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What the Narcissists Have Done to Our Jobs and Health

Like other great narcissists, Donald Trump is a very important man in his own head.
Narcissists are people who don't feel any responsibility to the society that made them rich, largely because they believe in the "self-made" myth. Their numbers are growing.
The narcissists in congress are preoccupied with their own security rather than on the securing of a strong society.
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Very Sadly, Donald Trump Is The Only Realistic Alternative 18.Oct.2016 09:29


Well you see, "Hillary" hates Russia, China, Iran, Syria, et al. because they will not take orders from the 7th Floor Group. So she wants to bomb them and start WWIII.

No problem for her, since she will be in a deep underground military bunker while we burn and puke our guts out and starve.

Even if Trump turns out to make Hitler look like a boy scout, that would be better than nuclear global death caused by the insane Clinton Cabal.

The Narcissism Epidemic 18.Oct.2016 13:09

Jean Twenge

to hear the 1 hr 2009 BookTV presentation of Jean Twenge's "The Narcissism Epidemic, click on



RE: "don't feel any responsibility to the society that made them rich" 18.Oct.2016 18:52


at every single one of his campaign speeches
(don't take my word for it go check it/them out for yourself on YouTube)

Trump openly thanks, at length, all the people (i.e. ordinary folk donating relatively small individual quantities) who support his presidential campaign and show up at his rallies.

Further, he states specifically and repeatedly that one of the primary reasons he ran for president 2016 is that, he feels an obligation and privilege to do something for people of his country (which he proclaims "great"). And is greatly concerned about the direction the U.S. is headed, economically and politically.

he also repeatedly and specifically describes 2016 Trump/Pence as a "movement" comprised of 'great people', always pointing at/indicating the audience members at rallies.

his language at speeches is very inclusive, he has a casual (_not_ formal / overbearing / intellectually arrogant) demeanor, he frequently asks audience members - spontaneously - to come up and say a few words at the podium.

Trump's campaign, anyway (unless he's 100% lying.... as could ? be the case, with any politician) is in large measure, 'payback' of a very wealthy individual to his own country. And of course, he's now spent over $100 million of his own on the campaign (which he could lose in the end).

sure Trump could go back 'to his own business' after losing on November 8th. He occasionally honestly and openly states exactly this, at some of the speeches. Because (of course) it's the absolute truth. But if/when mentioning this, he also re-emphasizes how important it is for the "movement" to win in 2016.

it appears that Buchheit fully neglected to hear or comprehend what Trump himself says about his own campaign and what the 2016 Trump/Pence campaign actually consists of, prior to writing this piece.

most make it personal 19.Oct.2016 16:41


Nothing new, like Occupy. But it's sure Hillary doesn't get it and I don't think she will.

The Trump Show is ending. Sad! 20.Oct.2016 12:10

Matt Bai

Reacting to the Final Presidential Debate, Oct 20, 2016