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October 2016: U.S. Corporate Mass Media Crosses Rubicon / Manifests 'Matrix Glitch'

this is an actual graphic from NBC News.
A so-called "fact check" graphic posted on their website pertaining to the recent presidential debate.

it is real. Not The Onion, Infowars, or some other faux news internet satire/joke site.

i.e. this is presented by a nationwide mass media corporation as a "fact check", concomitantly intended to be taken oh-so seriously by researchers, documentarians, journalists and 'deep thinking citizens'.

Not only that, but also to withstand rigorous analysis.

Here it is:
the "fact check" in this instance is an utterly insubstantial aspect of grammar or even rhetoric, at extreme best. Trump had specifically referred to the BleachBit program by that exact name, in multiple speeches (check those transcripts) weeks prior to Sunday night's debates.

He well knew and had previously used/spoken verbatim the exact brand name of that software, many times in the past several weeks. as "BleachBit".

He knew (in own his brain and diction) the exact name, is on recorded/filmed record at least a dozen times precisely that way.

Just happened that, in this past Sunday's debate he used a rhetorical shorthand to describe the data-bleaching (data-destroying, data-wiping, data-deleting, ...) program utilized by Clinton and her team to destroy proprietary computer data. At that moment in Sunday's debate he improvised/euphemistically substituted the words 'acid wash' (instead of that computer program's specific brand name, which he already well knew and had used, spoken publicly dozens of times in the past few weeks) to describe the data-cleansing action and software used by Clinton.

noun: euphemism; plural noun: euphemisms

a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.

Why is this a 'glitch in the Matrix' or crossing the Rubicon, for U.S. corporate mass media?

Because essentially this is the type of 'rhetorical analysis' or "fact check" that only could possibly belong on a satire site such as The Onion (of "we landed on the Mother***King Moon" fame).

i.e. this purported factual distinction of rhetorical is presented as a deadly-serious "fact check" of a major presidential candidate's wording within a (supposedly....) deadly serious, partisan election debate event. from the revered corporate mass media pillar NBC News no less.

deadly serious stuff ('acid washed' vs 'BleachBit') indeed.

Distinction needs to be "fact checked" and distributed to vigilant knowledgable citizens, who "forewarned are forearmed"...

it's bad enough what the corporate mass media foists (in direct name and actions of mass murder, rape, widespread environmental destruction etc.) upon a willing public every day in the U.S., without such imperative fact checking by them over laughable minutiae such as this.