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site Code question: Photo skewing, captions in original Article vs. comments below?


several months ago, I asked about Why are the pictures for Articles uploaded to the Newswire, being 'skewed' in their vertical/horizontal ratio appearance like so:
( ^ skewed Malcolm X pic )

Someone workerbee briefly responded back then (months ago) saying they'd look into it. But it still happens. see pic posted at above link.

But then, it seems ? like if you make a comment below an original Article, you not only get a properly rendered Picture (no skewing) like so:

also, as a User Commenter you're given the menu choice of three (3) pictures to upload, one dialog box per picture, and each of which also has the option of adding a text/typed-in Caption.

Instead of one (1) picture, which is all that you can add to an original newswire Article upload - and with _no caption_ .

- skewing of picture files

- caption vs. no caption (on-upload dialog box)

- only one (1: media sub-title 1) pic, for each original Article upload vs. three (3: media sub-title 1, 2, 3) pictures for below-Article user comment uploads


Indymedia user 20.Oct.2016 14:28

Pictures R Us

When you comment there are 3 places to upload a picture

When you post an article it starts with 1 place to post a picture
But if you click the drop down box next to the picture "place"
You can change the amount of pictures you want to post

For some reason I use 16 for the max
It obviously won't let you load 99 pics

(thanks) now, how about the skewed images? 20.Oct.2016 17:44