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Mayor had meeting to spin his police contract disinformation

Portland Copwatch handed out 200 flyers before the city employee meeting
This was at the Portland Building today at 1:30
Police were called to remove (no arrests) citizens who were in the lobby
Appearantly they were "loud" so they were told to leave
The mayor is working hard to spin his misrepresentation of the Police Union Contract
The flyers give information that the mayor is not letting "be said by the public"
The meeting was not open to the public
The meeting was in the Portland Building on the 2nd floor

When six cops show up to remove the so called loud citizens
I turned my camera on and followed them inside to document
Video will be posted to this article as a comment - asap

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Here is the FACT SHEET flyer 24.Oct.2016 16:04


here is a link to the original PDF copy of the 2 page info flyer we handed out to city employees


2 - Page pdf Flyer from Portland Copwatch
2 - Page pdf Flyer from Portland Copwatch

VIDEO: Police tell citizens to leave the Portland Building on 10.24.16 24.Oct.2016 17:45

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

 https://youtu.be/ZqUh6MaEUoM [5 min video on YT]

police tell (a few) citizens that were not allowed into the "spin" meeting the Mayor was having with city workers ...that they have to leave the building for being disruptive in the lobby.