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DOJ USA v. Portland Police 2016: Mark Kruger & larry O'Dea & Charlie Hales under fire

Portland Police get slammed for sending Mark Kruger in to attack police accountability systems

Following the CRC, that Captain filed a hostile-work-environment complaint against the IPR Director based on the water-throwing incident. The IPR Director did not throw the water. The water was not thrown at the Captain. Yet, the Captain continues to attack the very accountability systems deigned to build confidence in legitimate policing. Thus, the Captain continues to undermine public confidence in PPB and makes every officer's job less safe.

check page 95

page 94
The Police Commissioner's and former Chief's failure to act obstructed a "fair and expeditious resolution" of the alleged misconduct and failed to hold officers "accountable pursuant to a disciplinary system that is fair and consistent."
Section VIII. Rather than timely fulfilling this obligation for the Defendant, a city official texted: "Don't worry chief we got your back."

homepage: homepage: http://https://www.scribd.com/document/328211046/DOJ-USA-v-Portland-Police-2016