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Portland Police "Bulldozing" Protestors Out Front Door Of City Hall - Any Reports?

lots of screaming and screeching on the YouTube videos as they're thrown out front door...

narration from FB video: "I counted 70 cops" ... 12.Oct.2016 22:09


there seem to be a lot of robo (armored) cops in the video.

Why the giant presence of PPB for this demonstration?

Cops Gone Wild 13.Oct.2016 02:14


Here's an article from the WW on this, so far.

Damn Violent 13.Oct.2016 08:12

Citizen Not There

3 or 4 copwatcher's were arrested BLM organizer knocked out and sent to hospital

Video: City Hall - Riot Cops 5 PM News Update Wednesday 10.12.16 13.Oct.2016 09:15

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

City Hall - Riot Cops 5 PM News Update Wednesday 10.12.16

 https://youtu.be/Vl5YxvL470I (20 min YouTube video)

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Deceptions 13.Oct.2016 13:44

Listening Larry

The Portland City Council voted Wednesday to approve a contract between
the Portland Police Bureau and its union ? despite calls from activists
to postpone the vote until Mayor-elect Ted Wheeler steps into office.

Commissioners Amanda Fritz and Nick Fish both voted aye on the
contract, as did Mayor Charlie Hales. Commisionner Steve Novick voted
against it and Commissioner Dan Saltzman was absent, in observation of
Yom Kippur.


Update regarding City Hall protest on Wednesday 10/12/16 from Portland Copwatch 13.Oct.2016 13:47

re-posting: Portland Copwatch copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org

Here is a short recap of what happened today (October 12) at City Council:

1) Council passed the ordinance to approve the Portland Police Association contract 3-1, Commissioner Novick voted no and Commissioner Saltzman was out.

2) Don't Shoot Portland protestors, many of whom had camped out overnight before the hearing, intended to continue occupying City Hall after the vote was taken (just before noon) but were forced out by police, who pushed people and used pepper spray to clear the building. The protest continued, eventually drawing in dozens of riot cops (PPB and Sheriff's deputies) who pushed people on to the sidewalk across the street, and used pepper spray on a few who stepped off the curb, arresting at least 9

The protest was covered live on three TV stations: KATU=2, KGW-8 and KPTV-12.

The Portland Mercury covered both the vote
< link to www.portlandmercury.com

and the protest
< link to www.portlandmercury.com

but you can likely find all sorts of other coverage on mainstream and social media outlets.

Because it was not an emergency ordinance, it technically doesn't take effect for 30 days, and in fact if a gutsy member of Council who voted yes could find two others they could vote to reverse the decision within the next 10 days.
 https://www.portlandoregon.gov/citycode/article/230622 (Section J)

Below is the email we sent to the Auditor following up our complaint from last week, noting that today the Mayor once again took the agenda items out of order in violation of City Code. He clearly did this to avoid allowing people to testify on unrelated agenda items (#BridgeCrane). One of the items was about the purchase of police cars which I'd prepared to testify about. The Mayor pulled that from the agenda for "further work" (meaning: prevent people from testifying about it).

Backing up a bit in the council meeting, protestors began chanting during earlier agenda items. The Mayor responded by calling a recess. A few minutes later, much to our surprise in the 2nd floor Council Chambers, the Council showed up on the video screen, clearly located inside the Rose Room on the 3rd floor. They'd clearly set up a contingency plan to have another remote meeting like they had last week. (Which, again, is potentially a violation of open meetings law.)

Commissioner Amanda Fritz made a 20 minute speech during which she name-checked me, JoAnn Hardesty, and especially Teressa Raiford as voices she respected. She listed most of the groups who'd written in and admitted the vast majority of the emails she got on this topic were to vote no. I wonder if she would have been able to make the same talk if she'd had to look us all in the eye instead of being isolated in a small room on video camera instead. Her ultimate argument was that she had to do what she felt was right, quoted the party line about needing to have more police, and voted yes.

Steve Novick based his no vote on the lack of certainty about funding the pay increase, which coincidentally will be better known after the election next month.

One ultimate irony: They were complaining that they desperately need more cops out on the streets, while at least 23 were inside City Hall and later roughtly 50 were out on the street to put down a First Amendment protest.

I have been doing this for a long time. I don't ever remember City Council recusing themselves to a location where the public could not enter (which they've now done two weeks in a row). I'm amazed how much they're willing to use repressive tactics to shut down opposition to their policies. And in some ways, I'm most disturbed how they're putting out half-truths and misdirection to make their rhetorical points. I'm reminded of the fight we had about the City's appeal of Judge Simon's order on the Departmend of Justice agreement, where the Mayor's media person actually accused me of lying when I read him language right out of the City's own court filing.

Aside from invited guests, only one person made it into the Rose Room to report on any item today. Joanne Luchini, who lives in the Lents Neighborhood, testified about an item to create community housing grants for groups to do outreach. The Mayor actually postponed taking testimony on that item until after the Contract had been voted on, clearly to avoid hearing any negative comments about the contract. Joanne's last sentence asked the City to create a contract that includes accountability after Ted Wheeler becomes Mayor next year. It was too late, but it was a welcome moment to hear someone say that directly to the Commissioners.

dan h
portland copwatch

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 13:16:29
From: Portland Copwatch
To: "City Auditor, Mary Hull Caballero"
< AuditorHullCaballero@portlandoregon.gov>,
"Anderson, Toni"
Cc: "Moore-Love, Karla"
"Parsons, Susan"
"Landis, Sarah"
Commissioner Amanda Fritz
"Auerbach, Harry"
Subject: RE: Objection: Council item on PPA contract should not move to 2nd

Auditor Hull Caballero, Ms Anderson and city counsel:

I am not surprised that the City Attorney did not address our concerns about the irregularities of last week's meeting prior to the second reading of the PPA contract today, since the same City Attorney's office is the one finding ways to skirt Oregon Public Meetings laws and exclude the community from Council hearings.

That said, Council should have known based on our previous objection that if they were going to take today's items out of numerical order, the City Code requires an affirmative majority vote. Once again, the Mayor just announced his intention to move the agenda around stating "if there are no objections." This is clearly not the procedure called for by Code and we again assert that Council is in violation of its own rules. We ask therefore that this week and last week's vote on the Bridge Crane and the PPA contract be vacated and sent back to Council for proper public notification and procedural votes.

dan handelman
--Portland Copwatch

On Fri, 7 Oct 2016, Anderson, Toni wrote:

Dan Handelman

Any Updates? 17.Oct.2016 23:23


Perhaps any updates or further info. can be published here. Looking this all up, myself.

video: Misuse Of Police Force A Clear Cut Example 24.Oct.2016 18:05

youtube link

City Hall protesters peppersprayed

Published on Oct 15, 2016
Misuse Of Police Force A Clear Cut Example