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Video: TRI-MET un-ARREST on Wed 10.12.16 on the Green Max Line in Portland Oregon

"Step off the train I am intimidating you with my AUTHORITY"
Fare Inspectors on the Max demand that a lady (with a fare) step off the train.
All because she dared to verbally question their authority and heavy handed ticketing.
The lady who stuck up for a young person of color who just boarded the train at Rose Garden was met with orders to "Get off the Train"

When she refused the Fare Inspectors shut down that train and the track it was on

They said they would not move until the lady stepped off or that the police were on the way to arrest her

Eventually the small group that didnt know the lady but where standing / sitting with her walked off the train together and off the property to then walk across the Steele bridge with the 2 Fare Inspectors following 100 yards behind. The Inspectors did not cross the bridge. The police never arrived

The entire Green Line Max line was put on shut down for about 20 - 30 minutes, all passengers had to exit and re-board a new train.
At one point I too was told if I keep talking I would be ORDERED to get off the train as well.

The lesson that the Fare Inspectors were teaching all the MAX riders was: Do not question my AUTHORITY, do what we tell you, The cops are gonna arrest you if you dare to question me, I am the one who is in charge, You have no right, Fear me or I will get you.

This unArrest challenged their AUTHORITY

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VIDEO: LINK 13.Oct.2016 14:12

Joe Anybody

Whoops.... Here is the Video Link


[18 minutes video]