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Democrat Correct The Record (CTR) Super Pac Has NSA Hack Toolset For Silencing Opposition

apparently this (explanation in main body of article, below) is what may ? have prompted Anon hacking of John Podesta's accounts and devices :

"we have the use of an NSA intrusion package"

Translation - NSA has hacked the network hardware which sits between you and the websites you visit. That lets them inject things to run on your computer, even if they don't own the webpage you're accessing.

looks like CTR just pissed off the unaligned internet's hacker army...

Correct the Record is a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC founded by David Brock. The organization was created in May 2015 when it spun off from American Bridge 21st Century, another Democratic Super PAC. It is coordinating with Clinton's 2016 U.S. presidential campaign via a loophole in campaign finance law that it says permits coordination with digital campaigns.

In April 2016, Correct the Record announced that it would be spending $1 million to find and confront social media users who post unflattering messages about Clinton.
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Explanation (posted at another message board) of the past 24 hours sequence of events :

The story, as I can piece it together, is that @KFile (CNN Reporter Andrew Kaczynki) went out on a witch hunt for some damaging audio/video on Trump.

Namely Howard Stern audio from 5/7/98

Dear entire world: If you have a 5-7-1998 episode of Howard Stern, please send to me at  Andrew.W.Kaczynski@gmail.com Thanks =)

It caught the attention of /pol

They began trolling.

The thread on /pol caught the attention of @KFile and was quickly called out.

/pol responded with more trolling and started throwing hacks at his gmail account.

*something* happened. I don't know if @KFile pissed them off or if a reason was really even needed, but the weaponized autism machine was fired up.

Shit starts dropping all over the chans.


Pops up and starts spamming out various breaches.

Mods freak out on /pol, start deleting threads, and hand out bans until after the election.

Activities continue with updates through other social media avenues.

Podesta's Apple ID accessed, and people much smarter than I am used it to eventually allegedly find an entire backup of HRC's private server with the missing 33,000 emails.

Brietbart runs a story confirming Podesta's info being compromised.

Picture of Correct the Record's Elliot Fink mangling his flunkies after the last debate states that: this is "18-2381" related (Treason) and calls upon his minions to use a NSA style tool called FoxAcid to find the thought leaders of Anon, 4Chan, Reddit, etc.

Then all holy hell breaks loose.

Podesta's Bus Scheduling App is hacked and his destination post election is changed.

Then his twitter is hacked.