not engage in locker room talk? Women are never motivated to just have intercourse with a man? It seems that if men are more criticized and punished for certain types of behavior (or it men are different because they are a different gender) then there is some kind of exploitation going on. Socio-biology has its own ways of reality that are not tied to feminist dogma.

Moreover what about the double standard in which some women react positively to men's advances if they perceive the advancers as having more social status (and financial status) and treat poorer men like they are deplorable jerks as if they don't measure up to their fantasies? How about that discussion? What makes it so moral that women are more attracted to men who are more successful (success objects) or is that too equally another sociobiological reality?

What about the sociobiology of what is called hypergamy (being attracted too, having sex with, and marrying a person of superior status). How come we, as a society, never have any discussion on the idea that many women especially are attracted to men who are famous, rich, and have forms of power and status (like the ugly man of Henry Kissinger). Why is it that when it becomes know that certain individuals have had a hot and loose life with many women at some point later in life usually having to do with politics some crisis point women pop out of the wood work and claim their victimized (and it was all the man's fault). Are you going to tell me when women were arguably promiscuous with President Kennedy (it was all his fault). No women fantasized sleeping with him (even if they knew he had a wife)? As if the women who came out on Tiger Woods could not have found out he was already married? Spare the world all this self-righteous, holier-than-thou hysteria. We are tired of it already. See video: An Honest Conversation About Hypergamy at Freedomain Radio with Stefan Molyneux or google title at Youtube website.

America is sick of all the over-exaggerated arguments sexual harassment, sex slavery, date rape, unsafe college campuses, etc. It is not that it doesn't happens. Of course it happens but it does not happen to the extent that some claim. Moreover it is always that it is men who acting in inappropriate manners. If you think a women is sexy then you think of her as a sex object. Some men have simply stopped interacting with women period because they are sick of self-righteous double standard of labeling what men do, say and think as violating this or that or the other. The male gender did not create sexuality (nature did). Blame nature if you cannot handle the idea that humans are animals. We are tired of all the ideological garbage that parades around in self-righteous feminism and progressive vomit.

One other mind-mess the Zionist/ Feminist employ is the smear game for "misogyny". Sexual advances (that are not known to be unwanted) are because men hate women? This sounds like a highly biased opinion and not some fact people will agree on. This is more double standard politically correct op-ed bull bunk.

How often do Americans see the word "misandry" in print? Hardly ever. How many know of the word? Very few—why? Because according to their logic hatred of men is a non-existent reality (although it is promoted a great deal under the guise of bloviating about so much hatred of women). Those who dominate the blow horns attempt to make hatred of women is a pervasive truth. Sexism?

Is there any college anywhere in the country that is not doing some survey to find out how many times a young women can claim to have been a victim of a sexual violation. How many indoctrination classes stress human interactions should be viewed in ways of a class of victim being violated? This country is tired of phony progressives.

Are women always or mostly victims simply because the male is prone (by nature) to think of women in sexual ways. Is this why there are thousands and thousands of videos of women acting as sexual objects on the Internet in genre known as pornography (none of which they were forced to do but chose to do)?

Real freedom would allow human nature to have sexual personalities, to make sexual jokes, to laugh at such human drama and the crazy things lust sometimes gets people to do against the rational, to balance reactions to appropriate levels of concern. Real freedom and equality would say no to all this hyped-up puritanical attitude (even if secular in nature) and all the self-righteous PC/BS.

Turning to faux-extravaganza outrage is not going to change the minds of many Americans (including women) as they realize the things HC has done (and her husband) and what she stands for are far more serious to the country at large.

Nevertheless the MSM will play this card because of a kind of reverse sexism has become ingrained in our society in which men are almost always assumed to be more sexually depraved and harmful. Whereas women and minorities are often assumed to hold some special status card as eternally vulnerable. This is their divide and conquer strategy that has been playing out for decades.

The feminist movement in general was laden with guilt-trip to men as chauvinists—so much self-righteous diatribe. They never bothered to tell the masses, that for a long time of history, average men too did not have a vote. The whole male-versus-female-exploitation story was painted as some complete conspiracy (as if men sat around in secret meetings thinking up how they were going to exploit women).

When men worked as women stayed home men shared the fruits of their labor with the whole family. Men sacrificed a great deal for women and children (but some modern feminists harbored a deep abiding hatred of men and could not see it that way). Rather everything was exploitation.

Watch the infamous Trump and Billy Bush joking on a bus leaked video and the woman they court getting off. Yet the lady in question (in the so-called damning video) was dressed to what can be argued in a sexy manner (which mother nature herself has never condemned as a bad thing) and she shows no indication she is concerned about being harassed or exploited or is suppressing some edgy unstated fear. She acts in a confident manner and seems to be enjoying the spot-light, the wit of joking around, and most all she is acting as if she is in charge of herself.

Even if the issue is what Trump said (the words) that are supposed to be so offensive in polite society then why does it come up within the context of such a dirty business as American politics?

This Jeff Bezos strategy, or other Zionist owned newspapers as the Washington Post, is not going to find this especially devastating because it shows the MSM once again underestimate the intelligence levels of the average American (including and especially women).

As Trump and his friends are laughing in the video, world viewers left to judge are laughing at the video as well (because it is funny and because it is not horrendously shocking—if anything is shocking is that Trump was honest and humble enough to say he failed to get what he wanted even though he can on like a bitch in heat).

This was a deliberately plotted and timed event. In fact Roger Stone appears in an Internet video hours prior to the debate and says that he has insider Clinton campaign information: HC is going to refuse to shake Trump's hand prior to the debate (which is normal protocol) thus giving the moderator Cooper Anderson the opportunity to ask her why she refused to shake his hand. Then this gives her the opportunity to come out strongly attacking Trump about this 10 year old video (magically being discovered now) of grabbing for women P-word, and setting the tone for the whole debate.

The actual reality of the beginning of the debate, as played out, changed somewhat, as the leak likely got back to the Clinton camp, but surprisingly they did not shake hands, as Clinton slowed down as they were walking toward each other and turned toward the audience (and Trump equally followed suit—surely he was tipped off).

Then after opening statements Anderson Cooper did ask a question, selected form dozens from the audience that had to do with moral decorum for pillars of society, in which both Clinton and Trump answered in generalizations. So Cooper followed up this same question with specific attention to the leaked sex scandal video of joking between Billy Bush and Trump, forcing the "charged" subject at the beginning of the debate to play a major effect on the entire debate with record numbers watching. Not just coincidence.

Anderson Cooper phrased the question in a manner:
"You said ... kiss women without consent and ... grabbing their genitals. That is sexual assault ... you bragged that you sexually assaulted women, do you understand that? ... "

... in a prosecutorial way as if he had undoubtedly committed felonious crimes (versus locker room banter) implying this was so serious (their TV station was inundated with complaints because everyone in the country was up in arms)?

Given the 1st debate was rigged against Trump, and the Kaine Pence debate had the female moderator interrupting Pence several times even as she was being interrupted by Kaine (another rigging) and the fact the media in general has been so much in favor of Clinton, this moderation thing too was staged (as Anderson Cooper was in on it).

Then Hilary Clinton goes through a whole litany of Trump's sins (which were mostly manufactured forms of disinformation from previous MSM propaganda) Clinton took to the moral high ground (what an actress).

Hillary Clinton was allowed to make a big accusation splash of painting Trump as completely anti-woman, anti-minority, etc. But then when Trump was allowed to rebut her he did not immediately address the sex scandal, as expected, but said he was going to be good for minorities... So Martha Raddatz, the other moderator, like some authoritarian judge interrupted him, and claimed the sex scandal generated more interest on social media than any other subject of the debates, and more or less, demanded they stay on that subject, to which he was thought to be so vulnerable. But he can back and contextualized the issue by bringing attention of the sex scandals of the Clinton marriage.

It turned out he was not wounded as much as team Clinton and team MSM had hoped (as this thing turns out to bring unwanted attention to Bill Clinton). Hilary Clinton ended up getting the equivalent of a 1, 2 punch (and some wind left her moral high ground sail as she looked stunned by allegations she should have expected).

How does this deluded women, and the mainstream media, not think all her and Bill's baggage would not affect this election? Even if the powers-that-be manage to steal this election for her the rancor, the anger and the accusations never will. So even if she wins (dishonestly) she still loses (as does the rest of the world) because there will be so much fight to destroy until truth discovered and remove the unhealthy from the body politic. When truth is this damaging and immoral and corrupt and a lot of people know it, it is not going away because an election is over.

Meanwhile the mainstream media has deliberately negated to report on various, recent murders related to the DNC (or has under-reported these as to keep them non-issues). DNC HQ staffer Seth Rich was shot in the back a couple months ago. He is believed to have been the so-called hacker of the leaks coming out of Wikileaks. The MSM is not bothering to connect any dots? Even Julian Assange has been talking about this and taking it very seriously (as it should be taken). What does murder have to do with anything in a world of moral outrage?

Also Julian Assange's own lawyer was pushed in front of a train not that long ago (and one of the leaked emails had Clinton question if they at the State Department could just drone strike Assange). His days may be numbered. Plus there are serious questions about the murder of UN official John Ashe and another attorney Shawn Lucas? These events are far from coincidence (at least some of them) and yet the MSM is pretty much ignoring these important felonious crimes within the larger corruption of the DNC gangster and the Clinton family.

One could argue this culture has never been this corrupt in American history (as it can be argued it has long been corrupt) but what is scary is where all this seems to be going (as this long but interesting article will delineate some such fears).

It is breathtaking to consider all these many attempts by the DNC and the MSM cartel, and both Democratic-leaning and Republican leaning-newspapers and TV news shows, running so many distortions on Trump and also on what he actually had said or meant. We witness their dog-pack, phony, non-fair and non-balance journalism, as loosely coordinated efforts to destroy his chances as an outsider. This conscious conspiracy of vast orchestration employs an intelligence agency level of deliberate deceit and bias. It includes several self-elected-blowhards syndicated to opine as op-ed pundits for both big and small reach newspapers. This really reflects how corrupt is the MSM; and when understood as propaganda machine, can be seen as a huge fountainhead spewing forth a foul, greenish, exorcism slime vomit from the numerous snake heads of Medusa's dreadlock hair squirming and whirling to a storm of hysterical nightmare of Halloween scare and scream. It truly seems hyper-pathological and frankly is so socio-pathological. No wonder we vote after Halloween. We are psychologically preparing for more nightmare.

Clinton's reach (really Zionist reach) is a profane propaganda campaign that is not pulling any punches. They are a huge army of pundit and editorial liars (and news analysis reporters) working full time (and being paid from huge coffers of special interest money) to install Queen Clinton. But the question still remains: "Why would so much of Zionist-controlled mainstream media stay in bed with Hilary Clinton and why are they going through such insane lengths to get her elected especially when she in not the least bit electable save complete corruption?" See: "Who Controls Big Media?" at:  https://thezog.wordpress.com/who-controls-big-media/
The Jews Who Dominate Media - Jew Watch at:  http://jewwatch.com/jew-domination-media.htm

Any sane and healthy political party and any responsible media would act to bring out strong and fresh talent with leadership qualities. Even Barack Obama failed his own constituency that voted him, in many disappointing ways, that includes a litany of ethical breaches. His Obama-Care was created as much for the benefit of the pharmaceutical and insurance industries that he and his puerile speechwriters pimped shamelessly.

Obama, from day one, has worked for an unaccountable shadow government, not the least responsible to average Americans, and not restricted to any laws or morals. If Obama once seemed to have worldly stature and prestige he has slowly shown his true colors to be worse than mediocre, and has revealed himself to be a man that lies as do so many politicians. He is simply a more educated and sophisticated and charismatic liar. But this last year he does not even quality for these adjectives (just a plain liar) and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have joined him in pimping for Hilary Clinton—have they no dignity? Are all democrats that owned and corrupted?

Imagine what a non-owned and non-corrupted Democratic Party might look like if these people of talent and intelligence were not forced to play the role they very much seem forced to play (and if you doubt this question you really need to check your own sincerity and sanity levels. This corrupt culture has usurped so much of America's intellectual potential (especially in our media and foreign policy institutes and journals) that truth has become a very rare commodity.

Why would this country of cynical people, as many liberals have long ago realized Obama failed his supporters in "many" ways, want to choose someone who can't even adequately pretend to be the next savior? If Obama didn't really help in general (as he too has a public opinion and a private one) or help various minorities such as other blacks; or didn't stick to his promises (and even acted in opposite direction) why should voters believe this particular white woman will? This rich women has not lived a normal life for decades. Instead she especially panders to other rich and powerful. How can she be expected to do what President Obama did not? Even America's dumbed-downed masses are not this stupid (despite the constant barrage of media lies that says Hilary has over 45% of the polls (when she doesn't even have 25%).

If you want to know the truth about HC start by viewing this video: Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hilary Clinton Really Represents (27 mins 8 secs) at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV_PLCC6jeI

But also check out this one to learn how even the Democratic Convention was thin on actual Hilary Clinton supporters (versus Bernie Sanders):

The Bullshittery of the DNC by Truthstream Media at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHD_bj5fXO0

President Obama was nurtured into power by backers and advisors who were primarily Jewish. When he became President he had several high profile jobs handed to Jewish Americans such as Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff. He took his cabinet from Wall Street and the Fed that is heavy Jewish.

An overabundance of Jewish appointments within the White House has been a norm for several presidents even though Jews make up a small minority of the American population. They do make up a significant coterie of power jobs in Washington D.C. and especially in the mainstream media (and they also are the biggest special interest group to donate to politicians in both parties (so as to maintain control regardless of who wins)). See article, google: "Most Jewish Ever" 2016 US Election at New Observer (understatement to say the least).

You need to get the fact that Zionists own both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton is more owned than is Trump but Trump is New York and you do not exist in NY, as a bigwig without some compromise to Zionist control.

Trump has some good instincts and business philosophy but he has great chasms of naiveté (even as he is currently getting schooled by advisors). Some of his advisors are from the same NeoCon and Zionist camps. What Trump supporters need focus is not just how bad is Hilary Clinton but what else Trump has been saying.

Three things should make people very concerned: 1) given police deserve respect (and are dealing with a George Soros and DNC coordinated riots) he seems to have a authoritarian instinct for police power and state (like Giuliani). He specifically said that Muslims must be willing to tattle on each other (implying spying on Muslims is necessary) and given the brainwash he seems invested (what he has been led to believe is true) it sounds like he feels informants in general makes sense?

When many Americans are afraid that all their personal information can be spied on, imagine a nation in which even police chiefs and sheriffs can be spied on by centralized powers. What if they decide to intimidate police into arresting or harassing political activists? It is not just Senators and heads of Cabinet posts who can be blackmailed. Any and everybody can be.

Equally many presidents have been lied to by top advisors. America is currently run on lies. People who are paying attention to the Wikileaks stories (and not the red herrings of the MSM) realize a finger in the dike cannot stop a tsunami.

Although Trump would undoubtedly be better than Clinton, he also is against the Iran deal (Zionist and NeoCon brainwash with collusion of the MSM). This is a very concerning red flag because that deal was a very important and well negotiated treaty. Most Americans do not know the truth as they have been following propaganda fed them by factions within the Zionist controlled MSM. Trump too, like most Americans, gets his brainwash from the AIPAC controlled echo chambers. Even Congress is lied to. We can see this in action watching the hearing on Clinton's email server.

The Iran deal is the one true and worthy achievement of both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton (accomplished against all odds and the meddlesomeness of Netanyahu himself). This deal too has been so thoroughly smeared by Zionist NeoCons and Netanyahu that most Americans think it is a very bad deal (as they equally think Iran has nuclear bombs or is weeks away). Dismantling this agreement would spell disaster and possibly nuclear war (but certainly more chaos in the Middle East). So a Trump win too could get us into another war (maybe even nuclear) even as it takes longer. Rumor has it some underground think tank specialists would not mind seeing 90% of the world's population demolished—including some Neo-Conservatives. Most modern wars have had heavy civilian losses.

We have to reject both Clinton and Trump (Trump because of the limitations of who is being considered for his important Cabinet posts (some Republican blowhards and status quo intelligence conspiracy of black arts cash cows for the military industrial complex).

Our country is being played. Unless we focus on the Wikileaks and other leaks like internal leaks form FBI leakers, and those about George Soros from DCLeaks, we are going to be stuck with a very bad situation.

Both these candidates kowtow to a right-wing Israel. Zionists win either way. The last thing we need is a president coming out from a New York City power structure.

We Americans are being told we are stuck with only two bad choices (to vote for a lesser evil). So many websites and pundits are decrying both choices but are communicating in ways that are defeatist as either only Trump and Clinton is inevitable. NO!! People you have some power to demand alternative choices.

Few people are happy with these two choices. Many do love Trump but do more so because of fear of the Democratic Party and assume Trump will create some dewy-eyed utopia. Trump would have to work within a very fractious Congress and a corrupt government bureaucracy (not to mention a lobby system of bribery that has been bilking taxpayers for years). One person can only do so much and he says little about cleaning out the corruption in various departments. He could become corrupt himself; or if he gets too assertive in making change he could be assassinated. If he really thinks about it, he could realize being in that position is not an enviable place to be. He already has an idea on what kind of support he has in the status quo media and how corrupt the left has become.

Voting for a third party candidate will still put either Trump or Clinton in power (at this point). Therefore both Democrats and Republicans (and independents) must demand that both are replaced with more acceptable choices. This is the only sane way to get something viable we can survive with. There is too much hatred on both sides of the aisle (and yes plenty of the hatred is based on distorted propaganda—but it still exist and no matter who wins there is likely going to be fallout).

Young people must stand up and protest peacefully, and protest in ways not seen in decades. We need a revolution of youth awakening to these dire and dangerous circumstances. We need to breathe and hear some truth. America is suffocating in defeatism because propaganda forces are ruling over the minds of tens of millions.

The power-that-be are not providing any healthy choice. Donald Trump deserves a great deal of credit for the demise of both corrupt political parties but in the final analysis both candidates are good for Israel (and too often this is bad for the rest of America).

This long essay is about a hidden side of the history of Zionism that has led up to corruption within the Democratic Party. You need to understand much of what Trump says about our relation with Israel is what Israel wants at America's expense. The same is true for Hilary Clinton (and she knows the real story behind what that means). Trump's supporters are blind because they have most of their attention to certain topics. Zionist Sheldon Adelson owns Donald Trump and Haim Saban owns Hilary Clinton. The chessboard has been rigged, and the only way for the American people is to push the chessboard off the table and to DEMAND BOTH PARTIES COME UP WITH NEW CANDIDATES.

Some of Donald Trump's advisors are from the status quo and are scary. Apparently he has John Bolton on his team! This is a NeoCon bully. Nothing will much change except the outward impression of a new rhetoric to hide more of the same with this kind of player.

Trump personally may be attractive as a charismatic leader but his awareness levels are not fed by any true sense of the best and brightest. The corruption levels are so toxic inside the Beltway. How do we know that Congress people have been told the truth on many matters of national security? If the mainstream media lies to the American people on a regular basis, and the DNC is colluding with the media, with the FBI and State Department, etc., then why should Americans believe the system is going to suddenly change because a new family moves into the White House?

Truth is coming out through Wikileaks the MSM is mostly ignoring. This says a great deal about how this world functions. It is only through the Internet that we have had an alternative perspective. And the machine is working to censor the Internet.

Even many progressives operating on the Internet are falling to prostration of no real choice. Listen to interviews at The Real News Network hosted by Paul Jay to understand how torn the progressive movement stalls. See the following four interviews:

Chris Hedges: It's Our Bombs, Not Trump's Comments, that Fuel Hatred Towards the United States at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwV4wfTZJaY

In Second Presidential Debate, Clinton Escalates Her Call for Military Solution in Syria The Real News Network interview with Phyllis Bennis of the New Internationalism Project at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLYVcvjtuII

Clinton vs Trump Debate: Is One Section of the Oligarchy More Dangerous? Paul Jay interview with Glen Ford and Jeff Cohen of TRNN at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzWVK4QpJik

Also it should be noted, as to Zionist control of MSM, almost every presidential debate has had at least one American-Jewish anchor as moderator in many election cycles. But this is aftermath to the reality of the many Jewish male anchors, and especially who are at the national and well propagated level of news commentators, who on a daily basis shape how people see the world. Few are as attractive as the gentile women they are paired.

Lester Holt seems to be an exception as sole performance (although he may have some Jewishness in his Jamaican background) but still he certainly knows how to conspire with insiders of the Clinton campaign. He was especially tough to challenge Trump while ignoring the crimes of Clinton and throwing her softballs. He clearly was not an honest or fair moderator although he comes across as a polished performer. See video of more election cheating: TRUMP WAS RIGHT! WHAT LESTER HOLT HAD IN HIS EAR PROVED HILLARY RIGGED THE DEBATE by Gary Franchi The Next News Network at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMFtZtd9Am4

Nevertheless, the problem is not so-called Zionists or Jews simply dominating important professions in this country (which they do to an extreme regarding mass media and news media, Hollywood and banking). They also heavily represent law, medicine, and higher education. Rather the problem is a small group of effective Zionists who conspire to put Israel's priorities first (no matter where they live) at the cost of the real national security of the United States. These people actively and intentionally work against the interests of people in this country on behalf of Israel, to the point of treason against the America's real interest. [Note: Israel is a marriage of Jewish Theocracy and a pretend democracy for Jews only.]

Most Jews support Israel but they do not actively and intentionally sacrifice American national interests. But some plenty seem to readily assume these two countries have the "same" priorities (as if there is little room for conflict of interest) when in fact there is a great deal of conflict of interest that is ignored, rationalized or glibly dismissed as non-issues (as a kind self-deceit).

Then there are Jews who support the idea of Israel as home for Jews but who are not happy with the political conditions in Israel (knowing how unfair things are there). They seem to allow for the decade after decade Zionist propaganda storyline that insists the current state of affairs in Israel is the best we can hope for, and because of the storyline that Jews especially have been the leading victims of world persecution throughout centuries of history this is acceptable and necessary.

There are different flavors of attitude by those who identify as being Jewish and Zionist. Still many collectively support the Zionist movement of Israel (which often seems part of a modern identity of thinking oneself as Jewish). Various nuances limn the lines as blurred on being able to legitimately allege treason of sorts on a minority that works behind the scenes and in places of power, such as some owners and editors of major newspapers and TV broadcasting station (feeding their own readers disinformation).

These Zionists traitors are a small percentage of those that live in this nation (but they do exist and their impacts have been enormous).

[Note: TRUTH IS NOT ANTI-SEMITISM no matter how much it is claimed to be. If the "real" history of Zionism has engaged in atrocities and crimes against various gentiles and non-Zionist cultures then people have a right to such facts no matter how badly these truths show the real history of Zionism to have been (a major theme of this article.]

What most people do not know, as so important, is how Zionist history as a movement (and as a history) has been corrupt and terrorist from its inception. Probably about 97% of Americans gentiles and 90% of Jews do not know significant truths of Zionist terrorist history (and corroborating propaganda campaigns that helped instigate violence and helped cover them up). They go back to Czarist Russia in which some prominent capitalist émigrés here in the U.S. (who once immigrated here from Russia) as well as other prominent Jews in Europe helped "fund" the Bolshevik revolution in Russia (and thus contributed to that history of huge and savage massacres against native Russians killing off many of the educated class. This was happening as Zionism was getting its start—even though plenty Jewish Bolsheviks, as atheists and Marxists, did not technically believe in a Zionist cause). See: "The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime: Assessing the Grim Legacy of Soviet Communism" at:  http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v14/v14n1p-4_Weber.html

And "Media Keeps Lid on Worst Holocaust in Human History" by Texe Marrs at:  http://www.texemarrs.com/062004/soviet_gulag.htm or

"Gulags in Soviet Union ~ Jews Run Camps Used for Extermination of Christians" at:  link to friendshipgarden10538.yuku.com

For a fair understanding of Zionism, we need to study its entire history, and not be histrionically focused toward "their" propaganda history about Hitler and the Nazi Party. They demand no one can come up with alternative narratives on history if it conflicts with their mass media accounts.

Whereas today we can witness how much deceit the mainstream media is feeding us. This is something people seldom openly discuss, as if a non-issue. Yet it is apparent (and had been for a long time) both the left and the right, both the old and new media, are still largely controlled by Zionists and Jews. Many leftist and rightwing publications have come out in support of Hilary Clinton (despite how gravely flawed they know her actual history to have been).

Equally their deceit levels have been revealed, as Wikileaks now shows how many news anchors and reporters, the DNC, the government itself, and the polling companies are all in bed with the Clinton family. So if this is today's status quo then perhaps earlier epochs too have created major lies fed to our parents and grandparents regarding a Zionist history?

This corresponds to major news outlets to report fairly on the Palestinian versus the Israeli realities in the recent past. Many support Israel to the point they become actively defensive, or stay silent, on Israel's crimes. Why has this remained such a non-issue? Their strategy is to control the narrative, to silence and stigmatize alternative points of view, and to kill free speech in whatever society honors free speech.

Now they who control the media have heavily put their support behind one of the most corrupt political candidates in American history as to show their true colors. This craziness has so many wondering why—given all the stuff that had been coming out about HC and her career at the State Department. This composite of sins and lies would surely disqualify 99.99% of the rest of the population. Yet she is still being promoted by big media; so then it stands to reason the MSM too is more corrupt then most people had realized.

There has to be some major agenda reason they would go to such lengths, for surely this desperate ploy is not decided by rational arguments or sensible moments of sanity (which you would expect from people who work in the news business?).

When there is this level of out-right lies, and amount of cover-up by MSM silence on highly important issues to the public (also serving up red herring issues to detract from revelations), with the FBI deliberately not doing its job, with a DNC operating from a place of complete conspiracy, one now sees just how corrupt our nation has become.

We understand this pattern has shown itself before but not nearly as blatantly (or compromising all pillars of power and government). Nothing is sacred. The house of cards has fallen and the Queen or her minions have no clothes. Such high drama of corruption and betrayal suggests even more into the future (and it could get nasty for lots people, here at home and around the globe, as the bigger picture unfolds).

It seems the reason HC is being pushed so desperately is because it is assumed she is better for a corrupted Israel, a corrupted Wall Street, a corrupted military industrial complex, but especially her willingness to the Zionist agenda of completely changing the entire Middle East. She is OK with having Sunnis and Shiites at war with each other, as in playing them off against each other, which includes her involvement with more war in Syria and Iran. This is really about Israel's Middle East policy of having various Muslim factions fight amongst each other (and the dishonest ways they are carried out and marketed to the American public). Not much else makes sense.

The War on Terror was concocted as a project for several regime changes for Israel's sake of dominance in the Middle East, and also for international bankers (trying to hold up the Petro-Dollar as Zionists too dominate the levers of power in the economy and the banking industry as well). See: "The Zionist Plan for the Middle East: A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties" By Oded Yinon December 27, 2009 at:  link to www.ccun.org

See also: US Petrodollar Will Collapse, But Will WW3 Come First? How Many More Countries Will America Invade? at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=tightropetb&p=Petrodollar+collapse#id=2&vid=352c294c0839ba4cb9bb2e5e608cf085&action=click
See also: "Israel's Deep Role in Syrian Refugee Crisis: Saga of Yarmouk" at:  http://www.juancole.com/2015/09/israels-refugee-yarmouk.html and:

"Tracking ISIS to DC's Doorstep" at:  http://www.activistpost.com/2015/11/tracking-isis-to-dcs-doorstep.html

To recap, we have a ton of lies being promulgated today for a corrupted Israeli asset named Hilary Clinton (leaked emails show she is an Israeli asset). Donald Trump too has received plenty Zionist money and his Jewish son-in-law wrote his "Israel is God" speech to AIPAC which basically says we need to be even more subservient to them then we already are. Today's reality lies within the context of a history of Zionist betrayal and terrorism, from its inception that needs more awareness. For example, read Alison Weir's book Against Our Better Judgement: How the U.S. was used to create Israel, reference at:  http://www.ifamericansknew.org/about_us/alisonweir.html

Plus, we have very uncertain times in which our provocatively drunken, stoned and stupid foreign policy is directly advocating for war with Syria and Russia. So we, in essence, have a situation that needs an aware investigation by millions of ordinary people because it is obvious our own government is now so corrupted that even the FBI and the Department of Justice are engaging in a Clinton cover up (and not surprising there is plenty Zionist influence in those institutions as well), id. est., America has been high-jacked.

We Americans need to study up a lot more Russian history, as well European history prior to World War 1 and 2, to understand what can happen to millions of people within nations effected by Jewish and Zionist dominated propaganda. When our country is engaged in military excursions (not even legally justifiable) for Israel, and when U.S. companies are expected to sell sophisticated weapons to Israel, and our tax dollars are given to Israel then we have a right to know any and all the realities of how these arrangements are made.

Because now more than ever a similar pattern of propaganda seems to be repeating itself here in the United States. Precisely, Zionist control of the mainstream media news here has been a reality for several decades (and now they are swiftly working to control big and highly important chunks of the Internet) which compounds their overall control (over politicians, institutions and lines of communication).

What most of us have been led to believe about history has is based on certain arenas of structural control of the means of communication. Entire myths are (or can be) created about important historical events by newspapers, political journals, historians (as to who and what will be published), etc. But what if what we have taken as obvious truths turn out to be lies we have been fed as facts?

What if we live in a world of lies more so than in a world of truths? What if we are actually a lot more naďve than what we would ever likely assume? This election is a perfect example of how truths and lies are fighting for attention. Study both the mainstream media and then also study everything you can about the Wikileaks stories that are actually being leaked and covered by non-traditional alternative news media on the Internet, especially those stories that are actually being leaked but mostly ignored, downplayed, or spun by the MSM. You will find two different realities. You will find that the mainstream media is engaged in massive information fraud. But you have to do because it seems the MSM has gotten millions of people sidetracked on sex scandal stories that they are ignoring the deeper and darker revelations from Wikileaks.

Our grandparents and parents were lied to as well. As we are on the cusp of WW3 what we have been taught about the first two world wars was not accurate. Zionist news spin and bias in TV shows and movies has given us a false picture of reality about important parts of history of the 20th century. Millions of us have been brainwashed and we do not realize it.

This wool over our eyes continues to have major consequences, which many citizens do not understand. Insidious propaganda has actually worked to damage our nation's power, prestige, and viability (or at least most gentile peoples' viability including all gentile minorities like blacks, Hispanics, Asians, females, etc.).

Follow all the rhetoric we can from politicians and the media on Syria and Russia' role in Syria and then study alternative media on the Internet and you will learn what the mainstream media and Presidential debates are spinning are very different. In fact, one of the true purposes of political debates is to plant false realities into the minds of naďve voters. We have been consistently being told Russian and Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad of Syria are evil and malignant while American motives are good and worthy of respecting. This propaganda is total bunk. This is why some people are having a hard time understanding why some people respect Putin—when in fact he has been acting like a leader with rational motives (and yes he has been outsmarting the f-ups running the State Department and Pentagon).

The bottom line is you cannot trust the mainstream media.

The Russian government is no longer under the thumb of some of the Zionist oligarchs who worked to economically exploit the fall of Russia when privatization of Communism was an order of business. Equally the Russian government is aligned with Syria while the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia (and once Turkey) and other players have fomented civil unrest in Syria. Yet American media and both major political parties announce lie after lie about how evil is Vladimir Putin and the Russian bear (while it is the U.S, Israel, and Saudi Arabia that has engaged in arming terrorism in Syria to create what they call a civil war).

Again Zionist-controlled media is engaged in lies to promote more war costing innocent people to die. This is to say Zionists have effected several major wars during modern history through their control of the news; and so we need to start counting how many millions of people have died directly or indirectly to the cause of Zionism. This will give us a better insight as to claims that Jews have really been the world's greatest victims of the 20th century.

[Note: This writing is critical of Zionist history so it will be called anti-Semitic hate speech. But this writing is not motivated by hatred but rather trying to reveal truth as to how much actual violence has been acted out by a Zionist movement through its history. Zionism may have started out with good intention and worthy idealism, but has evolved to go seriously astray, and as major threat to humanity in general, that is, while accusing other peoples of hate and persecution and terrorism. If this article was composed of deliberate lies then one could argue it has anti-Semitic motive. But it is not based on lies or questionable motives. It is working to expose lies fabricated now by the Zionist continued control over the United States (but in order to do this people need to understand the larger picture of Zionist history). These are dangerous times.]

See: US Petrodollar Will Collapse, But Will WW3 Come First? How Many More Countries Will America Invade? at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=tightropetb&p=Petrodollar+collapse#id=2&vid=352c294c0839ba4cb9bb2e5e608cf085&action=click

The following two videos will give you a glimpse on how today's world creates war propaganda and how very dishonest it is:

War Profits PR Firm Gets $500 Million To Spin Iraq War with Ron Paul interview at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeVeR9mJWa4

Faked Kuwaiti girl testimony (Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ (Arabic: نيره الصباح‎), called "Nurse Nayirah") at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=A0SO8zzcdfRXQiAAGk9XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0dWgzZ3UyBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjE5MTBfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw--?p=Kuwati+Ambassador+Daughter+nayirah+Lies+About+Babies+Thrown+On+the+Hospital+Floor&fr=tightropetb&fr2=piv-web#id=1&vid=22fe378af93cfc5a68be791a94f371dc&action=view

To directly confront the reality of Zionist control over this nation, via "their" media, and their death grip on Congress, or to claim too many Jewish Americans who have political and media power, are working to harm Americans' freedoms and viability, is to be subject to the worst forms of ad hominin attacks imaginable. They want to kill the messenger and for others to ignore the messages). Of course, such arguments as these, will be dismissed as knee-jerk forms of anti-Semitism (which is routine so you should not be easily deterred from examining the actual messages).

How much power Jews actually have here in the United States (and in several Western other countries) is what is forbidden to be discussed. This is the "too big to discuss" thing (known as the elephant in the small room) you are supposed to remain silent. Everything critical of Israel, Jews or Zionists can be labeled anti-Semitic (and can be banned as inappropriate).

But what if this Gordian knot is not discussed? Could some serious aftermath hurt many people of our nation and the entire world? It seems many things are spinning out of control or going into the wrong directions. People intuitively know things are getting scary. Whereas other peoples and races have been getting hurt in several countries for a long time (unlike placid America).

Everyone knows we live in great challenges that threaten mankind, such as economic and environmental crisis issues (that have less to do with the human politics between groups).

Religious wars and strife need to be set aside so humankind can deal with issues of real magnitude; and yet religious realities are constantly interfering with the rest of humankind's problems (and yes, religions do help provide relief in the form of spiritual and mental comfort on the personal level).

For example, the much of the Palestinian versus Jewish Israel question ultimately boils down to differences in religious belief. This religious controversy has had serious repercussions on a massive scale.

One aftermath of this reality includes hordes of foreign immigrants are flowing into European countries (as George Soros is helping create this scenario with his brainwashing of the European public this is a good and moral reality). This is but one example of how quickly things are changing in unplanned ways. This is clearly related to an ongoing Zionist history.

The Obama Administration and the Democratic Party are also bringing in hordes of un-vetted Middle Eastern Muslims and Mexicans into the U.S. (apparently assuming they will vote for Democrat candidates). Some Jewish activists involved in creating these plans, too, heavily influence such loose and fast immigration policies. We need to look deeper into these issues and see if the political dogma is as true as some insist. It is easy to claim restricting immigration is because of white racism. It is easy to pretend that if you are pro-immigration you are more humane; and yet there are motives touted by pro-immigration that are not as high-minded as some claim. Furthermore all people have a right and duty to question these changes, and to challenge them without feeling they are automatically being racist for doing so (and to learn who is especially behind these changes and to ask why (and to openly discuss them). Read article: "On Jews, History and Refugees" by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. at:  http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/09/on-jews-history-and-refugees/

"History of US Immigration Laws" Pt 1 of 2 at:

"History of US Immigration Laws" Pt 2 of 2

When no one is allowed to openly discuss the extent of Jewish power in the United States, England, France, Germany, etc., or how this power turns to change cultures (not always for the better for the majority) then a real history of Zionism and its propaganda manipulation against other peoples of the world cannot be learned or told. And yet it has become so problematic it must be told.

See: "America's Neocon wars have killed millions and created tens of millions of refugees. It was crazy to imagine that this killing spree would not create a wider contagion, sooner or later" at:
 link to investmentwatchblog.com

Most Jews, themselves, have no idea how badly deceived they have been, from their own co-Zionist propaganda machines, that have given them a false narrative of a Jewish history which claims such an inordinate story of eternal victimization and persecution (especially in Nazi Germany). They too live in the same propagandized world of lies and naiveté that we all do. They too do not much question Zionist control of the media, which has mislead entire nations of people within Western countries. See for example: "140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust & The Number 6,000,000 Before The Nuremberg Trials Began" at:  link to balder.org

And "The "Six Million" Jewish 'holocaust' Myth" at:  http://radioislam.org/islam/english/revision/six_million_myth.htm

Zionist success in coming to dominate a host of Western nations is based on various factors, including their own ignorance within their own ranks (and especially in themselves believing their own propaganda of how Jews were often the world's victims). This willful ignorance and brainwash is what has allowed them to be such an immense force to deal with (as they band so tightly within their own in-group). Most actually, think they are the underdogs and yet they have been the ones to control the power levers.

FOR SOME "JEWISHNESS" IS SO IMPORTANT THAT NOTHING ELSE MATTERS AS MUCH. Having an underdog identity seems better than: "What if I turn out to be just another mere mortal (like those we have directly or indirectly taken advantage since our holy books allow us to treat non-Jews as second rate peoples)? How can I be special if I no longer believe in a victim status identity that keeps me tightly loyal to others who call themselves Jewish (even while I do not believe in the Torah or Talmud)? What identity can I have if I no longer feel Zionism is a just cause?" "Will I have a harder time feeling I'm somehow more special, righteous or superior to other groups that I have generally grown to fear, despise or look down on?" What am I supposed to believe if much of what I have been told about the history of Zionist is built on lies?" What if the pride of being Jewish is somewhat based on a false sense of reality?

Zionist control of Western media began before the 20th century, was actively primed before and during World War 1, World War 2, our illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, recently in Syria. Now we are being lied to us about Russia, Syria and Iran for wars for tomorrow. This is not to say Zionists are solely responsible for these wars. It seems there are many groups and motives to make a war. But Zionists played a very significant part (often covertly) and the numbers who have died are staggering (far more than all Jews who really died in those wars).

Zionist propaganda built the main narrative of what was behind WW 1 and WW 2 and what supposedly happened. There are historians who give alternative narratives, and people need to study these alternative histories (if they seem like they may be credible) in the same manner they study alternative news sources for today's events.

We may have been grossly misled to the real motives of England, France, Russia, the United States (as well as Germany) during both world wars? It is possible—even if one is unlikely to think it probable.

But to pick up any revisionist history that is not approved by the Zionist version of history is considered taboo (and made a crime to advocate alternative histories in some countries) so naturally people will question such a statement as they are not allowed access to alternative explanations (which would seem foreign). This push to conform to a single authoritarian way to think is equivalent to a form of xenophobia (fear of strangers). It is the exact opposite to the spirit of multi-culturalism progressives preach when it has to do with guilt-tripping whitey.

Read: Benton L. Bradberry's 2012 book: The Myth of German Villany at:  https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=the+myth+of+german+villiany

There is correlation between the false propaganda we get for recent war with Iraq, Syria and Iran, and what was created to start the two world wars. This game is played on naďve civilizations over and over again, to the hackneyed rejoinder, "the first casualty of war is the truth". But this is not to assume groups of people are equal in the amount of disinformation (deceit) they create or why.

Listen to this very rare statement about some real truth regarding the American people and our culture, as this well-articulated piece attempts to push back against our leaders (like the insane John McCain) who are pushing for war with Syria and Russia. No one has said it better: Joint Chief Chair: Syria No Fly Zone Results in War with Russia, & On The White Helmets by Sane Progressive at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmAqXKHnsXY

Presidential debates operate as disinformation campaign brainwashing the listening population with lies delivered as questions to candidates and then candidates in turn feed into these lies by enhancing them either through ignorance or deliberation deceit. Hilary Clinton referred to the situation in Aleppo, and the propaganda photo of the 4-year old boy with the bloody face (the one that has been all over Western news to create outrage in our society so as to build support for war against Syria). She goes so far as to suggest military intervention needs to happen soon (and not hesitate like the U.S. did against Hitler's regime). See videos/ articles: The "Wounded Boy In Orange Seat" - Another Staged "White Helmets" Stunt at:  link to www.moonofalabama.org

Propaganda tool? China skeptical over images of Syrian boy as source denies ties with child-killers

Western Propaganda Support Terrorists in Syria

Like leaders within the United States government, Zionists and Israel also have profited from false claims that have "possessed" the minds of the masses. A philosophical (or atheist) interpretation of the idea of demonic possession can be defined as when a person believes lies as being somehow possessed by them in a way he or she is not willing to learn the real truth.

But because people actually profit in some way from believing in false narratives, this is one reason why many, including many Jews themselves, have come to believe these false narratives, and seem to maintain a deliberate desire to stay naďve (and sometimes smugly so). What they currently believe fits a worldview they want to hold onto. They do not want to let go of the false reality because it supports something such as assumed identity (and this too has been, and still is, part of the real problem). Many refuse to investigate arguments that insinuate their takes on Zionist history are wrong. They simply say anyone who refutes the "official" propaganda is anti-Semitic (as they want to believe the lies, at least unconsciously, because in some manner they benefit from them); or they do not trust their own intellect and instincts enough to do their own research.

Plus, there are all the taboos, social pressure, guilt-trips, labeling and ostracism to endure (if not worst). If you do not believe the official version of Zionist-approved history, and are willing to speak out because you realize others are being taken advantage of by it, you are called anti-Semitic, and in some countries committed a crime. This is the real racism in this world—if you are not Jewish than your opinion, and truth, has no significance. Any claims contrarian to the Zionist brainwash is wrong as only Zionists decide and control what is and is not truth (which is why there is more social stigma and laws being legislated here in the United States to destroy the 1st Amendment as well as the 2nd. (And if there is no teeth to the 2nd Amendment the 1st Amendment will not last very long either)).

People raised Jewish are often enculturated to believe their peoples' history has been especially victimized and persecuted. They think this false sense of reality is real: rather it is highly exaggerated; and this somehow gives them some special license over-ride, roughshod, everyone else's rights such as by changing law and weakening the Constitution. Many do not want to allow anyone to speak ill or to criticize anything Jewish, Zionist or Israeli (as all this can be labeled anti-Semitic) and so American politicians are being blackmailed into destroying long established American traditions because of the amount of clout Jews have in our country. Yet they and the ADL cannot understand why people are resentful of Jewish power?

Equally, Zionists and Jews (with an identity as world's most persecuted hanging from their sleeves) sometimes assume an attitude of moral high ground so as to act with invariable right to be the leading spoke-people for all and every alleged injustice against any minority. Since they have convinced many people and themselves that their own minority has been so victimized and persecuted (and in earlier times of history such a case might be made but not during this modern era of Zionism) they have a special status of deciding when others are violating others (or themselves) that apparently overrules other lesser opinions.

What we have been led to believe about the 20th century as opposed to what actually happened is very different (and the reason we have been propagandized so much is because the story of modern Zionism is mostly about them victimizing other peoples (various gentiles).

To date it has been easier to scream guilt-trips, and what is essentially a false litany of exaggerated war crimes against Jews (many willfully believed to be historical truths), then face up to truths about Zionist crimes against many other cultures of people through modern history (such as Palestinians and millions of other Muslims killed or injured in recent wars). Hollywood routinely churns out propaganda films to fit the lies offered at the Nuremburg Trials (trials controlled by Russian Zionists in collaboration of Western Zionists).

Surely, or likely, there has been persecution of Jews (and arguably quite a lot in some cases through some centuries of time) but not nearly as much as what we are expected to believe (at least not simply because these people were Jewish). Nevertheless, they continue to play the guilt-trip card rather than look at deeper issues within their own choices of how they interact with other peoples.

No one is calling for any corresponding investigation into "why" Jews have been disliked, to the point of being expelled from many locations? There is an obvious question that needs asking (and answered): why were Jews expelled from so many locations? More importantly, we need to recognize that gentiles have a right to do their own research on this subject and to reach their own conclusions. More on this later.

Yet it is only because so many have come to believe the propaganda about a Nazi "final solution" and concentration camps with "gas killing chambers" that made it possible for Zionist to feel they must have a homeland and that it must be in Palestine, as an absolute imperative that no one can morally deny or argue. This is one main reason for their own "revisionist denial" revocations of their epithet "Holocaust denial". They have used an elaborate propaganda of a "tragedy of Jewish extermination" (that never happened to anywhere close to what they claim) as an effective way to emotionally brainwash other peoples and countries and to guilt-trip (via control of major newspapers) to get gentile nations to grant them special rights and privileges (and endless concessions). It has been a very profitable game.

Since so many gentiles around the Western world believe in the Bible as a true history (which arguably it is not a true history but rather a product of tribal to nationalist propaganda) such societies have had the vulnerability to believe they have some natural affinity or kinship with Jewish peoples (as in sharing the Bible as similar religion). This perception has been exploited. From Roman history of Constantine onward Europeans have inherited a false affiliation as Christians and Jews, that for many centuries seemed natural via the Old and New Testaments of the same Bible (which alone gave the original Hebrew people of the Bible a special status).

[Note: Caucasian Ashkenazi Jews are not Hebrew people since they had no religious connection to being Jewish until much later in the Middle Ages when they were converted, and they have little to no connection to the land of Palestine. Whereas some Palestinian Muslims would have some genetic connection since that territory when overrun by Muslims in the seventh century, and those living there at the time, were forced to convert to the Muslim religion]. See this joke of a Zionist propaganda video (because the real first neighborhood related to the Bible was in Mesopotamia): Welcome to the home of the Jewish people at:  http://muftah.org/israeli-pr-video-erases-palestinians-history/#.WAR8i8mD-M-

[Note: According to The Oxford Companion to the Bible edited by Metzer and Coogan, it says: "Abraham is the earliest biblical character who is delineated clearly enough ... with world history. His homeland on the Fertile Cresent ... and movements southeast toward Chaldean Ur ... then west to Canaan and Egypt correspond to Amorite migratory and commercial routes. ... He may have been a caravan merchant but the Bible presents him as a pastoralist." So Abraham more or less migrated to a land already occupied (as archeological digs make obvious). But we gentiles are not expected to think very deeply but rather to buy into this kind of puerility such as Netanyahu presenting a cartoon bomb on a drawing, with color, even to Senators and Representatives of the United States.]

Despite such ignored realities from the Tower of Babel of religious identity, over-riding concerns from a built-in paranoia of God's judgements from Biblical literature (as Christianity in particular milks a spiritual terrorism of threat with it judgement day threat of hell after death). This "political psychology" of an authoritarian God judgment allowed for a brainwashing of centuries of Christian believers (who were too possessed by the idea of eternal suffering in hell to find the wherewithal to judge the Bible as true and truly ethical).

Plus there has often been tension between Christians and Jews (and Muslims) because many people were taught it was imminently important to have the right and true religious believe (in order to be saved from the paranoiac threat of eternal fire) and need to proselytize others who were believers of false gods and religions (or sects). Within Christianity there were many battles and wars between different sects (since religion was taken so seriously, and for some, still is today).

Read the following free, online electronic book: When God Became the Terrorist: Traces of the Authoritarian Nature in the Three Abrahamic Religions by William Wraithwrite (you may have to place quotations around the title to find it online to the extent you are allowed to find this seminal work at all). This fascinating book, that clearly and rationally shows how the morality of the Bible is not based on modern or sensible ideas of ethics, but is more closely aligned to authoritarianism. This book, more or less, proves (to people not possessed by irrational mindsets and fears) all three Abrahamic religious scriptures, that still carry so much clout today, were made up by human groups; and this is one reason why people find so many objections against various scriptural statements within these works.

Nevertheless human judgment was magically turned into the "Word of God". All one had to do was declare divine inspiration or direct communication with "him"; and yet the messages they supposedly received seemed so human-like and so political. Then later in Canaan history, after some Diapora from the Fertile Crescent to land of milk and honey, and after a mythmaking of one Moses, a tribal god, that is someone claiming to speak for Yahweh, claimed certain land rights against all the peoples and tribes who already lived there. Yahweh demanded ancient Hebrews, supposedly coming back from Egypt (good story telling) kill off or enslave other tribes of ancient Canaanites (thus this "war propaganda" was fobbed off to ignorant masses, then as today, century after century, as the Word of God and is purported as exceptionally moral. Such propaganda myths eventually made their way into books of Biblical Scripture and became officiated religion; but frankly it was all poppy-crock (and always has been).

And now Zionists kill off millions of Palestinians, steal their land, bulldoze their homes, bomb their hospitals, doctors and ambulances, destroy their power plant, bomb neighborhoods, tear up their farms, etc., etc. They claim the entire area is their birthright because their God promised them the land of Eretz Yisrael thousands of years ago. We naďve sheeple are still supposed to naively believe all this Biblical hype?

Nevertheless, Judeo-Christian history has allowed for a special status to Jews even as the Old and New Testaments created tensions from interpretations of "the politics" of what took place within recognized Scripture, that all originated in the Middle East, as it is still often read as "Gospel Truth". It was more likely the slow drip of history being modified to suit certain peoples' preferences of what they wanted to believe. See: "US Leaders Aid and Abet Israeli War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes against Humanity" found at:  link to jurist.org ... to understand the complete double standards of the Zionist mindset.

But despite what amounts to be a war against free speech by Zionists around the world, we will continue to examine and question some of the more taboo subjects of Zionist history. We will witness a very different set of conclusions—the main one being it is Zionists who have victimized other peoples in many countries, far more in number, then anything close to what they claim to have suffered in the last two centuries. And this case is hard to argue only because to be critical of Jews, or Zionists or Israelis is to be called anti-Semitic and a disseminator of false ideas—period.

If there were no propaganda war against competing ideas to Zionist take on history, then revisionism and so-called denial all these decades of propaganda, could be shown untrue quickly and easily using rational arguments (in tandem with how often the media lies to the American people today and especially during this election cycle). See:

"Zionist Israeli's panic Over Internet Reaction To Zionist Crimes" at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJgnjew1CSw

"Criminalizing Criticism: A Zionist Project - An Analysis" by Lawrence Davidson at:  link to www.intifada-palestine.com

Laws Against Holocaust Denial at:

Also see: "Israel Campaigns Against Global Free Speech" at:  https://alethonews.wordpress.com/2014/11/15/israel-campaigns-against-global-free-speech/

The facts are on the side of the truth tellers but "if" truth tellers are depicted as hate-mongers, anti-Semites or foolish liars then no amount of quality argument will much matter. Why are there so many ad hominin attacks on those who criticize Zionist political motives or agendas? Kill the messenger and ignore the message (blame Russian hackers if Trump manages to win, and if leaked emails show HC /DMC totally corrupt (with a new twist of "How can you trust emails that have passed through Russia?). Russia did not have the big motive to hack into various state voter rolls and purge Bernie Sanders voters; but who would have benefitted from such a move during a primary and nomination process?

Anti-Semites (as they are smeared by those who control huge segments of the mass media) may present very worthy and sincere arguments but when they attack the person rather than the arguments themselves (which they want to censor and outlaw so people do not get much chance to even think about alternative views) then audiences need to be educated to these realities. See: The Jewish Control over American Television at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrSbD9szfZXmEcA4nBXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEybDcxY3A1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjE5MTBfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Zionist+Control+Over+Zionist+History+Propaganda&fr=tightropetb#id=7&vid=0c79183f98f4548cd1e860273c5a34b7&action=view

"Who Runs Hollywood?" at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/video/play;_ylt=A2KIo9Y6wtRW_D4A2CYsnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ--?p=Who+Runs+Hollywood&vid=71851c361b09527327af7c348ca6e1de&turl=http%3A%2F%2Ftse3.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOVP.Vdb38a632992bf1113b574dbf46ac93db%26pid%3D15.1%26h%3D168%26w%3D300%26c%3D7%26rs%3D1&rurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DRP6ytyB2IVo&tit=Who+Runs+Hollywood%3F&c=0&h=168&w=300&l=129&sigr=11bttiar4&sigt=10jnpacos&sigi=131l17mvr&age=1436006295&fr2=p%3As%2Cv%3Av&fr=yhs-mozilla-002&hsimp=yhs-002&hspart=mozilla&tt=b

What is never stated is an obvious truth: one real and important reason Zionists, the Zionist movement, Jews and Israel gets a lot of bad rap and allegation is because they actually earned high levels of bad rap and allegation (that often happens to be truth even as Zionist supporters adamantly deny it). Naturally, they do not want the world to know the many crimes that have happened along their wake, as to what they have really been up to the last two decades (and may be leading to soon here in America) that is done in their name (including they do not want their own Jewish people to know the real truth). This is the reason they have to find so much phony emotional blackmail material to guilt trip the rest of the world year after year (and Hollywood movie after Hollywood movie). They want to maintain their special status that their cohorts have worked so hard to establish writing history (in which no others peoples have ever suffered as greatly). So we need to study more about the spirit of Russian and Balkan Marxist red terrorism whose peoples morphed into Zionism (as how it operated more like a gangster movement even while being an idealist movement of realizing conflicts with peoples of different religions and intergroup rules and behaviors). No one to allowed to reveal gangster aspects of their modes of operation because if they are known as gangsters (rather than special status chosen people of the Bible) few would feel protective of their special status, since "the mob" deserves bad rap allegations for doing horrible things. See: Israeli Terrorism Against Americans by Live Leak Duke Truth at:  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=042_1376148589

The great unwashed masses have a hard time entertaining any idea they have been so badly fooled for so long through decades (especially by emotional manipulation of how Jews have been persecuted and murdered in great genocidal numbers, and in tragic and brutal ways) as Zionist history stories have been deeply planted and taken for granted. See: The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering by Norman G. Finkelstein at:  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48836.The_Holocaust_Industry

[Note Norman Finkelstein seems to believe the Holocaust happened but he is very aware there are a number of Jews living today who are exploiting this perceived reality (and that alone should tell you something). See also:

The USA is Owned by Israel at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrSbD9szfZXmEcA4nBXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEybDcxY3A1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjE5MTBfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Zionist+Control+Over+Zionist+History+Propaganda&fr=tightropetb#id=31&vid=7a152b474389044690db28c33dc4bd78&action=view

Jewish people, and especially the State of Israel, have benefitted from this status of being the world's victims (including financially with reparations to Holocaust survivors). So when confronted with contrarian facts that create cognitive dissonance, even if they logically and cogently refute the established lies of Zionist controlled media and Hollywood notions long established and reinforced, they argue any person presenting contrarian ideas must be crazy or his or her motives must be in some way evil.

But one reason why it is so critically important today to have this discussion of Zionist power and domination of our nation is because one real reason there is a massive (and corrupted) movement to destroy the 2nd Amendment, via the use of faked, (yes 'faked') terrorist mass killings like Sandy Hook and Orlando Pulse Club "false flags" is because more and more people are slowly waking up to the fact that it was Israel's government that perpetrated the 9/11 attack on U.S. soil (as Zionist terrorism in disguise of Muslim terrorism).

And the reason this allegation may seem shocking is because Zionists who control the American media have been giving us the false narrative from day one (all the while Israel has been pretending to be our great national friend).

It is really important that you do your own research on whether the State of Israel was behind 9/11 because this will give you a clue as to what we are dealing with, and why strange things are happening here that do not seem to make sense, such as an irrational support for a women like Hilary Clinton, not to mention possible World War 3 as related to Petrodollar politics. Killing people and starting wars to stay in power is nothing new.

Plus our own politicians, who are under the thumb of AIPAC, are constantly telling us how much this country needs to be concerned about Israelis' security and be solicitous to their concerns (over our own). Politicians like Hilary Clinton deliberately put Israel's priorities above our own country's which is one reason she lies so much to the American public about foreign policy. She can't admit she has been helping betray her own people.

Another red flag, as equally, Donald Trump too gives speeches about how America will be even more loyal to Israel if he wins the election (as his story is not so much lies as it is naiveté).

What is all this subservience to Israel but some grossly naďve relation through a Bible of centuries past? Jewish history in America started with "their" slave trade that they dominated. Their first settlements here were from places like Brazil (where Christians were trying to make them convert to Christianity). Now why would they first arrive here from slave trade areas of South America and Central America? Nobody says a word. Never happened. Hollywood says Christians did the slave trade—end of story. Everything contrarian is attacked as anti-Semitic or smothered via censorship.

Nevertheless Clinton is clearly their puppet and she has proved her value as to them; besides it is not easy to nurture this valuable of a corrupt of an Israeli asset (although it seems natural to her nature—she is pretty schooled in Machiavelli). Donald Trump is too unpolished and too un-colleged to ever be the kind of sophisticated liar that Hilary has proved herself to be par excellance.

Insider Zionists are alarmed many (but not enough) people are slowly waking up to Zionist control of our government, our mindsets (via their domination of the news) and how Israel culture is exploiting our tax dollars with a phony wars against terror (meant mostly for the benefit of Israel and some other Middle Eastern countries as Qatar). Ron Paul would agree these wars have been supremely profitable for investors of the Military Industrial Complex and a newer Surveillance State Complex (likely also heavily invested by Zionist investments and banking interests)).

They do not want gentiles especially to own guns because people are angry at our government, for a number of reasons; and they are aware people are learning about all the corrupt stuff that has been going on (and now explosively coming out such as through leaks). So this government, under Zionist and Israeli control, has been deliberately creating phony mass shootings (as media events) to argue we need more and more restrictive gun laws (as the real intention is to slowly get "all" the guns piecemeal until Americans are pretty much totally vulnerable and controllable as in able to be arrested if they rebel). Why did a newly leaked Podesta correspondent email say: "It would have been better if the shooter had a white name" (read: "a white Donald Trump supremist and Tea Party patriot group name"). Most people do not see a larger and dark possibility, that some want to argue "homegrown terrorist groups" should include patriot groups (like the Bundy brothers) who would protect the Constitution with gun powder if necessary (that they want to have a legal pretext to take away guns not just from Muslims but from gentiles). There still is a shallow side to Fox News and Megan Kelly.

Read: A Letter Regarding the Orlando Pulse Club Incident to the LGBT Community of the United States and Elsewhere. This article can be found on the Internet and it goes in depth on this subject of destroying the Second Amendment while U.S. police departments in the United States are being militarized, and integrated to a centralized federal level, in order to be able to spy on citizens, via an evolving Cheka soviet style police state. This includes fusion centers in many large cities via a nefarious Department of Homeland Security (DHS) apparatchik. Connected to the National Security Agency (NSA) and ability to collude to political and mainstream media megaphones there is a new driving need to be concerned about "homegrown terrorists" which internationalist Zionists first label as being Muslims, but more and more are now starting to want to name white, gentile nationalists.

But before we go on with anymore allegations we need to start establishing some of the claims already made. You (reader) are strongly*!* encouraged to do your own research. People are not inclined to believe conspiracy theories especially if the mainstream media and the government are said to be involved. By far most people believe both Sandy Hook massacre and the gay Pulse Club was really shot up and if you tell them otherwise they act as if you are nuts.

Dare to check out some of these so-called wacky ideas. Get on the Internet and research: "Sandy Hook faked killings?" and "Orlando Pulse Club faked false flag?" There is a lot of "citizen journalism" stuff on the Internet that never will appear in the controlled mainstream media, and some of the better stuff from the Internet clearly proves both of these events were faked as they used "crisis actors".

Never underestimate your naiveté.

Do this in a sincere way (if you really care to learn some scary truth). President Obama is now claiming our society needs to have some center of censorship that can validate claims made about reality. See video: Corporate Media Ignores Evidence of Hillary Clinton Campaign Criminality & Plot to Frame Assange by Sane Progressive at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9aaazT1fG4

[Note: The Sane Progressive is a thoroughbred of mind and soul. She deserves far, far, far more coverage than what she has been able to garner in this hostile environment of truth versus lies). People routinely pay for newspapers that lie and give nothing to the truth givers on the Internet. If you are convinced of nothing else in this essay—consider stop paying the obvious liars and contribute to fledgling upstarts motivated by their hearts and souls.]

The Orlando shooting and the Sandy Hook shootings (events having nothing to do with the Sane Progressive praised above) were staged performances for important reasons. You may understand the purpose for these events was to justify more gun laws, as you read in newspaper articles citing these specific events to change laws.

The "real" reason for the 2nd Amendment is to be able to protect self, family and group from hostile political enemies, including and especially when governments themselves go rogue (which they have done quite often through history). Gun rights are not primarily about the right to hunt game or even to protect self from individual criminals—they are about the right to protect citizen groups against governments that have become corrupted or tyrannical (a truth that has played itself out all through history and even before guns existed).

People should be scratching their heads, that they would actually stage fake events that include some selected local, state and federal public agents, and that includes the MSM to fool the American people?

The idea that the government and media are both colluding against common people on this issue is not an easy rumor to believe, and all people have a right (and a duty) to be skeptical; and should be from both sides of the chasm (and on every and all allegation).

But you should also be humble enough to do your investigation research if you have doubts and integrity.

Furthermore, if people really knew the true story of how many despots our own U.S. foreign policy has corrupted and assisted in crimes against their own people (over several decades) they would 'never' trust this country's political classes. We already have a long history of assisting tyrants kill their own people around the world.

Two examples are death squads in Guatemala and SAVAK torture of Iranians (with help from the Israelis who also 'routinely' torture Palestinians). . Google: "SAVAK Iran CIA and Mossad". See also: "Israelis at Abu Ghraib?"

And if you are paying attention there are more and more acts of censorship taking place in social media and video sights like YouTube.

You need to study what you can still learn because this electronic technology has been a gold mine that has been able to evade Zionist control up to this point (and many other censors worldwide—monopolists hardly ever want to share power and critical knowledge).

Here in America some work to destroy free speech on the Internet under the banner of self-righteous causes like "safe-zones" for identity politics basket of vulnerables, who claim they have a right to not be criticized. See video THE INTERNET TAKEOVER IS HAPPENING by Stefan Molyneux at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwRA-zAbx1k

So you absolutely need to understand the Orlando and Sandy Hook killings never happened and the whole show was a deliberate fraud, and there are important reasons why people would go through such deceitful lengths.

Political lies are deliberately thought-out as engaged acts of deception (psychological operations or "psych-ops") meant to create real consequences.

And as equally important you need to realize both our government, to the highest levels, and the big mainstream media are both in on it (including some anchors who ask questions at Presidential debates)! This is how corrupt our country has become (and yet it has been this way for a long time but only getting worse).

This is also the reason you must investigate the truth behind the DNC stealing the election for Hilary Clinton (with the use of media and the federal government not arresting her for high crimes).

See the new bio movie Snowden by Oliver Stone. Even if you know the story (spun in many ways) you can get a good sense of a mere human against the titanic odds and the truly Orwellian nightmare capacities of electronic technologies (as many of us have taken the status quo too complacently). The corruption levels equals the empire levels. This is big drama and a great biographical movie.

The Orlando false flag was so badly done, as a faked event that it needs to be studied by all people who automatically reject conspiracy theories. If you truly want to know how corrupted America has become the Orlando story is a good tip off point to investigate for yourself.

Yet it must be emphasized that it is not true most insider employees of local to federal government are corrupt. By far, way over 90%, most government employees are good and ethical people; as well plenty who work the mainstream media are still true patriots.

Regarding Orlando, if the Orlando event was a real crime scene, in which 50 people died from gunshot wounds and another 53 people were wounded, you would see a "lot" of blood—it would be everywhere (but there is none on MSM live video footage). You would hear non-stop ambulance sirens and see them frantically moving in and out of the crime scene. And they would be filmed both on TV cameras and on cell phones. If you googled "Orlando Pulse mass shooting" and clicked on 'images' you would see photos taken from inside and outside (and smartphone camera technology is very keen). And likely you could hear actual incidents as well. Where is it?

Instead the mainstream media feeds us some TV news interviews that are weirdly surreal (like a worried mother of one gay son whose paternal identity turns out to be pretty surprising from the patriotic citizen journalism growing on the Internet that reveals how phony her whole charade—and these interviews are with MSM news anchor icons that we all know).

As you check out the "citizen journalism" and alternative investigation journalism you intuitively realize these so-called gay witnesses talking to reporters about the event that 'none' of them authentically sound like they just went through a harrowing ordeal of mass murder and mayhem. None of them sound like they were traumatized. It is really bad acting—as in way too nonchalant. The whole scene smells of something very, very dishonest (even as the entire controlled mainstream media and major news channels goes along with this bad acting). And there are scenes of footage that show beyond doubt the "whole" scenario was faked. And what you must understand is that 90% to 95% of Americans and TV viewers take this event as reality—that it happened as the media reported.

Gays especially should be outraged at this attempt to manipulate their biases or prejudices and political clout. We need more citizen investigation to get to the real story. There should be at least 60 ambulance eyewitnesses. There should be one hundred or more hospital employees as eyewitnesses. There should be at least 30 morticians (actual dates of wakes, viewing hours, funerals (beauticians that specialize in funerals, cemetery plots, tombstone orders, medical examiners, flower arrangement stores, after funeral family and friend dinner catering. Was there open casket—they can't all be closed? Because the footage is so questionable, people need to follow up to verify. Simply having a few names listed on national websites for a few funeral homes websites with incomplete data cannot suffice. This whole things was a lie (and it is far from a singular false flag) yet it is sourced as a reason to get more gun law legislation passed such as in California this year (based also on other false media / government events). The politics of gun control is far deeper and more serious than what a majority of people realize. Read Garry Leech's "The Hypocrisy of Obama's Gun Control Crusade" at: Real Independent News and Film:  http://rinf.com/alt-news/latest-news/hypocrisy-obamas-gun-control-crusade/

It is easy to think conspiracy theories sound too crazy to believe. It is hard to understand that one's entire basis of trust in the media and in American political institutions, including politicalized education, are not reliable (as public education has become more politicized on many levels).

The fact is institutions do become corrupt. We see it all over the world in our own life times. Edward Snowden showed that what were called conspiracy theories are now conspiracy truths; that is before he became famous and infamous. Prior such rumors were creations of conspiracy nuts. Wikileaks shows us America's institutions are corrupt. So does undercover documentary James O'Keefe ProjectVeritas.Com videos (the MSM ignore). ProjectVeritas.Com is a must see for everyone.

The movie Snowden, as historical set of important events, comes off as a great spy novel (as it very real and ongoing). As a movie, it has a very well done screenplay with great acting, and shares the ambiance of a spy's world with bewildering realities of modern technology. This movie helps understand Edward Snowden's personal motivations told against all the slanderous accusations from the powers-that-be (with live footage of our politicians lying to the American people as actual sequential news events, including actual statements by both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump who both strongly speak against Edward Snowden (and this should worry all voters who care about justice)).

At least socialist Bernie Sanders "buy-votes-with-free-college" sided with Snowden. Sanders, despite his free-give-away-promises would have been a far better choice than Trump or Clinton for some reason (and Trump would be better on economics and maybe foreign policy depending on his advisors). Congress would never have passed Sander's free college or complete cancellation of student debt.

Sanders still bears a huge responsibility for leaving us with these two bad choices, as his stupidity and stubbornness, as a long-time committed Democrat insider, didn't have the courage to address the DNC's corruption (nor be open-minded and flexible to join Jill Stein and the Green Party). This is more understandable as things are winding down now as we are getting more insight into the criminal nature of HC Campaign and the DNC. People claim he had a bruise on his face the day he endorsed Hilary at the DNC Convention that supposedly was not there the day before (as if someone got to him)?

Still his choice to campaign for Clinton is despicable. His treason still is as bad as the Supreme Court calling George W. Bush the winner to be President that brought in so much disaster. So we all have been Feeling the Bern because we were burned in very terrible ways. See: California Reveals Mass Election Fraud; Hillary Clinton Nomination a Coup at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seezeYXdWO8

Freedom in our future history will dwindle ever more giving us no real choice beyond the lesser evil (as both Clinton and Trump are going to support a police state and Israeli domination (and likely more terrorism). Trump is going to spend more for the military, even if he is less inclined to go to war (he can be manipulated in many ways).

Snowden's revelations are only part of a larger picture. We do live in dark times as many intuitively understand; but few want to delve the more threatening and politically incorrect realities around us. Few people (you real deniers) have the courage to dare to look into matters that show how badly played many of us have been into our adult years.

We live in chaotic times and destructive times, World War 3 is likely not far away. Some power players want to eliminate large chunks of the world's population as what they see as the only practical solution to some problems. World War 1 and 2 were also about economic competition, political power on the grand chess board, gaining world resources such as oil and agricultural lands (now Ukraine), settling old scores from previous wars, and populations getting too big. Banksters and war profiteers were making all manner of money. There was much criminal motive. Millions of innocents died in horrendous ways.

See: "Hellstorm - Exposing the Real Genocide of Nazi Germany" at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/video/play;_ylt=A2KIo9bZScVW1DgAoHksnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ--?p=Video+Hellstorm+%E2%80%93+Exposing+the+Real+Genocide+of+Nazi+Germany&vid=ee9acdb892a1a03ef3c65089d1a845de&turl=http%3A%2F%2Ftse4.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOVP.Vf569f36f3148890b9f5b7a86c82395fb%26pid%3D15.1%26h%3D168%26w%3D300%26c%3D7%26rs%3D1&rurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DwcFoOxyQURw&tit=Hellstorm+Exposing+The+Real+Genocide+of+Nazi+Germany&c=0&h=168&w=300&l=5421&sigr=11be5phoj&sigt=11k0fc7ou&sigi=131eihdm2&age=1430595105&fr2=p%3As%2Cv%3Av&fr=yhs-mozilla-004&hsimp=yhs-004&hspart=mozilla&tt=b

"1945 The Savage Peace - BBC Documentary" at:

"Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950 (Eisenhower's Death Camps)" at:  http://www.whale.to/b/starvation_of_germans.html

It is very important to understand that white gentiles of similar ethnic and religious background were "propagandized" into war against each other. Propaganda is a very powerful weapon. It can be used against anyone. When people are naďve a sliver of crafty individuals can lead the masses over the cliff. This is why we need to be very astute to understand how propaganda is being used against our own people here in America (right under our own noses).

One example of this phenomenon is how Zionist funded, nonprofit organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claim to be the experts in defining who are racists and extremist groups in this county. Another Zionist-funded organization, namely Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in tandem with ADL, actually work, in a de facto sense, to create prejudice against white, gentile men who are critical of Zionist control of America, by stereotyping them as Neo-Nazis, KKKs, terrorists and crazies, etc. (and granted there are racist, angry, and nationalist peoples who actually are racist, etc.). Still the brush they use to paint this scheme is very broad and some think deliberately so as a form of reverse racism (and for political ends as gentiles want their country back and feel this government is so corrupt that revolution might be necessary). This explains why Jews are leading the campaign for gun laws. See: SPLC To List White Lives Matter Movement As HATE GROUP at:  http://www.govtslaves.info/splc-to-list-white-lives-matter-movement-as-hate-group/

The Department of Homeland Security was a product of Israel's 9/11 attack on the United States, and that attack was also on our Constitution rights via the Patriot Act and the newly created massive Department of Homeland Security now used to spy on the world including Americans (including and especially those who challenge Zionist dominance of our Government). They do not want anyone interfering with an Empire policy of dominating the politics of the Middle East (and equally many other countries around the world).

If Zionists do not dominate this country why are they fighting so hard to get their candidate HC into the White House (even when a lot of people see through her "care for the world" cover that has been exposed so well)? Why do they continue to cover for such an obvious liar (such as how adeptly she converts to lies about Russian hacking and all manner of accusing Trump of lies)? She lost the American public when she makes blanket statements like "... everything Trump said is not true... " during a debate (as many very well know from the Internet what he says is mostly true).

Americans are being indoctrinated by Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, in which 'controlled' moderators bring up topics they state as if factually true (but often are lies based from previously spun news propaganda. This indoctrination is used to condition the public to believe and accept certain policy priorities.

One of the latest spins is to include supposed facts that insinuate some white, gentile, patriot groups (often Christians) are a threat to our country (as maybe "homegrown terrorists").

And what better way than to have both Israelis, and Zionist counterpart organizations, like Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and more recently established groups including "within" the Zionist control of the Department of Homeland Security, spy on so-called white, supremist, racist groups (their labels) and to make it a goal to take away these true nationalist patriots guns by saying they are on the terror watch lists? This is because Zionists at the DOJ, FBI and DHS can put their names on such lists, by way of bogus criteria advocated and pushed by SPLC. Read: "Kiss the Founding Fathers, your freedom of speech, religion and due process goodbye" by Sword At-The-Ready, found at:  link to investmentwatchblog.com

If you express hostility toward the government, you may be considered an enemy of the state. These are dangerous times and this evolution is not an accident. One paragraph from that interesting and important essay reads:

Indeed, there is a long and growing list of the kinds of speech that the government considers dangerous enough to red flag and subject to censorship, surveillance, investigation and prosecution: hate speech, bullying speech, intolerant speech, conspiratorial speech, treasonous speech, threatening speech, incendiary speech, inflammatory speech, radical speech, anti-government speech, right-wing speech, extremist speech, etc.

It becomes more and more difficult to remain a free nation or to refute false narratives when Zionist propagandists are labeling large chunks of some of the most patriotic groups of Americans potential terrorists and fascists. The masses within the rainbow coalition take these insinuations as true—like: "... half of Donald Trump's backers are a basket of deplorables".

This reverse racism happens because of the guilt-trip about Nazi Germany. Google: "list of places Jews expelled?" and you will find on one website a list of 109 places since 250 A.D., going back to when they were expelled from Carthage (as yes many of those places are in Europe and related to Christian peoples). Germany is listed as 108th. The website Eretz Yisroel.Org has listed even earlier expulsions than Carthage?

Nevertheless very intelligent and sincere 'scholars' have questioned this phenomenon as to why Jews have the unique capacity to be rejected from so many places (expelled by a variety of cultures) and yet such writers (gentile writers especially) and their websites are labeled "anti-Semitic". This is supposed to be end-of-story—move along nothing to see here. So these sincere scholars websites are equally labeled such by Zionist censors.

Does any other ethnic group (from which there are literally hundreds across the planet) claim being expelled from even a dozen other cultures throughout history? This statistical anomaly is so massively huge one has to wonder "that not only should people around the world have the right to challenge Zionist propaganda on World War 2 Germany, but should have a right, and arguably a duty, to question the entire question of Jewish victimization. How could this anomaly be so aberrant to the rest of humanity? What does this really entail? There could be entire departments of research and scholarship around such an strange phenomenon.

Why should Americans tolerate the stopping of a class at a University of California Berkeley, regarding Palestinian History, simply because some argue it is anti-Semitic? Rather we should be encouraging a whole new diversity of studies that delve deeply into questioning various 20th and 21st century narratives (especially those that have come to dominate our society as well as those in Europe).

[Note: We must get the word out no matter how large the media-controlled Goliath. Please help spread this essay to other people. The odds are actually against us, as Zionists really do dominate our country. They have created the concept "Zionist Occupation Government" conspiracy theory entry on Wikipedia. They label what are often enough truths as lies. They attempt to discredit whistleblowers who are shedding light on their lies that pretend to be truths, against our truths they readily label as lies, but they dominate the printing presses and the TV stations.]

Gentiles do not control the money and banking system of this country. Gentiles do not control the big mass media. We have far less influence manipulating investment markets (or allowing a crash in the economy). We have less say on foreign policy and war. Gentile whites do not have control of the levers of political power—not like AIPAC. Many of us do not hail from a privilege of urbane sophistication in big cities (and magnet schools).

It is true Donald Trump is bit too much bombastic and egotistical as Zionists try to claim he has white male backing from those who never attended (or finished) college, implying the less intelligent and less educated are backing him (as also implying the more educated are not). And this statement is more or less true as there are a lot of the working class people backing Trump (30% of Americans have a college degree).

Meanwhile there are lots wealthy people backing HC (and they do not all have college degrees). A larger percentage of Jews go to college than the rest of the white population.

There are also lots from the middle class backing Trump (and there are intelligent whites backing Trump because of some of his actual policy issues (even though he seems to be boorish and not very diplomatic). We citizens don't really have much to choose from to get a viable candidate that can win.

Sanders could have won had he the soul to join Jill Stein and the Green Party (but he ended being a traitor to his constituency in a tragic way). Besides what sane person would even want to be President of this country? You have to be somewhat crazy even to have such an ambition. If you are waiting around for Mr. or Ms. Perfect you will be waiting until death.

Still many think anyone who votes for Trump is more or less stupid. No doubt Jews have higher percentages of college degrees; but the real reason Jews back HC is because she is loyal (an Israeli asset) to Israel and Zionist control. She is closer to a Jonathan Pollard than any Founding Father or Abraham Lincoln who was a Republican (and she may have leaked more than Pollard if that is possible).

In fact, how much Israelis spy on the American government, and our society, is one more important subject seldom discussed? Read: Spy Trade: How Israel's Lobby Undermines America's Economy by Grant F. Smith 2009 Institute for Research: Middle East Policy

Modern Zionism as a history started getting legs in the 19th century toward the end of the Czarist Russia. Zionism has some connection to Marxists movement in Russia and Europe primarily evolving from Jewish populations in those same parts of Russia and Europe. Communists of the early 20th century and Zionists of the later 20th and 21st centuries have enacted some of the most atrocious crimes against humanity throughout this frame of time.

This includes using proxy armies today, such as troops from our United States, which are being used to take out the democratically elected Bashar Assad government in Syria; as was recently used in Iraq to destroy that country and severely damage their people and society with various concocted excuses (as propaganda lies). Both advocated and demanded by Israel.

This inhumane pattern of very bloody and very brutal history continues to magically blame many other ethnic groups for crimes their own have committed (to the point no one is even allowed to talk about it or them).

Is this the kind of pseudo-freedom we want exist?

The real reason there are a lot of so-called anti-Semites is because there have been a huge number of Zionist victims, and finally some of the blind sheeple are waking up as the wool is being pulled from their eyes.

Speaking unpopular opinion is becoming banned. Psychological blackmail claims people are "blaming the victims". This was a sophisticated game, which mostly worked throughout the Western world up to this point.

Now their plan is to take control of the Internet. See how Israeli citizens censor the Internet on this video: Israel's Internet Info-Invasion - Keeping Wikipedia & The Internet More Zionist & Balanced In Nature at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrSbD9szfZXmEcA4nBXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEybDcxY3A1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjE5MTBfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Zionist+Control+Over+Zionist+History+Propaganda&fr=tightropetb#id=29&vid=505fe7e8b1a05456d05044ff9b3e386b&action=view

If you think it unlikely evil things may be lurking into the future consider competent historians have understood there has always been an astonishingly evil side to human history. Never underestimate how corruptible is the human race especially the political side to human affairs.

No matter how smart you think you are, no matter how grounded you may think you are grounded in reality—NEVER underestimate your own naiveté. Never underestimate your complacency. Most people do not come out of an American school system prepared to process all the propaganda they will be hit with on a daily basis. Critical thinking and skeptical question asking are not considered American character traits. We have lots of intellectually smug conformists in this country (even in the Mensa circles).

Factions of ideologues within are "conspiring" to change the legal parameters of our Constitutional Bill of Rights and status as supposedly a free people. If you do not have the valued instincts to know something is deeply wrong (with the amount of deceit being leveled at us from all sides) you are in trouble (as even many of us who have a clue could be even in more trouble for speaking out).

Meanwhile individuals within our government and Pentagon are actively trying to start a direct military intervention against the Russians and Syrians; that is while the U.S. government is bankrupt and over-extended as the entire economic system cannot be sustained.

Israeli-friendly Ashton Carter, Secretary of Defense, has been making highly provocative threats for several months. New ones like: "NATO is to review its nuclear playbook to deter attacks by Russia" and "The United States needs to be ready to engage in possible nuclear confrontation with Russia" creates today's backdrop. Whereas State Department spokesperson John Kirby said: "Extremists could attack Russian cities and even shoot down Russian jets if Putin continued fighting and bombing in Syrian" as a veiled threat.

First of all Russia was invited to intervene in Syrian affairs, as an ally, by the democratically elected President Bashar Assad; whereas the United States and NATO and other countries were not invited to create chaos, create extremist groups and instigate civil war there from outside actors.

Secondly Russian attacks have focused on the ISIS groups that the U.S. gives lip service to denouncing as terrorist enemies (even while our government is secretly funding them, arming them and training them in order to have them take out the democratically elected leader of Syria). See: Joint Chief Chair: Syria No Fly Zone Results in War with Russia, & On The White Helmets by Sane Progressive at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmAqXKHnsXY

ISIS to DC's Doorstep" at:  http://www.activistpost.com/2015/11/tracking-isis-to-dcs-doorstep.html

See also: "Proof CIA created ISIS" at:  http://investmentwatchblog.com/proof-cia-created-isis/

Read: "ISIS Psyop Reaches New Heights: Now Offering Western Mass Media Story Analysis" by Bernie Suarez at:  link to www.activistpost.com and

"Israel the Main Buyer of ISIS Oil — Report: Multiple reports claim that Israel is the top purchaser of smuggled ISIS oil" at:  http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/israel-main-buyer-isis-oil-report/ri11633

Also google: "Fake ISIS beheading videos" or "Fake James Foley beheading" etc., and you will learn 'several' of the ISIS beheading videos, taken at face value by the mainstream media, were faked, and some of those fakes were done by Mossad agents at the Site Intelligence Group (as well as other intelligence groups via private companies). We are being played by an orchestra. See: "Probing SITE Intelligence Group" at:  http://www.activistpost.com/2014/09/probing-site-intelligence-group.html

Here is a video supposedly hacked from John McCain's computer: "James Foley ISIS "Execution" Studio Production" at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba3oFSgG3wk If this doesn't make you think to question authority nothing will.

They in power clearly lie about what is going on outside the United States to citizens within the United States; so what would stop them from lying about events within the United States to this same audience? Why would they go through such lengths to create false terrorist events (more in number than Orlando and Sandy Hook) to create two false impressions. (1) Muslims from the Middle East are often dangerous, fanatical and hate what America supposedly stands. (2) Lots of people killed in random mass shootings are victims by assault rifles (which is not statistically the case at all). Most murders by guns, by far, are with ordinary handguns. These faked events (not saying they are all faked as some are true events) along with some true events being blamed on the wrong terrorists are used to confuse the public. The secret goal is to target assault rifles as the bad actors (to be banned). By far regular handguns are used in murder. Why then the big hype?

The real goal is to eventually take "all" guns from the American public so average citizens cannot protect themselves against a tyrannical police state government, such as one controlled by Zionists.

And the glaring irony is, while Jewish leaders are leading the march for more restrictive gun laws (that they publicly claim are for common sense answers to real problems) we also have a political reality of much military high-power assault rifles and machine guns and billions of bullets moved from the DOD to police departments and state national guards across the country (Google: "DOD program 1033" and you can see it is not just about taking citizens guns but it's also about turning police departments into brigades of war machine.

Equally our government recently destroyed the Posse Comitatus Act which was the law of this country for many decades basically separating police and military functions, by keeping military affairs outside the territory of the United States (unless our country was invaded). Instead in the last years there have been "many" military practice drills carried out across this country. See: "In Whose US? Machine Guns, MRAPs, Surveillance, Drones, Permanent War and a Permanent Election Campaign" at:  link to www.truth-out.org

Concurrently the Department of Homeland Security has ordered, to purchase, up to 1.6 billion (yes billion) bullets. That is several bullets for each American—and plenty of those bullets are hollow point killer bullets not used in target practice. How ironic this Empire is acquiring enough fire power to kill the entire population several times over, while law-abiding citizens are being deprived their rights of self-protection, from such a government that cannot arguably justify these huge ammunition purchases? And they say we should not be suspicious? Sheeple maybe it is time to wake up?!

Why are certain prominent Jews leading the call for more gun laws (and equally using political proxies like Congressman John Lewis and Hillary Clinton? These clarion calls for more emergency gun laws is primarily because of a small Jewish people who have convinced other Americans such measures are a good idea. This is not an anti-Semitic accusation. It is fact as it is truth (and it is happening within the context of faked mass killings within our country and in other European countries. Study the full story of Operation Gladio.

If you feel a need to verify whether Jews have been leading this march, see the following references (and they are worth reading for their insights):

Who is Behind Gun Control? at:  https://thezog.wordpress.com/who-is-behind-gun-control/

Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun control campaign at:  link to www.theoccidentalobserver.net

Also google: "Video Jews Lead Gun Control Charge" (long http://... reference) and "Video Jews and Gun Control" (long http://... reference) and

Question of the Day: Why Are American Jews Pro-Gun Control? at:  link to www.thetruthaboutguns.com

After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns by Rabbi Judah Freeman  http://jpfo.org/alerts2013/alert20130102.htm

JPFO WHITE PAPER: Why Jews Hate Guns: Are they right? And who are The Shomrim? at:

[Note: these last two citations are from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership: JPFO (a website showing there is even a big divide within the Jewish community, as they also discuss the hypocrisy of so-called progressive Jews hell bent on stifling gun rights here in the United States).]

It is fair to allege some American-Jews presume themselves to be paternalistic, as intellectually and morally superior to the rest of Goy, gun-happy America, within a broader notion of urbane, city dwellers (cultivation that includes loads of political correctness) and being ever so keener than hicks from the hillbilly way-back (or northerner versus southern illiteracy). They just know what is better for everyone (especially since they pretty much control this culture and as it falls free fall to third world status).

Anti-gun activists overtly argue stricter gun control is logical and necessary since we are having a phenomenal 'multiple-fold' increase in mass killings here within the United States, which begs for something responsible to be done, even more restrictive changes to the laws that already exists.

But Lestado Codicus, on December 3, 2015 at TheRealStrategy.Com wrote:

... Using a Stanford Study to show that the average amount of mass shootings prior to Obama's election was 2.5 per year... .This year the total is 14.4 TIMES HIGHER than the average in 2008. Either everyone is losing their minds this year or many of these events are what I like to call a false flag.

Now especially since 2001 (and a full blown police state which has since followed) there are likely more sinister reasons for further gun restrictions than Jewish paranoia of goy populations (this is a majority of Jewish Americans who do not know the truth of Zionist terrorist history and feel they are especially vulnerable (same assumption from propaganda about Germany).

What is not being reported by a plethora of Jewish news anchors, at the national level, is that recent mass killings were mostly faked events.

To underscore their truer aim, what is claimed as reasonable changes for today, is but precursor to more laws tomorrow until the equivalent of draconian ends are in place, through a gradual amelioration process (as we well note there is already far more than better background checking on their agenda).

The 'high' and rather 'sudden' increase in mass killings over the last half decade is far from statistically probable—a phenomenon which itself should be investigated by curious and investigative minds. Why a sudden increase? Are there any so-called conspiracy theories that could help explain this sensational reality—other than people jumping on the ban wagon? Why also the general increase of emphasis on gun related deaths when over-all violent crime has been going down save where black gangs kill each other in big cities?

Also, why never any mention many gun deaths are actually about suicide (which should be a human right)?

[Again: You should not be deterred from examining any "conspiracy theory" (even if many people use this label disparagingly, in attempt you not examine such) because 'every' theory and sub-theory deserves its own evaluation. It is within our human nature to theorize. And it is well-established fact that the nature of human-kind routinely engages in conspiracies and various forms of corruption.]

When you restudy some of the great atrocities of crimes against humanity that happened in the 20th century (carried out by militaries with guns and by political factions with guns, ****who first took guns away from their citizens****) you need to feel the hairs on the back of your head standup.

If you have any questions about the gun laws and the gun debate watch the following two videos: "MOLON LABE - How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom" at:  link to undergrounddocumentaries.com and also:

Innocents Betrayed by JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYkO_3dZAYg (a truly eye-opening and important documentary by Jews who know the truth and are not acting as Israel-first Zionists playing divide and conquer strategies against gentiles).

After watching the above video (everyone should watch it) you understand the deeper realities. Now that you have a clue, you really need to ask "Why would people work so hard to take away gun rights?" Obviously, there is something deceitful and potentially very threatening going on?

2nd Amendment advocates and Patriot and Tea Party groups that Democrat and Zionist controlled leftists groups are constantly demonizing have every right to be concerned about various radical changes some Zionists are trying to force onto the entire American public by manipulating the MSM and our politicians.

The Patriot Act certainly wasn't patriotic. Ever since 9/11 (that Israel perpetrated) (and you need to do your own research on this allegation) our rights and freedoms, especially our Constitutional freedoms have been ignored by a Government that acts above the law.

Every red-blooded true American should be enormously concerned about this state of affairs—including all white gentiles as well as white Jews (the large majority of Jews are Caucasian and not Hebrew).

This recent talking point about "If your name is on a no-fly list then you should not have a right to own a gun" is a new theme in this election debate cycle. It is important to emphasize this political insider truism (especially when coming from the HC camp). We are learning how very corrupt her party (as it is being exposed daily). This is historical and such correlation matters.

More gun laws may sound like a reasonable idea (under these concocted circumstances); but we have no idea who decides which people are putting what names on such "secret" lists of potential terrorists (or any possible way of being removed since we are not even notified).

One name: George Orwell. Two words: Wake Up.

We need to contextualize this political agenda of potential "homegrown terrorists" (and if this is a repeat it is so because it really matters). Read: "Kiss the Founding Fathers, your freedom of speech, religion and due process goodbye" by Sword At-The-Ready, found at:  link to investmentwatchblog.com

Indeed, there is a long and growing list of the kinds of speech that the government considers dangerous enough to red flag and subject to censorship, surveillance, investigation and prosecution: hate speech, bullying speech, intolerant speech, conspiratorial speech, treasonous speech, threatening speech, incendiary speech, inflammatory speech, radical speech, anti-government speech, right-wing speech, extremist speech, etc.

Think about it. Broad strokes like this can have a lot of innocent and well-meaning peoples' names put on a no-fly list, decided in secret, by groups not elected or publically known (and likely heavily influenced by special interest and dare one say Zionists (who are behind the war on terror, the Patriot Act, false flags as staged events, and leading the role in restricting gun rights. Plus they have little regard for the 1st Amendment.

If you are denied your right to buy a gun (or bullets) in California you might be told why? You could suspect you are on such a list, but currently there is no way of finding out if you are officially on such a list. Sound problematic?

Do you think one mere ego like a Donald Trump tower can change a reality like Zionist history of victimizing Russians, Ukrainians, the Germans, and various Muslim countries? If Jews in Germany were so quickly willing to turn on gentile Germans how can we assume such a reality is not as likely with American gentiles. Seriously people we need to be contemplating these realities (especially when there are clear indications of war with Russia via Syria by Neo-Con-Artists maintaining control of the Establishment).

Goy, gun-grabbers with a grudge, are people who should be suspected as being potential 'extremists'. They need to be spied on by a government controlled by outside forces (because they might understand how they are being undermined).

Liberal Jews like Amy Goodman at Democracy Now, in connection to Zionist organization Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are either deliberately or inadvertently assisting zealous Zionists to find ways for the DHS bureaucracy to spy on law abiding Americans like the Bundy brothers who have a beef with how the Constitution is being ignored.

They freely and willingly label our own people (who are just as American as anyone else, and who do not have issues of dual citizenship) as racist terrorists (George Soros likely again heavily involved). They are attacking people who truly care about the Constitution, States' rights, true independence (that Ron Paul would espouse). They broad-brush us as "nationalists" "white supremists" "KKK" "Neo-Nazis" etc., and claim we are "dangerous elements" in this country. We are the threat (when in fact we are the minority standing up for our national integrity).

This is similar to the deliberate deceit and crime committed by Scott Foval, Field Director at Americans United for Change, who was being paid by the DNC to bus in "crazies" at Trump rallies to incite violence (as to make it seem Trump supporters were the one's inciting violence. This was done by underground investigative journalist James O'Keefe. He has several videos on the Internet about DNC corruption and the mainstream media has been ignoring it. His videos along with the Wikileaks is making the HC Campaign bigger than Watergate. This smear campaign paid for by the DNC was meant to paint Trump supporters as racists and fascist (and yet they employ the very brown shirt tactics people have blamed on the Nazis). Google: "Project Veritas Action James O'Keefe" to see how far the Democratic Party will go.

Meanwhile Democratic leaders want to ship in all kinds of foreign peoples into the United States, who have no previous loyalty to this country (and cannot be properly vetted). This is the equivalent to saying a biological system does not need an immunological system, so the label anyone opposed as racist and narrow?

So in truth, at the cost of repeating, SPLC, in connection to another Zionist front, namely the Anti-Defamation League or ADL (which is a Mossad front) both play a big role in readily inviting the FBI and other government-related professionals to spy on gentile patriots—that is Americans who mostly raise 'legitimate' political issues). Equally, the Study of Hate and Extremism, at California State University in San Bernardino is led by another Zionist named Brian Levin. Levin too claims to have some superior judgment so as to decide who are the haters and who are righteous complainers. All three of these non-profit groups are run by Jewish people—is that just coincidence? Together they are trying to create a stereotype that white gentiles who are tired of white Jewish control of our country and federal government are somehow evil, extremist, etc. The fact is Zionists have enormous influence in many important agencies like the DOJ, State Department, DHS, the White House, and also over so many of Congress (AIPAC derriere kissers), along with even more Zionist control at various State governments, such as those trying to ban the BDS movement on campuses (destroying free speech) and getting tighter state laws against guns).

So if you are opposed to those who are destroying the 1st and 2nd Amendment then you should be legitimately spied on by our government and be placed on watch lists and banned from flying or owning a guns?

If they think they are going to push a HC/ TK presidency down the throats of the American public they might be surprised.

See "Tracking Patriots Like Terrorists: • Justice Department, Southern Poverty Law Center team up to target activists, anarchists" By John Friend — See at:  link to americanfreepress.net

Just because the Southern Poverty Law Center says there are hundreds of hate groups we Americans are just supposed to believe them? Surely there is anger and resentment as what some people could label hatred (look at all the hatred against whites and police acted out by George Soros funded Black Lives Matter). Anger, resentment, and hatred is as human as is love, peace and respect. There is a big difference between feeling animosity and expressing outrage and making criticism versus engaging in crimes of violence because of such feelings. Newspapers and other mainstream media news stations who are deliberately engaged in deceit against one candidate to give a false narrative and to invite such hatred and animosity are acting out forms of hatred.

If people are lied to about how Donald Trump has engaged in abusing women (knowingly lying) in order to invite hatred of Donald Trump—then this is abuse and criminal. To a large extent this is what has been going on (because the allegations come with almost no evidence in several cases, as some are quickly debunked, others are left as open question mark, but there are enough red flags to see a pattern of disinformation and deliberate intent to mislead the public.

It is truly amazing to see how much hatred there is from leftists and Democrats for Trump. Not many seem to notice the double standard. And certainly if people threaten others those others are going to react as if they feel threatened (unless you feel threatened by Zionist domination—then no matter what you do or say you will be labeled as the worst of the worst.

THERE SHOULD BE LAWSUITS FILED AGAINST THE REVERSE RACISM FROM JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS WHO TAKE SO MUCH OF THE LEAD ON DECIDING WHO AND WHO IS NOT AN EXTREMIST, SUPREMIST OR TERRORIST HERE IN THE UNITED STATES WHEN IT IS OBVIOUS THER COVERT GOAL IS TO BRAND WHITE GENTILES AS RACISM. This is completely unacceptable. Jews have no right to claim a need for an excess of paranoia. Real Zionist history tells us other ethnics groups have at least as much right to be paranoid of Israelis and Zionists (and people who go along with their manipulations).

These types of organizations even get education organizations, such as colleges and public libraries to restrict access to viable websites with software that censors lists provided by these Zionist organizations. They censor some websites that offer intelligently and rationally written commentary but the statements are critical of Jewish power, Jewish double standards, etc. and that is what makes them racist. Whereas, you can criticize gentile groups all you want and no one actively starts campaigns to have you censored? No one is invited the federal government to spy on you and to have you put on secret lists that could be used to discriminate against you or violate your rights.

There are not many Zionists here country who complain about stereotyping Muslims as racists, extremists or terrorists. This is certainly not a priority for the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League or Brian Levin's Study of Hate and Extremism group (because if it were there would be a lot more Zionist names and political groups being covered and written about)? Rather they list a few loners like Pamela Geller who are but a drop in a bucket.

So it seems obvious trenchant allegations made against the Zionist cause, no matter how true, or how well argued, or how diplomatically stated, can, and often will be, dismissed as blatant anti-Semitism, and all manner of censorship will be attempted.

The same thing is happening with the Internet in general. You try to reach a controversial website and you may be met with a warning that such a site is known to advocate hatred (or is unsafe) or you are simply blocked access. Who determines these things? This is serious interference with academic learning and free speech.

Colleges and libraries are institutions paid for by all taxpayers (not just Jews although one lever of power can be who donates to colleges, etc., and threaten to cut off funding).

Also Zionists have a lot of control over police powers at the national level (and likely State levels). Study who is on powerful Congressional Committees. People like Arlen Specter, Joseph Lieberman, Bob Graham, and Diane Feinstein all chaired the Intelligence Committee. Michael Chertoff, Janet Napolitano headed the DHS. Numerous honchos at the DOJ, State Department, FBI, Pentagon, CIA (and think tanks) are Jewish and Zionist.

Meanwhile, it seems to be the case, this country is run more and more like a Stalinist, Cheka police state. Granted no mass killings or work camps have yet evolved; but if that were a secret goal for some the levers of power are certainly being put in place for what could be such an eventuality.

The fact that such realities have happened before in history, such as so many millions of Russian citizens murdered and some brutally should make people nervous (as many killed and imprisoned and tortured were Christian).

The Department of Homeland Security has tentacles everywhere. It has become an uber-centralized, spy government which could one day lead to secret arrests, imprisonments, tortures, deaths etc., that is, once guns are no longer a major issue (as Americans currently do own a lot of guns).

And now with the latest propaganda of Russian cyberattack the DHS wants to supervise voting across the nation. Now that the DNC has successfully conspired to steal the election, first from Sanders, and soon from Trump, using their endless capacity for propaganda to warn of Russian attacks (more false flag incidents to take away more rights—this time State rights).

Republicans have equally jumped from Trump to Hillary Clinton. They have been a one party system of filth and corruption for so long they simply cannot accept new operators coming in and making change against their enormous power to steal from the American taxpayers.

It is not who votes, and how people vote that most matters: but who gets to count the votes and how honestly they do it. Given how corrupt things are at the national level can Americans actually be sheeple enough to allow the Government to be involved in vote rigging? All you need to do is study the Wikileaks from the DNC leaked emails and it is obvious how corrupt are the national levels. If the FBI was doing its job there would be a lot of white collar politicians going to jail right now.

Snowden revelations versus DNC credibility—can you decide?

Anyone who does not think the DHS could become a kind of Police State, even to the point of the notorious Bolshevik Cheka, with so much red terrorism on its hands, must be kidding them-selves. Why so much military hardware and killing machines transferred to internal police departments and state National Guards? Why billions of bullets to agencies within the DHS? Why has "not" Obama killed off the Patriot Act and instead been extending it by signing the Patriot Sunsets Extension Act of 2011 as they continue to collect every kind of data about everyone thus gaining a huge proportion of information on every citizen while the government itself acts with more and more secrecy? Why is not Guantanamo closed? Why is Bradley Manning, a hero, in prison? Why has the politically elite of this country been involved in so much corruption around the entire globe as they routinely kill off masses of people in other countries (while lying about their motives)? Why were, supposedly thousands of, Muslims secretly rendered overseas to torture sights?

Arguments made to create the Department of Homeland Security were similar to those to create the Russian Cheka. And circumstances surrounding the Patriot Act, such as it was actually created way before 9/11, and the latest version was printed off (and not read by Congress or their staffs) the night before Congress signed it (and railroaded through law under suspicious events of Anthrax letters) all point to question marks.

This super-hugely expensive "security bureaucracy" we now, adding billions to the national budget, that eats up enormous amounts of wasted taxpayer dollars (and Israel's security industry has a big stake in it). This too is another Ponzi scheme to milk the average American and it could end up killing off an educated class like what happened in Russia that killed off landowners and that aristocracy.

Israelis are even allowed into American "fusion centers" here in U.S. cities, supposedly to spy on Muslims who live within our country. What is stopping them from reading white gentiles emails and websites visited? Furthermore the Israeli government is allowed to tap into all NSA data! See "NSA feeds raw intelligence data to Israel" at:  https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2013/09/13/surv-s13.html

The DHS was brought into being by people like Joseph Lieberman (and run by people like Michael Chertoff, whose mother was an early agent for Israeli Intelligence, and is clearly loyal to Israel, who basically blocked any possibility of real investigation into 9/11 evidence when he was Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Investigative Division of the Department of Justice).

If you want a clue as to how Israel really operates read Le Carre's The Little Drummer Girl (in which in his Preface he expresses "special gratitude" to General Schlomo Gazit who was once chief of Israeli Military Intelligence).

Both political parties have been operating from a high level of lobby bribery, as corruption, for a long time (similar to the Clinton Foundation which can help explain Beltway mentality).

Something is rotten in the state of Demark (and Belgium where our State Department has been pushing NATO to create all manner of trouble for Russia and the Middle East).

After we Americans had been inundated with MSM versions of 9/11 that amounts to one long continuous lie they now are pushing a new twist (led by Zionists Senators Chuck Schumer, Bob Graham, Joseph Lieberman, etc.). They are promoting the idea that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11, based on some obscure (redacted) missing 28 pages of an Intelligence report, as Congress has now passed a new law that encourages 9/11 survivors to sue Saudi Arabia).

This of course has very heavily alienated our relationship with a main OPEC country that allows the Petrodollar to thrive and significantly props up our economy and military (not to say some Middle Eastern countries do not oppress women and homosexuals—but if the class is Palestinians that is sweep under the rug). We have sabotage and stupidity within (or are some deliberately trying to crash the world economy for a new horrible aftermath reset).

If Saudi Arabians had any sense they would buy up thousands of copies of Christopher Bollyn's two books mentioned above, namely Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World and Solving 9-11: The Original Articles and give copies to survivors of families who lost lives from Israel's terrorist attack on the United States on 9/11. They could also share copies with other important people around the world. Surely, Saudi Arabians could afford a measly one million dollar book deal, as gift to some Westerners. Call it a birthday present. This would be helping the entire world against this phony war on terrorism without going through some shady foundation.

[Note: Read investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn's two books as they each have a lot of exclusive information and yet together they contain a "lot" of specific research material. Not only do they reveal what really happened on 9/11, but many Zionist who were behind it, as well as those who helped cover it up, and equally those who used the terrorist event to push for their goal for a War of Terror in the Middle East (id. est., Western countries using Western resources to fight Israel's enemies). How convenient? And checkout his website at: www.Bollyn.Com.]

In MSM there is no mention of the two very Zionist-connected judges in New York, namely Alvin K. Hellerstein and Michael B. Mukasey, who completely frustrated and deliberately thwarted many 9/11 survivor plaintiffs from filing discovery procedures and proceeding with lawsuits against ICTS, the Israeli airport security company of Boston's Logan airport at the time of 9/11.

This is huge crux of problem—Israel runs companies and fronts in our country, like airline security companies which are closely tied to the 9/11 event, and our government has been building a security infrastructure to spy on Muslims and Americans (but not the people who actually attacked us)?

All you have to do is google: "9/11 Israel" and you will find a lot of stuff you will never learn from the MSM (especially since the news empire has lied to us from day 1). If you study this issue long enough and with real intent on knowing truth it become pretty clear how much we have been deceived (continuously) and how it was the Zionist controlled media perpetuating this lie onto the gentile majority (including a majority of American Jews who equally do not know (but many are not especially interested to know)).

9/11 was a "false flag" operation and if you do not know the concept "false flag" you need to study it online. Watch 2 of the 4 listed videos below:

#1) James Corbett: When False Flags Don't Fly

Video #2) False Flag operations exposed (Video)

Video #3) America's False Flag Attacks | Brainwash Update

Video #4) 9/11 - False Flag Operations Explained

AIPAC controls both houses of Congress, and now through boozy stupidity of the Washington Beltway they are helping destroy our nation's ability to get along with many other countries. Why should we allow Zionists to determine our country's relationship with various Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia? Granted they have no saint's track record but does America?

More and more countries and peoples are rightly angry at the United States and our foreign policies and our actions such as spying on the entire world. Pretty much the entire world is tired of being pushed around by Washington D.C. All these factors should indicate to us the United States close relation with Israel is bad news.

The reason we are currently threatening Syria and Russia does not have anything to do with America's national security. Rather this dangerous situation is being driven by mostly Israel and Saudi Arabia.

It seems our own leaders, like Ashton Carter and John McCain, are deliberately destroying the Petrodollar deal that keeps our own nation from collapsing into a huge and deadly economic collapse. It is as if they are deliberately trying to destroy this nation. An economic collapse could readily turn factions of our own people against each other with riots and pandemonium (Soros and Democracy Now instigated race riots everywhere) if we are not destroyed by war-head missiles first.

This could happen because the Democratic Party and Zionist strategy os to rule in the United States by a divide and conquer strategy (including blacks against whites). See: Black Lives Matter: Truth and Consequences by Steffan Molyeoux at:
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XK0JahijK4 or

My Thoughts on Black Lives Matter | StateOfDaniel at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL1iXIxqKVM

The Truth About The Keith Scott Shooting and Charlotte Riots by Steffan Molyeoux at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UVh4fyiqF8

Challenge to Black People (Run the criminals out of your neighborhoods) at:  http://patriotrising.com/2016/07/13/challenge-black-people/

Exposed! Who's REALLY Behind Black Lives Matter, Major Meeting On Funding Groups at:  link to investmentwatchblog.com

One exceedingly dominate narrative we have been fed for many years, is, not just that Muslims were behind 9/11, but they are behind "most" of the world's terrorism. We have been subject to decades of propaganda campaign depicting Muslims as crazy zealots and terrorists. Read: "Pro-Israel Organizations Fomented Anti-Muslim Hate Spreading Across America" at: http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/new/?p=4100#.Vti_ZOZbqM8

"The Main Purveyors of Islamophobia" written by Hillary Smith at:  http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/new/?page_id=167

Consider book: "Evil" Arabs in American Popular Film: Orientalist Fear" by Tim Jon Semmerling. This book is described as: "A timely look at American popular films made between 1973 and 2001 that use Arabs, their landscapes, and their cultures as villains—and what these depictions of "evil" Arabs reveal about American fears and insecurities."

Better yet see the eye-opener documentary video based on this book that includes live snippets from many Hollywood films, google: "Reel bad arabs - How hollywood vilifies a people".

So too we live in an ocean of propaganda lies in which Israelis and Jews are continuously the victims of un-justified violence acted out against them. They do no harm unless justified as fair self-defense. Just ask Zionist fanatic Alan Dershowitz.

Moreover, because of decades of this kind relentless propaganda Zionists have been able to define Israel's enemies as America's enemies. How convenient is that?

Get this as plot: Israel secretly attacks the United States on 9/11 and all is blamed on Muslims. Then they get the United States vast military apparatus to attack Israel's enemies in several countries (and to reopen the Heroin trade in Afghanistan (as billion dollar secret slush fund). Destroy several countries in the ME and anything once assumed as normalcy and stability. Cause massive migration of foreigners elsewhere to cause turmoil in Western countries. Handover tax dollars to those non-economic assets for votes to corrupt political parties. Build a huge state apparatchik of a spy on everyone police state. Steal elections. Lie and blame it all on the local opposition.

Meanwhile Israel never shows any respect (which frankly many of our politicians do not deserve) while demanding more and more free financial and military aid from this nation adding more injury and insult to even the most dumb-downed. Then they complain about an increase in anti-Semitism?

The United States is also a terrorist culture because not only do we carry out violence for those in power here but we also carry out violence on behalf of Israel; and yet Israel's terrorism against our country is how Israel motivates our leaders to engage in violence against their enemies. This is possible because a large part of American public is brainwashed to think Muslims who are the terrorists.

Google: "Zionism and terrorism" as you can learn this connection is true reality, before Israel ever declared itself an independent state in 1948. And yet many people and many Jews continue to be dismissive of this important history in the last 150 years (to the extent they are even made aware).

For example, on the first page of the preface of Benton L. Bradberry's 2012 book The Myth of German Villany (a highly researched book) he writes:

"Germany suffered more than any other country by far as a result of World War II. Some 160 of her largest cities and towns were completely destroyed by the Allied bombing campaigns and more than 21 million Germans lost their lives as a result of the war. Yet no one wants to hear their tales of suffering, and no sympathy has been allowed the defeated and disgraced Germans. The anti-German propaganda has cultivated the general feeling that they got what they deserved."

This book is a must read for people seeking truth and trying to get more perspective on an era that has been dominated by Zionist control of Western the media news, TV programming and Hollywood (that has made many movies about the Nazis that are basically composed of propaganda lies). Yet these movies and the newsprint have been the very bone marrow of what many of us have come to believe as truth. As children we were being programmed by Zionist propaganda as the real history of Europe. See: Study of Holocaust mandated for school by Anna Patty of The Sydney Morning Herald at:  link to www.smh.com.au

Bradberry's book The Myth of German Villany will challenge much of what you believe about World War 1, World War 2 and blaming Germany for everything bad in both wars. One example was arresting and concentrating prisoners that really focused on imprisoning Marxists, who were a very real threat to Germany at the time (78% were Jews). These agitators were arrested because they were Marxists who were actively threatening the State. Propaganda by Zionists in Western and Russian media claimed they were arrested and concentrated because they were of Jewish decent.

The Myth of German Villany is a very eye opening book. It deserves a read especially since it is fighting for such a minority outsider position. Very interesting book, And there is a lot corroborating research found elsewhere by sincere truth seeking and truth telling writers and speaker (but they get either no notice or negative attention from the Zionist control on much of the media). Some have even been put in prison for speaking their opinions in European countries. See: "Laws against Holocaust denial" at:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_against_Holocaust_denial

See also: "Israel Campaigns Against Global Free Speech" at:  https://alethonews.wordpress.com/2014/11/15/israel-campaigns-against-global-free-speech/

Here is a recommended video list for those with a fearless quest for Truth Most of these videos you can find somewhere on the Internet—although you may need to work a bit such as to enclose in "" parentheses or try various search engines:

Auschwitz: Surprising Hidden Truth
David Cole in Auschwitz
Judea Declares War on Germany
The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth
The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax
The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax
One Third of the Holocaust
The Great Holocaust Trial (1985)
David Irving - The Biggest Lie
David Irving - The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History
David Irving - Churchill's War
David Irving - Smear Campaigns to Stifle Truth in History
Fred A. Leuchter Gas Chamber Expert
Doug Christie (The Lawyer Who Defended Ernst Zundel) on "Crossfire" 1985
Sylvia Stolz - Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial
Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps
Ernst Zundel in Conversation w/ Dr. Fredrick Toben
Ernst Zundel - Interviewed by an Israeli journalist (1996)
Holocaust, Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid?
Spielberg's Hoax - The Last Days of The Big Lie

There were millions of Jewish survivors. Statistics were fabricated as to how many Jews actually died during that time. There is plenty of 'credible' evidence put out elsewhere (such as videos listed above) that collaborates Bradberry's book, such as when he argues there never was a Nazi policy of a final solution for exterminating Jews.

Yes, many Germans feeling exploited, feeling betrayed especially after learning the truth of World War 1, and having thousands of revolutionary Marxists posing as real threat, did want Jews to leave Germany—but that is not the same thing as having them killed. They cooperated with a secret Zionist Haavara agreement to allow them to leave Germany from 1933 to 1939 when the war began (with some of their wealth transferred to banks in Jerusalem) in which 60,000 were shipped to Palestine.

Also we are not told in Zionist propaganda, or history classes, it was World Jewry that declared war on Germany in 1933 when the propaganda machine started cranking up. See: "The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany: The Economic Boycott of 1933" at:  http://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/archives/articles/jdecwar.html

See for example: Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel by Alison Weir, see: http:/www.IfAmericansKnew.Org or  http://www.amazon.com/Against-Our-Better-Judgment-History/dp/149591092X

People who call attention to different interpretations of Nazi Germany are called "Holocaust deniers" (and they are outlawed from having an opinion in several European countries). Imagine making it a punishable crime for having a revisionist historical opinion—in which many sincere scholars have been ostracized and imprisoned—this is the Zionist legacy of the Caucasian world (that is coming to the United States and faster than you think).

Even Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War was considered historical revisionism as that is what historians do by nature—except you can't do that with World War 2 because the Zionist movement has used their power to write the narrative, to control the Nuremberg trials narrative, to manufacture false evidence, to create the story of gassing to death of millions of Jews in Polish concentration camps, etc. This was a political strategy to first escape culpability and then later to use as a way to garner sympathy for Jews in general, as reason to justify taking Palestinian land, to justify having the nuclear bombs for Israel but no other Middle Eastern country, and to justify their huge military clout. Equally, some gain a windfall of millions and millions of dollars as reparations monies from countries like Germany (to Jews who just happened to have been in those countries at the time) etc.

The Holocaust story has been one huge shakedown and incredibly profitable for some Jews. Of course, many want to continue the propaganda war lies as truth (it is the foundation of the Zionist project of creating a Jewish State in Israel).

Those gas chambers connected to concentration camps found in captured Poland by the Marxist Soviets (who themselves murdered millions and were covering up their own atrocities). They were chambers used to "de-lice" prisoners to stop the spread of typhus within the camps a disease that was killing thousands, as their bodies which became emaciated (not from deliberate starvation but from the disease).

The reason why their hair was cut off and their clothes and shoes were taken before being gassed (that did not kill them) was equally to separate out any lice. They were given other prisoner clothing on arrival (Zyklon gassing was a positive step to improve health).

Deniers or revisionists are really the same as whistleblowers.

Naturally, they are despised and discredited. They are blowing the whistle on foul play. This is how Zionists control of the media has been so profound for decades. They crafted a cogent story of hideous hatred and monstrous claims of genocide acted out in dozens of Hollywood movies. The movies seem so real. It is hard to believe much of this was war propaganda (extended out to the present as real history) for Zionist goals.

The Internet is the real revolution. It has greatly changed the balance, so they are also motivated to censor and control the Internet. Hence sudden cyberattacks on social media by Russia. Opportunity to change the way information is allowed to flow to and from average Americans.

Zionists are not used to the idea of not controlling the narrative. They have controlled the media in several Western countries for decades. They know if people actually get a real history many are going to be very angry (as they rightly should be).

Soon you will not be able to publicly allege that Israel was behind 9/11 (even if there is a ton of evidence that makes it conclusive). Any assertion from this corner will it be called anti-Semitism, and not only will it be labeled a hate crime, but you could be ostracized and publicly humiliated with false accusations, or lose your job because of political pressure. You could be alienated from your social network and support systems. Public relations forces, both formal and informal, will blackball you as anathema, by the politically correct, the politically naďve and nervous, and those who reside in false reality camps.

You could also be arrested, imprisoned, if not murdered or worst.

People refuse to believe it could get as bad here in the United States, even though they understand some in other countries have suffered under forms of political terrorism in the past.

But this is why they need to study the history of Zionism for themselves, as a broader story, as millions and millions of people have already died, been imprisoned and worked to death.

This is not to argue there is some already formulated history already achieved. Rather this is invite to all camps to say the story given bears greater attention, by all kinds of gentile peoples, many who have been effected, and many who have suffered consequences. If this subject is so taboo maybe it needs some serious attention?

It should not be understated how much false propaganda was used in England and the United States to get Caucasian peoples here to kill off other Caucasian peoples in Germany. English Normans were motivated to kill off Germans (and very viciously). This deserves some thought and research.

It took a ruthless propaganda machine to persuade the American and the English people to hate the Germans and be ready to kill them off as evil.

Consider the lies we were fed about Saddam Hussein and Iraq, and those being fed to us these very weeks about Syria today? All manner of lie used today to discredit Russia. People who create these arguments that you read in newspapers do not care about human life. They do not care about suffering and baby-death propaganda lies to motivate entire countries into attacking other countries. This is par for the course.

See: Dr Paul Craig Roberts: WE ALL MIGHT BE DEAD SOON at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAPBKWxqlaQ

See also: Joint Chief Chair: Syria No Fly Zone Results in War with Russia, & On The White Helmets at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmAqXKHnsXY

When the Germany invaded Belgium Zionists were churning out propaganda that German soldiers were raping women and throwing Belgium babies in the air and catching them on their bayonets as the marched along singing war songs.

Recently we have a media blitz of the "Allepo child survivor" image used as propaganda for more war in Syria - not less.

This is after the United States has had 1000 bombing sorties already in Syria (in a country that has had 100s of thousands dead). How many graphic pictures of photo-journalism do we see in the media as the reality of our war in Syria? Very few. The we get this highly propaganda story of the Aleppo child with blood on his face?

This is in context (and Hilary Clinton) that United States companies sells weapons to so many countries and dictators. This is after Madeleine Albright said the price was worth it to 400,000 Iraqi babies dead because of American sanctions.

Prior to illegally going to war in Iraq in 2003 public relations firms were paid big money to come up with propaganda to sell the war with Iraq (both the wars in Iraq and Syria were for Israel). The faked Kuwaiti girl testimony, in which she pretended to have been a nurse and eyewitness to seeing Iraqi soldiers killing babies, was created by PR firm Hill and Knowlton as "Nurse Nayirah" gave this phony lie to a U.S. Congressional committee. So often are war lies about killing babies and so often is the purpose for such lies to go to war to kill thousands and millions more people. See: Faked Kuwaiti girl testimony (Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ (Arabic: نيره الصباح‎), called "Nurse Nayirah") at:  https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=A0SO8zzcdfRXQiAAGk9XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0dWgzZ3UyBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjE5MTBfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw--?p=Kuwati+Ambassador+Daughter+nayirah+Lies+About+Babies+Thrown+On+the+Hospital+Floor&fr=tightropetb&fr2=piv-web#id=1&vid=22fe378af93cfc5a68be791a94f371dc&action=view

When you seek out quality-sourced reports, you can begin to understand a deeper truth about human nature. You start to realize the literally demonic nature of political power (words from an atheist) and all form of myth making that goes into war politics and history (which is not a pretty picture in any century).

Why would an absolute war hawk like Hillary Clinton give undivided support for the rightwing Likud Israel—a state that sponsors terrorism and exploitation of other cultures (and has literally created its own enemies)? Why is she so heavily favored by right-wing, NeoCons and Zionists? Why do staunch Democrats and Republicans alike reject outsider Trump? Maybe the Beltway culture is so corrupt it cannot handle the idea of any kind of reform. So many bureaucrats must feel threatened to any attack on the status quo.

Israeli terrorism is their gangster specialty. Likud Zionism has absolutely nothing to do with any pretense of religion or spiritual humanity. Likud Zionism and modern Israel is about thuggey—plain and simple (as our relationship with that country has continued to corrupt our own people).

If Israel were a great nation, it would be working to make peoples' lives better in all parts of the world. It does exactly the opposite. Instead, it is getting countries like ours to crackdown on free speech. They are engaged in a huge propaganda campaign to destroy free speech on American campuses (that will kill free speech in Newspapers and many other open forums of our country as well).

See: Silencing Dissent: How Biased Civil Rights Policies Stifle Dialogue on Israel at:  link to www.tikkun.org

Right-Wing Thought Police: Assault Free Speech on Campus at:  http://www.connexions.org/CxLibrary/Docs/CX5348-ThoughtPolice.htm

Israel's War on American Universities | Common Dreams - See more at:  link to www.bdsmovement.net.

Conservative activist admits responsibility for #JewHaters posters at UCLA at:  link to www.jewishjournal.com

Israel's War on American Universities by Chris Hedges at:  link to www.opednews.com

The Jewish War On Free Speech by Br Nathanael Kapnerat:  link to abundanthope.net

See related article: "Glenn Greenwald Confronts American "Liberals" Trying to Destroy Free Speech: Fascist academic authoritarians try to convince the Americans to relinquish First Amendment rights in the name of fighting ISIS" by Michael Krieger | Liberty Blitzkrieg - December 30, 2015 at:  link to www.infowars.com

The United States was once the bastion of free speech (at least in myth). Now especially since 9/11 we have become a police state that spies on and lies to its citizens. If Zionist groups especially are working to destroy the Bill of Rights, why would that alienate people against Jewish power in this country (starting with the goal of trying to stop the BDS movement on college campuses—but that is only one goal of a larger form of censorship)?

Americans who care about diversity should care about diversity of ideas and arguments. Movie theatres recently aired a documentary by Dinesh D'Souza called Hillary Clinton's America. We are shown that during the Civil War it was the Democratic Party that was for maintaining slavery in the United States and Republicans were the one's fighting to stop it. Listen to the interview Hillary Clinton's America | Dinesh D'Souza and Stefan Molyneux at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnLR1tuqI5k (better yet see the film as a real eye-opener).

Regardless as to what you think about D'Souza, he brings a fact-based reality to light. There is a lot of ugly truth about the Democratic Party's history exposed in his latest film. This includes today's realities as to how the Party has not been very good for lots of blacks and the low and middle class in general.

A simple summary goes: what they do is vote for socialist "wealth transfer" programs that take money from the middle working class through more taxes and give it away to poor people through welfare programs. Nevertheless, many recipients still live in poverty and many develop a lifestyle of staying on the government dole and voting for democrats who promise to keep the gravy coming. How does this truism relate to Black Lives Matter and such political fallout?

So why then are Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama advocating for even more migrants, who enlarge more demand on tax resources going to people who can't speak the language, and do not have much in common with this culture, or much to contribute economically?

Nevertheless any chance they get to label Trump supporters as racist, homophobic, narrow nationalist, sexist, etc. they do.

See video: The Untruth About Donald Trump at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw8c2Cq-vpg

Also see: More Untruth About Donald Trump at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwJZGlC5lXM

If you hurt the feelings of someone here in the United States, such as joining the BDS movement and protesting Israel's mistreatment of Palestinians, you're considered a first class actor of hate speech. It doesn't matter if you are speaking truth. Rather what matters is you're saying things that make either Zionists, Jews, or Israelis seem like culpable, unethical and criminal-like kind of people. Therefore, such speech is becoming more and more illegal.

The fact that millions of Muslims' lifes are ruined, killed, or suffer in war-grotesque ways is not of much relevance in an American bubble of ignorance. Our anxiety is that of being scared of being politically incorrect. Priority goes to the notion that you should not upset and hurt Israeli-firsters feelings (and you cannot challenge their own brainwashing).

What would happen if younger generation Jewish ancestors of sorts of all stripes became aware of a more real Zionist history? Would they be so eager to support the craven lies of leaders like Netanyahu and Zionist controlled media in the United States?

And now we are supposed to be OK that millions of Syrian lives have been ruined because Syria and Iran help support pro-Palestinian groups that Israel has found worthy to label as terrorists (simply because they are enemies of Israel)?

Then we are also supposed to get into another war with Iran for the same reason, that is, while we lap up more media lies about Iran being close to having a nuclear bomb?

This is why Donald Trump is naďve and mis-informed on the very important subject. He wants to undo our historic treaty with Iran. Equally, his foreign policy will be based on his advisors telling him half-truths and outright lies. Read Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare Gareth Porter at Amazon.Com (and check him up on the Internet videos, audio clips, etc.) Or listen to many insightful interviews at ScottHorton.Org (important website for foreign affairs).

How many tens of millions of people and civilizations have to die for Israelis (while Israelis don't really care about other ethnic groups including other Caucasian groups in Europe and the United States)?

Social media too is starting to clamp down on ideas that some claim offensive to any number of sensitive identities. You cannot say much critical about any identity group (regardless of how true or how important). In another words arguments presented have to be politically correct (as decided by people in power depending on what sacred cow).

What is offensive is arbitrary.

Video websites like YouTube is censoring access. Google, as a search engine, can come up with biased or phony results if the subject is political enough and they are actively colluding against certain messages. Articles and websites can be suppressed by not showing up in search results.

Meanwhile mountains of propagandist paid trolls are working to change Wikipedia entries and to make comments on websites to detract from other peoples' positions (or to spread lies) and there is sometimes a lot of money behind such efforts.

[Note: Several writings by this author are very difficult to find on the internet, for example, you have to have the exact words of a title already known. Equally, emails sent by this author seem to be sent as spam or changed to something like advertising or not truly sent at all.]

Ashton Carter, Secretary of Defense (claimed to be Israel-friendly in Haaretz) is the last person who should be running the Department of Defense. He had knowledge of 9/11 before it happened according to his own article "Catastrophic Terrorism—A National Policy", and he is frankly acting in manner in line with the Zionist powers-that-be (as he recently directly bombed the Syrian army to stop a cease fire agreement so as to keep up the chaos and killing). This man is also giving the finger to not just Putin but the entire world, as many countries could quickly be embroiled in a full blown war (not caring the consequences).

One Hilary Clinton email leaked at the end of May should concern any thoughtful person. It stated Obama has deliberately provoked civil war in Syria as the "best way to help Israel". She has also claimed she would be willing to go to war with Iran (and has more or less insinuated "they" could allege Iran violated the recent nuclear agreement to make the case (as a "conspiracy")).

And yet, according to shrills on the left and the right we Americans are supposed to be more afraid of Donald Trump than this professional liar? Also, regarding recently leaked emails HC gives a speech to Goldman Sachs in which she stated putting a no fly zone in Syria would mean a lot of civilians would die, and yet in her debates she advocates for a no fly zone in Syria (while chair of the Joint Chiefs at a Senate Committee hearing said it would mean going to war with Syria and Russia). See video: The Truth About Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Speeches by Stefan Molyneux at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuLtbcclcfM

Germany did not want war with England and France during WW2, and attacked Russia because Stalin was secretly preparing for a first strike against Germany. The story of Hitler's aggression is far more complex than what most people were led to believe. World War 2 happened largely because of what the politics of certain leading individuals like Winston Churchill wanted (and heavily manipulated by Zionist influence over such individuals). Again, you are encouraged to read: Benton L. Bradberry's The Myth of German Villany at:  https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=the+myth+of+german+villiany

The same game is now going on with our war in Syria. The United States has little need to dominate Syria. Nevertheless Israel-friendly Ash Carter is provoking Russia into a war through Syria. Meanwhile Putin has been trying to work with what he assumed is a rational country.

But, to really get to an underlying truth of Zionism and Judeo-Christianity we need to start with ancient propaganda—propaganda from the New and Old Testament (ancient history). Propaganda (falsehoods) pitted one ethnic group, not only above any other ethnic group in the Canaanite region, but insinuated it was almost sacred to kill and humiliate other tribes of people, since it was a command from On High (as institutional imperative). This is the same psychology of their cultural inheritance to this very day. It starts with the Torah.

Whereas in our modern times the real reason the U.S. went to war with Iraq was because Saddam Hussein, and many Iraqis, were in sympathy with the Palestinian cause, and Iraq had a standing army that could potentially attack Israel.

How about all lives matter? Besides the millions of Muslims killed since 9/11 by proxies like the U.S., Zionists greatly contributed to having millions of Caucasians killed off as well, by way of their contributions and control of war propaganda during World War 1 and 2.

All this same trend because people are afraid to examine the real political messages within the Old and New Testaments (or the political messages in any religion)?

The time has come for new ideas and new paradigm shifts. Our citizens are finally getting a glimpse into how corrupt are the major political parties (and plenty are shocked because so many have been asleep). Few wanted to believe in conspiracy theories. Now we know conspiracies are real.

Religions as well, which we too often take for granted, equally have their conspiracies.

Why would some almighty War God, as supposed Creator of all things, favor any particular group of peoples (regardless of rationalizations)? Why would some universal creator God have his revelations originate in the Middle East when there was thousands of years of human history prior to anything called Judaism? Why would some Deity that presumes to be "all powerful" (omnipotence) as moral force, and is all knowing (omniscience) and yet blames his own creation (which is not all powerful or all knowing) when supposedly "his" created people do things against his arbitrary will? What kind of ethical message does that amount?

Furthermore, he condemns certain rebellious angels for Lucifer's civil war, to an "eternal torture of imprisonment" (not unlike the gulag systems in Bolshevik Russia or the torture system of Guantanamo against Muslims brought on by the NeoCons wars for Israel. Equally, this prisoners today are never brought to trial or even charged of specific crimes (and certainly they have no legal rights that the Anglo-Saxon tradition of law brought about through hundreds of years of tradition)?

What kind of God or Government maintains justice as forms of cruel and unusual punishment as in capricious anger and abuse of power? Prisoners held in indefinite detention and not even charged with a crime? Whistleblowers are imprisoned on bogus charges while criminal politicians and free to run for high office? Why cannot the Creator of all things take personal responsibility for what happens within his creation (especially given he has all power) but rather blames anything and everything outside its own soul? What kind of moral message is that? "At this point what difference does it make?"

Instead, if he feels he needs to do anything to maintain power, he chooses to crucify (terrible form of torture) a living being (like the Roman army did to slaves and criminals) to send a message of terrorism to his subjects. Then word gets out he has a hell of torture for punishment for all who dare transgress his wishes? This tin pot dictator of the Old Testament is supposed to be a God of Justice.

If some Jews fear Christians because they see anti-Semitism written into the New Testament then why are they not challenging the whole "political psychology of the Bible" rather than assume they are somehow superior because Judaism came first before Christianity?

The Middle East is NOT a region that has historically evolved to recognize equality of human life within cultures. So why does not a very rich but very conspiratorial, and foolish, George Soros get war-torn Middle Easterners to immigrate into Israel? Soros claims to be unhappy with right-wing fascism in Israel (especially since Israel is one main reason there is so much violence in the Middle East and so many immigrants are running to Europe and other countries (countries, mind you, to which these immigrants have little cultural parity)). They do not share language, religion, political values, customs, etc.).

George Soros is deliberately destroying any stability of civilizations by introducing all manner of chaos and confusion into once stable civilizations (even if they were arguably imperfect). Now too he is behind funding violence at Trump rallies as conspiracy and criminal conduct.

George Soros (giving him the benefit of doubt) is a deluded goody-two-shoes leftist, who ideology uses his capitalist financial and political racketeering to create disaster paved with good intention (presumption).

He has the audacity to create chaos in order to destroy a culture of what were once energetic peoples of various Western nations. This rich opportunistic psychopath sneers at the common persons' work ethic. He manipulates Western countries to take more and more immigrants, who share little in values, skill sets, language, religion, ethnicity, and who bring little to nothing in the way of economic value, coming into places already suffering with high unemployment rates and poverty. This hurts minorities already residing here, and allowing even more foreigners to add more demand to the welfare rolls pushing for higher taxes and government debt. This amounts to less social harmony and a weakening of traditional mores, values and trust.

Soros is a member of a class of financiers dominated by an international Zionism and banking cartel. He helps play off a divide and conquer strategy between various groups, like in our current political cycle of blacks against whites, Hispanics against Republicans, rainbow coalition against white men, etc.

His heavy support for the Democratic Party that uses this divide and conquer strategy, rewards those who want or need welfare checks and food stamps. By promoting open borders and socialist programs they can recruit more democratic votes with the promise of wealth transfer from the middle working class for welfare relief to the underclasses (another form of pay to play).

Meanwhile the super-wealthy squirrel their money overseas and have tax lawyers who know how they can get away from paying taxes at all (including Donald Trump and HC cronies).

One reason "identity politics" has become such a big and broad set of issues for rainbow America, along with a more general cultural, Marxist, socialist orientation (besides the fact leftists have lost the economic Marxism debate) is that it gives Zionists a cover to hide behind. Jews in general can claim to be another minority within the rainbow coalition (even though they are essentially Caucasian Jews) can direct the divide and conquer strategy against Caucasian gentiles against all minority groups and themselves.

Zionism is the ultimate white man's club.

As they work to make it taboo to criticize any of various minorities (or women), and get people to think being critical amounts to a hate crime (but ironically you can still criticize white, gentile, men to your heart's content and it's not thought as hypocrisy). But, if you criticize the Zionist white man's club you are anti-Semitic—how is that for political clout?

This is a brilliant strategy. Rainbow identity politics, as huge majority umbrella, comes to claim criticism of minority groups is racism (or some other "-ism" like ageism) is also then automatically protectionist to those critical of Jewishness, or Zionism or the State of Israel. Ain't the concept of hate speech great?

Pretty much no group can then be criticized. You could be expelled from college. You could be fired from your job, or criticized in the local newspaper, or called a deplorable, etc. And a supposed status quo can be frozen into time because how can you have needed change if so many topics are taboo to even be discussed or acknowledged?

No doubt relegated haters and hate group extremists will be adjudicated by the likes of experts from the ADL and SPLC?

What if someone studied how much wealth is controlled by Caucasian Jews versus Caucasian gentiles in the United States (in comparison to demographic ratios)? Do you not think there would be a few raised eyebrows?

Why is this an important question? Because for decades we, as a society, have been given the white male domination guilt-trip (in general to imply white gentiles have ruled the nest).

This is how "International Zionism" plays its divide and conquer cultural war, as it focuses on its desire to weaken any traditional white, European, Enlightenment, Classical or Christian, moral structure (and note there are many gentile Caucasians as well who are fed up with traditional Christian morality as related to hide-bound politics, but many still understand there is some basis of social cohesion and respect for others in such a moral mindset even as Christianity has its negatives).

Nevertheless there has been a hatred against Christianity, within a truly teased out Zionist history. This needs to be studied, far more than what many social justice activists care to entertain. Many, many Caucasian people of once predominately Christian countries, like Russia, Germany, and in some Balkan states like Hungary, that were threatened or dominated by Stalinist, Marxists, were brutally tortured and murdered by what were essentially Caucasian, atheist, Marxist Communists who originated from Jewish family backgrounds (not solely but substantially).

Bolsheviks, their leaders, who took over Russia, ran the show at the time of those many, many brutal horrors transpired during the red terror. So if people want to bring up talk about pogroms and extermination camps we need to talk about "all" real world history (including the fact that Jews ran the slave trade to the Americas and were most often the slave owners—something else never discussed).

Currently this country's underlying traditional Christian moral basis is being underhanded at every opportunity through all these cultural wars of social justice (and granted often enough for legitimate causes). Certainly there are several justified reasons to take issue with Christians (especially if they try to create laws that favor their own sense of religious morality) or even the idea that this country is a Christian state (which it is not—nor should the U.S. give priority to maintain a theocracy of Israel (that pretends to be a democracy)).

Jesus was a Jewish rabbi as was his entire coterie of Disciples Jewish followers (from a Hebrew area of the world). The Christian versus Jewish Talmud debate is actually an internal civil war (spiritually speaking).

Gentiles need to find psychological distance from these sects and debates that originated in the Middle East millennia ago. The idea of treating all people with kindness (the Golden Rule of Christianity) is contrarian to the more traditional mindset of the Old Testament or Talmud allowing Jews to treat other Jews with special consideration but basically allowing them to exploit peoples from other tribes as fair game.

The religious psychology of the three Abrahamic religions, as politics aftermath, has reached a crisis point for the "chosen people" (and not talking primarily about the Federal Reserve). Religions can promote both good and bad ethics and be more or less exclusive.

Nevertheless these religions that have their knotty roots in ancient times cannot be expected to be dominate forces in modern foreign policy. Unless the masses continue to choose to remain ignorant, and thus exploited, it is time to move on to a more rational means of finding common ground.

Oriental philosophies and chant practices are fairly egalitarian. There is less politics and judgmental dictates tied into such spiritual practice. They espouse the Law of Karma (as what you do to others comes back to you) which is probably where Jesus supposedly got his influences living in the "middle" of civilizations of the Middle East in which trade routes from various cultures traded goods and ideas (across the Indian ocean).

A spiritual guru from the East said if you want to figure out which spiritual leader you should follow then figure out which one actually works for the people versus the one who works for the self. We can ask the same question regarding political candidates. How does this same question apply to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (and what about some other candidates)?

Regarding the mythology of ancient Abrahamic religions we all need to be asking: "how it is possible a modernist political Zionism can continue to force more and more peoples, in various nations, to adapt more and more repressive laws, just to keep a Zionist Israel moving along?" This assumes people can never learn the truth about how this means destroying other cultures around the world.

Think about it: If American Zionists have to engage in this much deceit and war (with war profiteering through Wall Street) than there is something wrong with the whole program (in most peoples' eyes). This cannot be sustained. It's like an extremely spoiled child who will not stop crying, based on deluded dysfunctionality that expects the entire world to yield.

When they have lie to others they also have to lie to themselves. How can this be healthy to self or relationships? How can this lead to happiness or contentment?

Why are so many within Israel's own military coming out as whistleblowers if this Zionist Israel is so great of an idea? Ideas need grounding in reality. Most people do not want to die of a thermonuclear war just to save a corrupt Democratic Party (or a corrupt Republican one) or the bankster cartel of the Petrodollar.

They can't just expect every new American President to fly to Jerusalem, put on a Kippah, and bob in front of their wailing wall forever (although Hilary is good at bobbing). The game of exploitation is being exposed.

This paragraph, stated earlier, deserves repeating: The main reason Zionists get a lot of bad rap is because they actually earned high levels of bad rap and animosity. A lot of this rap happens to be truth even as they adamantly deny it. So many naturally do not want the world to know (including their own Jewish people to know the lies manufactured to support their illusion of Zionist truth). This is the reason they have to find so much phony emotional blackmail material to guilt trip the rest of the world as they act like they have a special status of being the world's victims (and supremists all wrapped in one bundle).

Many progressives too have been silent (and plenty too are sponsoring HC even though she is a walking disaster). It is time to face the truth about Judaism—it is based on myth and a political psychology of authoritarianism. Read: When God Became the Terrorist: Traces of the Authoritarian Nature in the Three Abrahamic Religions (free on the Internet).

There may very well be a God and creator force (but it ain't the one written about in the Bible).

And this should be a relief to a lot of people who no longer have to worry about an eternal hell afterlife (even if they have to worry about potential hell on earth while the live and die).

Why do not more atheist Jews discuss the matters of why they don't believe in their ancient religion?

Is it because to explain the inherent flaws in the Christian and Judaic religions would require showing the inherent flaws in the Old Testament and this would amount to demonstrating that the Judaic religion has little authority in authentic ethical sensibility (save mythology and museum status). This would negate any Zionist claim of Jews right to be in Palestine because of some brainwash on ancient history.

Philosophically, every square mile of the planet is just as sacred as any other square mile. It is chauvinism to think any part of Israel or the Middle East is any more sacred than land in any other country (as least as based on religious myth). Surely, you could argue Hawaii is a better place to live for any number of criteria; but it is myth that the Middle East is somehow the center of the world (spiritually or intellectually). It is not and maybe never has been.

India, for example, has always displayed sophisticated equivalence (if not some superiority). At least their sensibility to polytheistic creativity did not centralize to an authoritarian God of vengeance and jealousy?

People have a right and a duty to challenge religious politics (such as to confront Christians wanting to pass laws against abortion). But why do they not directly challenge the philosophy and legitimate morality of the Bible itself?

Yes indeed religious peoples are constantly trying to force non-believers to accept their sense of morality as they try to make laws that restrict other peoples' freedoms (all the while complaining about Muslims and Sharia law).

Why not deal directly with the heart of the real issue—show Biblical scripture is not the word of a supernatural and just God, but rather the product of human opinion and human story telling (and yes often from men so yes more or less patriarchal). Help show it is fallible and can be questioned as such.

You can argue a woman has a right to an abortion; a suffering person has a right to euthanasia; a single person has a moral right to engage sex outside a monogamous marriage, or to engage a prostitute; and that there should be more tolerance of homosexuality, etc., but challenge the source of the real controversy—the actual moral legitimacy of the Judeo-Christian Scripture.

Read John Shelby Spong's The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible's Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love. Ironically, Spong argues a huge case against a lot of dictatorial scripture; and yet he still advocates for the Bible and Christianity (he had over 40 years working for the Episcopal Church and has read the entire Bible over 20 times).

Once both the Old and New Testaments are recognized as imperfect you can argue about separating Church and State in the countries of the Middle East. It is time for Puritan lines that ran away from England Europe to wake up and learn something about intellectual history. We do not have to live in a frozen past.

Besides a Jewish scholar has already written such a book, one that completely debunks any notion of an Old Testament main character Moses, who claimed their Hebrew tribe was given the land of Canaan from some Almighty war God named Yahweh. The author's name is Jonathan Kirsch and his book is called: Moses: A Life and it is a masterful piece of scholarship that deserves a reading by believers and non-believers alike (and it is actually interesting to read).

It's time for the world to move beyond anachronistic fairy tales (and politics) or to at least adapt newer notions of religion that reflect a more modernist (yet hard-headed grounding in the sociobiology of human nature and sociology) reflection of ethics. Language-rich documents that state an ethics or values-based set of norms, can be based on a morality that does not sneer at a work ethic or glamorize titans of Wall Street. The middle class deserves some reality show. Why should the middle class be taxed for other people who have done nothing to deserve a constant flow of free government handouts (other than to be promiscuously born or who migrated to this country)?

But it is especially relevant to understand that modern Zionism has little to nothing do with ancient religion and in fact Zionism (as ideology) supposedly was more or less divorced from Judaism. Rather Marxism, itself, was the kind of political religion that helped spawn this admixture of forces of past century, but still acted out in a Machiavellian style.

Equally, it is important to understand atheist peoples can adopt forms of brainwash and dogma. Read Chris Hedges' book When Atheism Becomes Religion (a very worthy and interesting book). Religion is not always an enemy and secularism is not always a friend.

Nevertheless, political ideologies are increasingly taking over debates in grade schools through college campuses. Identity politics is turning more and more alienated people into fodder for indoctrination camps. So much social interaction today is now about ethnic identity, gender victimization, exaggeration of micro-aggressions, word choice deemed offensive (and subjectively so), hate speech (as pretty much anything deemed offensive except "white privilege"). See video: "When Students Marched For Free Speech: The PC Tyranny - The David Icke Videocast Trailer" at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Xd-U6pJAc

In the '70s college campuses had protests for free speech (and this was truly revolutionary even as it took special privilege whites (and Jews) lucky enough to go to callege, to finally realize, after several years, enough brown skinned Asians in Vietnam and surrounding countries had been murdered in atrocious manners (a national disgrace that it took so long). There was an enormity of pain and suffering onto all those innocent peoples that our corrupted government managed to facilitate—before it was finally challenged on campuses (and plenty of that was because youth did not want to be drafted as the war kept going on and on).

Now with no draft college students are far more docile. Occupy Wall Street was appropriately about high student debt (self-interest). If college students today were threatened with a draft they would be far more inclined to awaken from their slumber and realize brown-skinned peoples are being bombed into hell.

They do not realize they are just as much challenged and threatened! They face as much evil if not far more on several fronts. How can young people be so docile and drugged up with stupidity?

Is either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump going to do anything for your environment? Are they going to do anything about the corruption levels of Wall Street? (Hint: leaked HC email of speech to banksters: "bankers know more about the banking industry than do politicians and so banksters should be leading reform of the industry" (after all the fraud). Literally all life is on the line and TPP is going to have corporations rule the world? Young people should be screaming like never in history.

Going back to Vietnam, baby boomers have grown lazy and fat. They forgot if they ever really knew. It is unbelievable we have somehow forgot all our nation's enormous crimes in the Vietnam War, also covered up with ultra-patriotic and mindless horse droppings. Memory is over the waterfalls. The Military Industrial Complex rules supreme again and boy do they have fancy weapons. Meanwhile young generations are mesmerized with electronic gadgetry and narcissistic opportunity.

"Vietnam syndrome" as these immoral bastards coined it was over with 9/11. Now we have had years of new wars in the Middle East (as they use extremely limited footage of pictures to manipulate our comprehension of Syria today). The United States has killed thousands of Syrians with air bombings and they are using the Aleppo incident as a reason to stop a peace effort with Russia (to heighten the war, which of course, will kill more than the children of Aleppo). They lie everywhere. This is the real mainstream media.

Only the most courage and independent investigative journalists would go to Syria and report the truth—the complete story of "redacted" picture and videos never made public of just how vicious this horrendous war has been—completely ignored as human tragedy—save what Public Relations Firms can make in millions of dollars from the Pentagon (via tax payers who are lied to again and again and again).

An invitation to all writers: Can you possibly create a more fictionalized evil than what is actually being played out today's reality? Not likely.

College politics, which is indicative of where the mindset is being formed for the future, now demands "safe-zones" where people do not have to tolerate free speech (that can be subjectively interpreted as offensive). This is the perfect precursor conditioning for those who want to make it a violation of college rules if you criticize Israel by telling the truth about Israel (via the BDS movement) and then you will not be allowed to criticize American complicity with Israel. How can college professors be so ignorant as to not see this coming?

Also one reason white privilege is promoted as divide issue is that it puts a great deal of blame of white people so others do not have to take responsibility for their own choices. For example, no one is suggesting that poor people in general stop procreating and adding more children to welfare rolls? This could not possible be interpreted as a humane sort of criticism or advise. Meanwhile the world has more wars as there is competition for more resources between societies and within societies.

We don't blame human demand for more and more resources as reason for international conflict and war. It is not considered social justice to tell people (all people) to stop growing human populations in general if lives matter so much? How can lives matter if they go from a dime a dozen to a dime a dozen million to a dime a dozen billion? How is that meant to show that all lives matter (in a real down-to-earth way)?

Instead, we have social justice warriors claiming, in essence, we need more tax revenues because everyone has a right to free education, everyone has a right to free health care, everyone has a right to a free lunch, etc. (as if the Democratic Party actually lives up to its promises save to grow more government bureaucracy).

[Note: this author is not a republican and knows the Republican Party is corrupt as well. Unless people demand for new candidates for both parties the author will vote for Jill Stein and would never ever vote for HC.]

Social injustice warriors use identity politics to pit groups against each other. They attempt to get alienated minority people and women to believe racism (that is white racism) is the main cause for all the failures of most peoples' lives.

It is as if individuals never make any choices that have consequences, but rather their lives are completely determined by outside forces. This is a reverse racism some social activists try to inculcate so they can love to hate whites while they scream about hatred against minorities? This gives people permission to project their own frustrations and tendencies onto others (and this includes some whites who drink the kool-aid and equally want to blame everything on their own race (as the politically correct thing to do). Their whole game is toxic shaming of one group (gentile whites).

This is the demagoguery of the Black Lives Matter movement that doesn't want to look at issues of how often blacks treat other blacks like their lives do not matter.

"Hell lets blame it all on whitey" as liberal Jews like George Soros pay us for making big, ugly scenes where we can act like criminals full of hatred, and riot and throw fire bombs, steal merchandize and burn down business buildings, and throw rocks at police" (as Hilary Clinton supporter Soros and his ilk play the divide and conquer strategy).

It is very telling George Soros" Open Society email leaks have been ignored by Zionist controlled mainstream media. George Soros is a crazy. He is no saint. He has a sinister history around the world.

The truly enlightened, and that includes some of the most truly cynical, would not have chosen to bring children into any epoch of human history—because one aspect of real enlightenment includes an understanding that human nature, especially political nature, is, or can be, very evil (even without superstition devils or Lucifer carrying out plots). This is the inherent nature of human nature.

Hey Black Lives Matter groupies, the people who have been manipulating the voting records and numbers, including George Soros and the DNC writing you paychecks, they really do not care about you (even as they fund your activities and promote your hostile attitudes). Wake up and smell the blood on the ground. Seems like they are kind of looking forward to a civil war within between the races.

Hilary Clinton knows corruption, and where the tea leaves fall. She's on the side of concentrated power. Not only does she know how corrupt the real world is, she is an active player, and has earned some Capo credentials.

Donald Trump is more a naďve player in relation to her exposure on such matters. Donald is for decapitating the ISIS bogyman, and only recently got wind that this entity was creation of H.C. State Department decisions and support. He still does not understand ISIS is really the "covert" creation of the NeoCons, via U.S. government, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, England, etc., and this is part of why he is getting ripped for having any empathy for Russia's positions since Russia is really destroying ISIS. He will have to learn the deep levels of lies and deceit that surround the world's International Affairs (and no telling how he will react).

Hillary is well marinated in the cruel corruption of the real world. Donald has only stuck his foot in the swimming pool.

Another irony from the politically correct who love to hate Trump (not just on what he says but how his words are misquoted and twisted) as this election campaign-projected as fascist white men versus a big-hearted rainbow coalition.

So not only is it OK but people should be questioning any and everything about white male, European supremacy, but no one has the right to challenge white, male, Jewish or Zionist supremacy within Western cultures?

Real courage and honesty would respond: "So what if some 'politicized' Jews, and their heavily organized and financed sponsors, in America feel offended by critical speech that tells truth of how the history of Zionism?" "So what if some 'politicized' Jews have to listen to how Zionism has fostered an endless killing of peoples up to this very day, including now in Syria, and recently in Iraq and other Muslim countries, millions and millions of human beings and equally hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Islamic countries)? "So what if some 'politicized' Jews have to confront that Americans are realizing they are pumping for war with Iran (after Syria) which is a huge and modern civilization (in a number of ways including its architecture)?

Have not you noticed America "cannot" have a white political movement that is not approved or controlled by Jews, and especially if one tries forming, even inchoately, one critical of Zionist influence in American politics, (despite it not defined or understood as such)? Such a movement is automatically labeled neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, racist, ultra-nationalist (in a narrow redneck sense) etc. The only Caucasian political party (and we are not even talking some formal description as Caucasian) but rather simply white men tending to gravitate toward a certain group, that is allowed any say (without being ostracized) is one that will not challenge Zionist propaganda and control over the American mindset. Republicans of John McCain and Lindsey Graham set, who are gun ho for the Zionist NeoCons cause of "Israel first" and donators to the financiers of the military industrial complex are allowed in political circles.

Another example of this double standard is in the news anchor business. Many of the leading national, male, TV news anchors are Jewish and very few are Anglo-Saxon gentiles? Whereas many of the female leading anchors are Anglo-Saxon blondes but this class also includes all manner of ethnic groups as black and Asian women including Jewish women. Where is there anything close to blonde men as male anchors save Chris Mathews (who is a true diehard supporter of whatever the MSM wants to support)?

You have literally 20 times or more blonde female anchors as blonde male anchors. Nothing reverse racist or sexist here and yet no one seems to notice or care (apparently blonde women equally do not seem to notice or care).

Or if you pick up any People magazine you will find practically "every" copy has more blonde women than blonde men (by far) and more brunette women than blonde men, more black males than blonde men, and far more brunette men etc., and this reality has been true for many, many years in the entertainment industry including the music industry. But no one mentions this kind of discrimination in Hollywood, such as when a certain black movie cast did not get an Academy Award.

There are 10 tens more black men getting actor jobs in Hollywood, be it for TV shows, or commercials or movies, than do blonde men? Meanwhile blonde men like Leonardo DiCaprio end up to die his hair to make it look dark (and you almost never see a blonde woman actress paired with a blonde male actor unless it is meant to suggest the blonde guy is not good enough to qualify) but no color blindness here?

And when Hollywood is called racist because it discriminates against blacks (that at least get a fair number of jobs) then the racism is referred to as a "generalized" white male racism (even as everyone knows it is white Jewish men who control Hollywood (by the extreme).

And this discrimination trend against Anglo Saxon men (although brunette men do well) goes beyond celebrity. Look, for example, at who gets the tip jobs in restaurants and nightclubs? There are far more blonde women getting lucrative tip jobs as waitresses, bar hops, bartenders, etc., then there are blonde men (as more examples of a kind of reverse racism and sexism that is never broached by the rainbow coalition and self-righteous social justice activists who immediately want to acknowledge racism and sexism against minorities).

What is even more important is the college professorial level in which there is big push to include more minorities and women. You can see it on campuses in who is hired as young college professors—more minorities, more women (and women seem to dominate decent paying jobs in college world) including lots of white women and blonde women; but not much push to eliminate Jewish Caucasian men? What white privilege are they talking about?

Apparently the idea of "multicultural diversity" is a society that includes all minorities and all women but pretty much excludes Angle-Saxon men.

In fact there seems to be no shortage of Jewish men gaining prestige jobs in the United States in general. Ivy League campuses are now tilted to admitting Jewish students and some argue discriminating against very intelligent Asians and whites gentiles. Is this why more Ivy Leaguers are getting business degrees to work on Wall Street?

If you think these allegations are fallacious survey various teaching department on American colleges. We have a kind of boasting about more "diverse" ethnic groups in California colleges. But do an experiment—count the number of Jewish law professors (comparing younger against older groupings) of white female law professors, and all categories (and often you can see the pictures of the professors from their Internet webpages and it is often easily to tell their ethnicity) and you will see that white, gentile men have continued to get less and less professorships even though white Jewish men maintain a strong showing as do white women in general have a high showing.

It seems there is not one law school in California (among many schools) that has more blonde men teaching law than there are blonde women teaching law—not one. And, surely this reflects, to some extent, various disciplines in general?

Another thing that is changing is the ratio of women to men in colleges. In the 80s it sucked be on campus with all the feminist guilt trips rolling on about male chauvinism. What sane man would even want to be associated with such an institution? It wasn't hard to be alienated with college and all the self-righteous gender politics.

Nevertheless, whether you think this is or is not a significant issue, it still underscores the biases built into identity politics. Relevant to today's world we have an entire George Soros funded and Zionist news media controlled movement that tries to paint anyone who has some affiliation to the pronouncements of the Trump campaign as racist (and basket of deplorables).

How could white men, especially white gentile men, and those who do not have college degrees, have any legitimate complaints and legitimate resentments? This basically is the attitude of the rainbow coalition and Jewish people. After all, for decades now we were taught white men are the bad guys through history taking advantage of others?

Campuses today are besieged by various forms of social and cultural Marxism. The Los Angeles Times touts how more diversified are campuses (but they don't mention degrees are worth less because the product going into and coming out of college is not as good (as almost anyone can be admitted)). Rather than degrees that advance job prospects many people are taking social science and indoctrination ideology.

And we never hear ANYTHING about white Jewish privilege? And yet if we were to look at who dominates the highest salaries, the highest incomes, controls some of the most important positions in this nation (in relation to the small percentage of their actual share of the population) there is obviously a white Jewish privilege that more or less over-shadows how many other average gentile whites have lost standing in power, wealth and prestige.

They talk about whites getting less prison time than blacks and minorities. But what about Jewish men—why do they have such a low representation in prisons—should we automatically argue because it is blatant racism?

So why are some Jews helping to lead the march about the white privilege guilt-trip (that has been aimed more at an insinuation of gentiles) when their group dominates in privilege? For example how is it that Jews can afford to donate more political contributions to political candidates on both sides of the isle (to thus control Congress and the White House) and are equally doing this at the State levels?

In much of the last century they have strong influence in the White House (and now you cannot have a candidate that is not backed by Zionist money). That is some white WASP privilege heh?

And it is important to understand Jews have not simple risen to the top because they are better and more gifted. They traditionally help their own in-group while they discriminate against others within various societies they have resided (which seems to have been a major reason they were expelled out of many societies for several centuries). It seems no matter what country they lived in they have managed to alienate the peoples where they live (such as finding ways to discriminate against them and exploit them) until they were expelled. This at least seems as reasonable an explanation as somehow they have been the world's leading victims simply because they were Jews.

It should be emphasized that ancient cultures of the Levant (as the Abrahamic religions) did "not" give the Western world the notion of civil liberties and personal freedoms. Rather this is more from Nordic civilizations that dominated England and northern Europe starting at least formally with the Magna Carta.

The whole psychology of the Middle East is still dominated by the Abrahamic religions showing evidence of crude forms of justice and law (that still help create enormous conflict and war and terrorism today).

Americans should be advocating that the entire Middle East needs to adapt the principle of separation of Church and State—meaning Muslim countries and also Israel (that is if they want to have close ties to Western nations). Why should we be shifting our values toward the Middle East rather than the Middle shifting toward the values this nation was founded? Meanwhile our country is becoming more corrupted and as our Constitution and Bill of Rights is being ripped apart.

Equally, we live in a world in which the very definition of a Jew defies logic. How can you be an atheist and be a Jew when the very word is about Judaism (and yet many people claim they are 'ethnically' Jewish because of their upbringing, and yet they have no believe in the Torah or any Jewish religious teaching or any esoteric Kabala)?

How can someone claim to be Jewish if they have no genetic or blood relationship to the ancient Hebrews as Semitic peoples (but are rather Caucasian peoples most likely many from the Turkey arena in which tribes of people there were later converted to Judaism centuries later)? Most worldly Jews living today (including living in what is called Israel) have no genetic connection to the peoples that lived there thousands of years ago. Caucasian Jews have no legitimate claim from any historical perspective.

When modern Israel was formed it was formed as a Zionist project and as an atheist and communist country—naturally from the Marxist roots that were having problems taking over non-Communist Europe. How does groups of strident ideologues of a Communist affiliation make a Jewish people?

Even many scholarly Jews do not really know what defines a Jew in today's world. For many being a Jew today is belonging to groups of people who claim to have been victimized by much of the rest of the world (and their identity then lies within the very lies and exaggerations of their victimization. Plenty victimization stories have been exaggerated for political reasons, which many still believe as they too have been brainwashed in the same way ancient Hebrews were brainwashed into believing their leaders had divine inspiration from a divine Yahweh).

No tribal god who tells leaders of a tribe they have a right to kill off several other tribes to take possession of Canaan is any kind of Universal God with some Universal compassion. It should be so obvious that Zionism is not about universal compassion.

Now being Jewish is to have a big club to guilt-trip the rest of Europe and peoples within the United States (and to exploit other Caucasian peoples based on trumped up charges, and with control of TV, newspapers and Hollywood). This group can do anything it wants because no other people have been so badly victimized (as the Germans will forever be held up as the world's greatest barbarians and scourge to humanity).

Certainly, there are honorable Rabbi scholars, such as Professor David Ruderman, who has lecture series offered by the elite The Teaching Company, who lectures on Jewish history. He describes many or various diaspora Jews coming together from many geographic and cultural backgrounds and languages and saying, that basically, they all have "one" thing in common—rituals performed in the Synagogue.

But today this is a minority of Jews in the Western world (as they have a higher percentage of atheists than many other groups, at least here in the United States) and therefore that is not the "Jewishness" that is giving them what they claim to be their identity.

Just because someone can speak some Yiddish (that did not originate in Israel) doesn't make one a person of some nationalist or internationalist origin. If my great grandparents lived in a European country, and spoke that language then, whereas I live in America and speak English now, I do not call myself one of them or think of myself as one of them. My language and culture and my religion (or philosophy) is my identity (for good and bad).

Most people do not carry around baggage of centuries of non-forgotten violations and exaggerated stories so as to have an identity.

Many Jews living here today are not victims. And even their ancestors who claimed (more importantly some New York newspapers decades ago claimed) to have been immensely victimized by the Russian government (greatly exaggerated stories). Tens of thousands migrated here who they claimed were oppressed under the Russian Czar (and apparently then New York newspapers were claiming "6 million Jews" were being persecuted by Russians, and this figure was wildly exaggerated because their real motivation was they wanted to live in the United States which seems to offer a lot of prosperity and opportunity, and did not have rules of where they could and could not live and what professions they were allowed to employ. The U.S. was the promised land which seemed progressive in reference to the Old World). How is that for irony?

The figure "6 million Jews" being persecuted appeared in many Zionist controlled newspapers over decades before Hitler or the Nazis ever came to power. This is a very important fact and truth that people need to understand so you should investigate this for yourself. Google "six million Jews figure" and then click on "images" and you will see photos of old news articles of this figure going way back to the time of the Russian czar. This same figure was used by Jewish owned newspapers to ask for monies so Russian Jews could migrate here as they basically came to dominate in New York City.

Renown historians of Jewish history like David Ruderman, more or less state, and insinuate, in various lectures, there have been numerous and long-lasting debates as to what identifies a Jew as Jewish. This question has been a conundrum for quite a long while; and this question is as relevant today as any time in history. Yet Ruderman, to his credit, equally shows us there has been, for a very long time, at least philosophically, some kind of rich Jewish identity, and for a long time, tied to actual religious belief and custom (much outside the Middle East).

Jewish history (not pretending to be some expert) includes a history of intellectual fever and contribution (and this no doubt was strong because of the strong tendency to read the religious literature). Reading and intellectual curiosity has been a strong value in Jewish culture, which was not always the case for other peoples.

For example, Nordics who evolved from the Vikings, did not even have written language until the Middle Ages (after they were Christianized and not because they read Latin).

They certainly did not have nearly the contact with powerful civilizations, as did ancient Jewish peoples. Any ethnic group (even those learning from books and trades) learned a great deal from rubbing elbows, historically, with influences from the Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Mongol, Russian, etc., empires, and this is going to provide a huge cultural advantage as far as being considered worldly and urbane.

We Anglo-Saxons now have access to written languages. One of them is English (that grew from obscurity). And generally speaking, Nordic countries in modern times have had a high level of literacy and reading capacity. Still Anglo-Saxons do not have some long written history composed of myth and historical distortion (and all manner of religious rules save inherited from elsewhere).

Nevertheless, it was a Roman civilization and a Greek civilization that lent a great deal to the European civilizations. Christianity was the Middle East contribution, and frankly can be considered, at best, a mixed blessing.

Today the NeoCons power grab through Hilary Clinton is not orchestrated by what can be called real Jewish sensibilities. These people are students of Leo Straus and Machiavelli. They are of a different club built on deceit and lies. There Jewishness as Zionism has become Mafia mentality and reality. Exploit the golden cow (America) as Benjamin Netanyahu said off record. This is the position of Likud terrorist history. They are the heirs of arrogance.

The rally call of being a Jew is "never again" regarding what are essentially lies of so-called Nazi death camps, etc., and their children are brainwashed into these lies, that gives them the right to destroy free speech on American campuses so you cannot bring attention to their killing Palestinian children?

And it is not just gentiles who can be ostracized—many Jews themselves have challenged Zionist claims and have equally been ostracized, ignored, labeled anti-Semitic or self-hating Jews. In fact, it is an amazing truth—anti-Semitism is really as much about Jews coming on strong in criticism against a Zionist history (that is not working and likely never will).

Case in point—there are a number of Diasporic Jews aligning with the BDS movement. And why shouldn't they—they have no duty to submit to the people who invaded the land of Palestine. From a sense of conscientiousness they have every right to say: "No, something is wrong, this is not moral behavior."

We are not dumb animals or spiritual slaves.

People can intuitively accept the ideal of universal humanity (even if these people do not believe in some ideological suasion that all people have to rip themselves from their pasts and completely submerge is some Utopian melting pot of perfect socialized homogeneity.

Just maybe not all cultures and peoples are equal in all ways?

If Jews really had substantial evidence of their claims stated at the time of the Nuremberg trials they could make the case in the court of public opinion (against the so-called revisionist deniers). Instead, Hollywood has to come up with more movies to create even more lies.

There have been so many. Now a new movie called Denial (2016). It is about David Irving. David Irving is a man that all people who care about truth should learn about extensively. Watch his videos on the Internet. It is a good thing this Hollywood movie has come out because it will bring awareness to this very decent, very humane and very courageous man (and a great historian to boot). You need to use the Internet to learn everything you can from him and others who are labeled Holocaust deniers.

There is a big and important history that has been picking up speed, and frankly Zionists are worried their dishonest narrative is being exposed. And yet, they do not think American sheeple will ever find enough intellectual where-with-all to ever move beyond being shallow consumers of shady news and World War propaganda (moved into political exploitation). We have been drinking the koolaid for so long that we are pretty drunk on it.

Still they are not taking any chances as they work to change what is considered allowable in the Department of Free Speech (on campuses and on the Internet). They know each new young generation of people have to be brainwashed like older generations. So new strategies are being employed to counter their loss of all significant avenues of media.

This is coming more and more to the United States. Edward Snowden be damned. There are well-financed, well-orchestrated, well-conspired drive to destroy the BDS movement here in the United States and the entire European community). Along with the destruction of other civil rights people will be rendered powerless to do anything.

This 2016 election is about something far greater than Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. This is about a shadow government that rules American and plays Americans off as dupes. Individuals are chess pieces no matter their race or sex. Obama was a pawn and the next President will learn to play pawn or will deal with consequences (unless there is some kind of new political class that takes over—with Cabinet appointments willing to clean house throughout the entire Department of Homeland Security.

But one this is clear. A Hillary Clinton win will prove how corrupt the entire system is and her administration will bring our country down. Trump is still very much a question mark. This election is about how much war will be likely (meaning billions of people could die). It is hard to believe it is this crazy.

The End

William Wraithwrite

P.S. No apologies as this was written as honest opinion addressing important matters. Hopefully you found something in this essay as worthy of your time and effort. If you actually read the whole thing that alone is something.

P.S. Free Bradley Chelsie Manning! Close Guantanamo! Free Julian Assange!

P.S. Israel, you are coming down your mountain—you and your God.

[Note: If you feel this essay is important then take the initiative to share, tweet, email, publish, discuss, etc., as this topic is very important. Likely some people will not want these ideas disseminated (including many within mainstream media). They would rather outlaw free speech. But you have a duty to yourself and people you care about to help preserve your American rights. It is important you help these arguments get out widely since some people, including control of search engines, are involved in squelching dissemination—thank you.]