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What to say [at City Council today] acknowledge your wonderful accomplishments

This was a comment posted to the article here:
"TO COUNCIL: Allow testimony, be on the right side of history, reject the contract"
I will speak during Communications at the Den of Sulfur, (city council) on October 19. This is what I will say:

"Good Morning, for the record I am Joe Walsh and I represent Individuals For Justice. I come not to compliment you, I come to mourn.

This may be the last time I get to address the 5 shirts as I call you in polite company, but the real title is not shirts. I want to acknowledge your wonderful accomplishments and I will list just a few:

1. Starting with your last achievement: The authorization of the Police contract, the most corrupt document presented by a group of "Shirts."

2. The arrest of dozens of activists, journalists and Video-journalists.

3. The movement of the meeting to a secure room along with an army of cops and G4S guys to make sure only invited guests were welcome.

4. The order to arrest, beat, and jail anyone who might object to your Mussolini style form of running city council meetings.

5. The successful covering of the reservoirs for a tax liability of about 1 Billion.

6. The complete corruption of the settlement agreement between the city and the Dept of Justice.

7. The lack of any transparency and a grade of F.

I don't blame just the outgoing mayor, I blame this entire body of people who are just like Trump and accept responsibility for nothing. You are corrupt and it would seem you don't even know it. The people of Portland will reject Comm. Novick in November or maybe they will not be awake yet, but Salzman and Fish, I would get your resume ready or find yourself unemployed.

Ciao El Duce, I----- and many more will not miss you!"


PS Get the cops out of chambers with their guns, they are intimidating

There will be a message from my friend and fellow troublemaker Sara Hobbs, who was caught in the assault on people who were in the public hallways of the council and attacked by the gang of cops.


homepage: homepage: http://individualsforjustice.com/