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Video: Water is Life Walk in Portland Oregon 10.9.16

This is the full video of the Walk for "Water is Life" event in Portland Oregon.
Solidarity with Standing Rock
Solidarity with Standing Rock
 https://youtu.be/TE_gFcRWBQU [2 hour 20 minutes]
Stops were made at four places: N. S, E. and W. sides of the Willamette river.
The walk in Portland Oregon was to bring attention to the Standing Rock protest and injustice with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

[ Text repost below, is from:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/10/433339.shtml ]

This peace walk today title " Sacred Water Walk" started at noon under the Steele bridge - the walk took us along the Willamette river on the east side river bank...meeting along the way, under the Hawthorn bridge, with the Elders and those who couldn't make the walk for a prayer and ceremony and music.

After the meeting with the elders the walk continued to the Tilikum Crossing Bridge, we stopped on the bridge for a ceremony and prayer then crossed over to the west side along waterfront and again music prayers and ceremony .... then onward north and up over the Morrison Bridge and once again a ceremony and prayer 1/2 way across the river ... the march then proceeded to the East side where they again met up with Elders at the same spot. There were stops on all four sides of the water where tobacco and prayers were offered to the water.

About 60 people were "on the walk" as well has a few dozen more that were not able to make the peace walk.
A video from today will be coming soon on indymedia right here as a 'comment' to this post.

This video is also available to view or download from here:

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Portland Protest 02.Nov.2016 08:41

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