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Trump Calls Out 'Corporate Media' West Palm Beach, Florida Live Speech 10/13/2016


from Trump/Pence rally at South Florida Fair Expo Center in West Palm Beach, Florida on October 13th 2016.

starts around 9:00 into speech

"... the most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons is the corporate media 'the press'. Let's be clear on one thing: the corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They're a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity, with a total political agenda; and the agenda is not for you [points to audience], it's for themselves.
When has a Republican presidential candidate _ever_ called out or otherwise criticized corporate mass media, for any purpose or reason?

somethings fishy 13.Oct.2016 22:26

money trumps all

maybe if you have "enough money", you can say what ever you want, without worry of repercussion, be it the media or women, or any f-ing body

RE: "fishy" 13.Oct.2016 23:11


yeah everyone knows Trump's a billionaire, TV and wrestling star, real estate developer etc. Who doesn't?

Isn't it amazing though that, even his former contracted employer multibillion-dollar corporation NBC is in favor of releasing cutting-room tapes such as the one from last Friday?

( and also with millionaire & billionaire DNC wealth-activists now bidding millions apiece, for the next-in-line available Trumpdirt tape  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/10/433384.shtml )

unless you actually believe in a 'conspiracy theory' that Bill Clinton convinced Trump to run this season (which a priori requires belief that the GOP themselves _allowed_ Trump to defeat more than a dozen primary challengers over 9 months elapsed time to become the Republican nominee mid-2016, even while the RNC elite spent millions and organized to stop him becoming nominee) all to 'make it easy' on Hillary's victory ....

what you said ^ 13.Oct.2016 22:26 means absolutely nothing. And certainly isn't 'news'.

"without worry of repercussion"

when Trump/Pence loses to Clinton/Kaine on November 9th, what do you think will happen to DT?
(will he stay in politics...... probably not.... will his 'reputation' remain i.e. if they lose, he'll always be remembered as "the one that lost 2016") There will be 'repercussions' for Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, win or lose. Just depends on who exactly they impinge.

"you can say what ever you want"

well Trump 2016 happens to have millions of supporters. And quite a big proportion of them (via YouTube, social media etc.) just heard and perhaps even passed along his words about 'Corporate Media'. They don't have millions in personal wealth like him, and neither do we.

But he just used the Republican party presidential platform to deliver that message nationwide.


Resultant question for 'money trumps all' in a nutshell 13.Oct.2016 23:53


( from observations already stated ^ above )

If Trump can "say what ever he wants", "about anything", "without worry of repercussion"

then why is he campaigning for U.S. president?

It is a money losing proposition for the person involved (even if they win); all those campaign expenses must be paid for.
And as documented elsewhere, Trump relies on much more of his own money than e.g. Wall Street-donored Clinton.

So what's his motivation here? Why is he running? Simply to waste his time and money?

Shouldn't he be running and enjoying his companies/business? Isn't there other fun stuff, '_ _ _ _ y grabbing' to be done elsewhere?
Than going around ad infinitum to speak at stadiums full of mouth breathing mal-informed trailer trash, amirite?
( he gave three separate speeches at different locales today, Oct. 13th alone )

Can't he just "say what ever he wants", "about anything", "without worry of repercussion" WITHOUT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT
( and, isn't that essentially what he's been doing for the past three decades anyhow ................. )

as the Republican nominee no less.

( unless as previously noted it's all a conspiracy, DT was convinced by Bill Clinton to run as Trojan Horse candidate via private phone call + meeting back in 2016 etc. )

King Cash is not Local News 14.Oct.2016 10:19

money trumps all

""Then why is he campaigning for U.S. president?""

When you have "enough money", you can say, DO, (be president) (buy a news station) and or WHAT EVER you want, without worry of repercussion, be it the media or women, or any f-ing body. In fact with all that cash you could try to be president. (duhh)

""what you said ^ 13.Oct.2016 22:26 means absolutely nothing. And certainly isn't 'news'. ""

Will ditto to that rude comment: your whole post is not really news, unless you are living in a cave and like posting [?] articles that are not news by any count (especially local news) but just ignorant questions with random facts.

Go ahead and reply back a few times since you probably need to explain more of your confusion to us as you pose your dribble thoughts on why D Trump wants to be president, D Trump calls out corporate media (etc). You should start "your own" blog and leave these kind of tiddly winks mindless muses (ramblings) off a local news reporting website.

"rude comment" / "ignorant questions with random facts" 14.Oct.2016 11:42


You are the one with head in the sand.

no Republican candidate for president has ever called out the 'corporate media'.

Unprecendented, yet Indymedia wants to ignore it due to Trump being a "racist trash buffoon" (or whatever epithet-of-the-week fits).

go ahead be 'offended' by Trump's "rude" nature and remain deliberately ignorant.

Obviously this is not a space for open discussion of issues with so-called left activism which is more than obviously, post-2008 on its deathbed.

yeah now article is composted (by PDX IMC ostriches) but check this space if ? by slim chance Trump happens to end up in the White House January 2017...

RE: "Local News" 14.Oct.2016 11:48


discussion of national and international political issues is part and parcel of Indymedia's mission.

in this instance, a U.S. politician running on the Republican platform essentially declared war on the U.S. corporate media.

It is more than obviously worthy of discussion here (considering that a core founding principle of Indymedia was as an alternative to multinational corporate media, among other activist related issues).

not everything here, at all, concerns "local news" exclusively and never has.

btw / fwiw, I was the one who posted the PDX IMC newswire article about PPB downtown 'bulldozing' activists out of City Hall yesterday.

" you could try to be president. (duhh) " Remaining 100% delusional. 15.Oct.2016 14:31


"pose [sic] your dribble thoughts".... describing as per usual, yourself.

Yeah we already debunked  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/10/433420.shtml#448127 the "why is DT trying to be president"....

right now, he's being skewered by corporate mass media (including entities he previously worked/contracted with) for millions of dollars each instance, including wealthy donors who have offered $5 million, and more, bounty apiece simply to see another "Trump dirt tape".

there is nothing in it for Trump, to run for president on the Republican ticket.

except of course, his own personally stated goals in his 2016 campaign which are essentially that he is concerned for the future of the American republic, to defeat Clinton/Obama/globalists, his concern about NAFTA/U.S. jobs etc.
(Assuming anyone ? believes him, which is the case with any such politician running for office)

Even the Republican party has vainly struggled, using millions of dollars at their disposal, an elite commission for his destruction, and more than a dozen primary candidates, to sink him permanently.

_unless_ one partakes in the "Bill Clinton convinced DT to run for president" conspiracy, which assumes that Trump somehow gets a 'bonus' / perk at finish of it all (even if he loses the election and tens of millions $$ of his own funds shoveled in...... because surely, a 'conspiracy' to get Trump to run as a stealth Trojan Horse _doesn't_ mean he was supposed to actually _defeat_ Clinton 2016...)