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Ralph Nader: Honest-Elections Multnomah County

Ralph Nader speaking at the October 22, 2016 Portland Oregon Rally, addressing the 12 main effects of big money in politics.

This event was a benefit for campaign finance reform Measure 26-184, Honest-Elections Mutnomah County.

In his usual thorough and humorous style, Nader lays out the bare bones of the corrupting influence of big money, the greedy machinations of the wealthy class and subservience of elected officials.


homepage: homepage: http://www.honest-elections.com

Photo 23.Oct.2016 19:49


Photo by Karma DiBella

Vote YES for Big Money Out of Politics 23.Oct.2016 19:58

Joe Anybody

Picture from the event

Thanks! for the vid and pics 24.Oct.2016 18:04


appreciate it!

the Clinton have played democrats & minority voters like fools 02.Nov.2016 01:09

mike rose

the Clinton have played democrats & minority voters like fools promising everything they want if they vote Clinton
but when the election is over they are cast aside like garbage until the next election and their votes are needed again.
when are we ever going to wise up and stop believing the lying cheating stealing Democratic party?